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21-05-2009, 14:19
If there was one thing Krazyface liked killing it was deamons, and as reports came in of a large group of them near by his horde moved out to have some fun... har har...

Had a 2250 game with my Orcs against a Deamon list.

My list was:

(Krazyface) Savage orc warboss w/ great axe, armor of gork, amulet of protectyness, battle brew
(Bigrokk) Black orc bigboss BSB w/ spirit totem, heavy armor, boar
(Lil' Smashem) Goblin shaman w/ 2 scrolls, wolf chariot
(Welpsly) Night goblin shaman w/ staff of sneaky stealing

24 savage orcs w/ spears, banner, musician
25 boyz w/ shield, banner, musician
25 boyz w/ shield, banner, musician
25 boyz w/ shield, banner
25 boyz w/ shield, banner
5 wolf riders w/ bows, spears, musician
5 wolf riders w/ bows, spears, musician
28 night goblins w/ nets, banner, musician

Orc chariot
Orc chariot
2 spear chukkas
2 spear chukkas

Doom diver

Total: 2250

The deamon list was (roughly):

Lord of change
herald of khorne
Lvl 2 herald of slaanesh
*no idea what these guys had*

20 deamonettes w/ full command
20 bloodletters w/ full command
20 bloodletters w/ full command

8 seekers
8 seekers
7 flesh hounds including Karak

Blood crusher

The board was 6X4 and on the left flank there were two woods, I had a hill at the back of my deployment zone, and on the right flank there was another woods on my side and some linear terrain.

The deamons deployed from left to right: seekers, *woods*, fiend, bloodletters w/ herald, crusher, deamonettes w/ herald, hounds, bloodletters w/ skulltaker, *linear terrain* w/ LoC behind, seekers.

I deployed from left to right: shaman chariot, orcs, NG shaman in *woods*, wolf riders, savage orcs, chariot, night goblins w/ general and BSB, chariot, orcs, orcs, *linear terrain*, *woods*, orcs, wolf riders, and the warmachines where on the hill.

Deamons won first turn. Krazyface gets hatred from the battlebrew.

Pre-game thoughts: Last time I faced this list (at 2K) I lost, so I was keen to get my revenge. I made sure my spear chukkas were all set to aim at the LoC and not block each other's LOS once it moved up. Otherwise the plan was to take on those seekers with an orc block after weakening them with arrows, and then weaken the hounds with the doom diver before taking them on. If I could I would avoid skulltaker's unit to keep him away from my characters.

Turn 1 Deamons:

Everything moves up about 8 inches other than the seekers that move up about a foot. The LoC flies behind her hounds. I shut down the magic phase thanks to a failed bolt of change.

Turn 1 Orcs:

Animosity makes the left wolves run up and I pass stupidity. The outer blocks move up towards the seekers with the shaman chariot and right wolves moving up to take shots. The left wolves rush past her lines and turn towards the left seekers. The NG shaman moves to the edge of the woods to get LOS. In the magic phase I actually manage to get off gaze of gork and kill two of the left seekers. Doom diver scatters off the LoC but kills a hound, and then the chukkas do three wounds to the LoC. Arrows kill 1 more from the left seekers and two from the right unit.

Turn 2 Deamons:

The deamons move up cautiously (~10 inches away now) and the left seekers move over to aim at the savage orcs while the right ones move to the flank of that outer block. The LoC flies between my two right blocks. Irresistable force on the shards spell kills 5 night goblins, but everything else is stopped with the aid of a scroll.

Turn 2 Orcs:

Animosity sees my night goblins move up 3 inches and I pass stupidity the a terror test from the LoC. The night goblins and the right chariot charge the deamonettes. The troll moves up to redirect the left bloodletters (so that they would be showing their flank to the savage orcs) while the outer left orcs, the shaman chariot, and the wolves continue going after the left seekers. The outer right block reforms to face the right seekers and the wolves move to take more shots. And then I was faced with a problem... the middle two units had the hounds and the LoC to worry about and there was no way I could move them to stop a flank charge... so the left of the two moved up slightly while the right one held back (staying away from skulltaker) as I hoped my warmachines would save me from the LoC... *crosses fingers*. In the magic phase I get of gaze of gork again (two lvl 1s FTW!!!) and after some arrows the left seekers are down to only two models. An arrow kills another seeker on the right. The doomdiver hit the hounds and did one wound, and to my relief the spear chukkas do in fact finish off the LoC. In combat I net the deamonettes and impact hits kill 2. My general makes a challenge and kills the champ 4 times over. I lose one orc and kill a few more deamonettes and 7 pop leaving about 8 after everything is said and done.

Turn 3 Deamons:

The left seekers charge the flank of my troll, and the hounds charge the orcs that had moved up. The fiend rushed up to face my NG shaman in the woods, Skulltaker's unit moved up, and the right fiends moved to my outer right orc's flank again (at this point my unit is facing Skulltaker's flank and the seekers are on their left flank). The magic phase is easily shut down. The hounds go on a killing spree but I hold thanks to the general and BSB. I net myself and my general challenges the herald, takes a wound, and then kills the herald. After they kill a couple night goblins and I kill a few more deamonettes the rest of the unit fades away. The seekers fail to wound the troll and I do a wound back but the remaining one holds.

Turn 3 Orcs:

WAAAGH!!! The outer left block moves up, the savages squabble and 5 die, the night goblins move closer to the left bloodletter's flank, the unit in front of Skulltaker squabbles and 3 die, and the block on skulltakers flank runs up a mighty 1 inch to be still out of charge range. The outer left block charges the fiend, and the night goblins charge the left bloodletter's flank while the left chariot hits their front. The right block reforms to face the seekers again and the wolves run around. The right chariot turns around to face the hounds rear. No magic as nothing is in range and not in combat. Doom diver and spear chukkas kill 3 of Skulltaker's bloodletters and an arrow kills another of the right seekers. In combat the seeker does a wound to the troll and holds. The orcs do a wound to the fiend and the fiend kills 3 back before it fades away. The hounds kill more but I still hold thanks to the general (11.5 inches away). I net myself again and the chariot does 2 wounds while my NG and characters do 3 more. The herald does 3 wounds to the chariot and they crumble a bunch.

Turn 4 Deamons:

With things looking dire the right seekers charge the block. I fail my fear test and will be hitting on 6's. Skulltaker charges the block in front of them and I flee and get away but I jump over a spear chukka and go off the board, panicing said spear chukka off the board as well. In combat the seeker does another wound but holds. The hounds bring me down to 10 orcs and I hold again thanks to the general. The seekers kill a few orcs and then fade away. My general makes a challenge and kills the bloodletter champ twice over. The herald finishes off the chariot and then the rest of the unit fades away.

Turn 4 Orcs:

Animosity does nothing. The chariot charges the rear of the hounds. Nothing in range of magic. My warmachines go on a killing spree and kill 8 bloodletters. In combat the troll kills the seeker, and impact hits kill the wounded hound and that combat ends in a draw.

At this point the deamon player gives up.

Victory to the Orcs!!!

Content that there were no more deamons to fight Krazyface wiped the blood off his great axe. It had been a good day and his only hope was that there was another army near by to pick another fight with...

Post-game thoughts: Everything went to plan. I got lucky and killed the LoC quickly and the seekers took a real pounding making them useless, but I guess that makes up for last time when I just couldn't seem to get past a ward save. Krazyface did really well even though he spent half the game being netted :p In the end I'm just happy my orcs got their revenge :D:angel:

I have another tournament coming up in July (2250, six games) and I'm thinking I'll stay with this same list, although I may change up the warboss... we'll see...

Anyway, as always thanks for reading :)

21-05-2009, 14:46
Great report :) congratz on your victory

Seems to be alot of halfhearted waaaghing around, i keep rolling 1's as well.

Sounds like those spear chukkas performed well though :D

21-05-2009, 14:54
Grats mal. 8 dying on the waagh? Hello and welcome to my world!

21-05-2009, 15:32
At least it was from units that didn't really matter.

Sure it would have been nice to have the savages charge in, but I really didn't need them.

21-05-2009, 16:03
nice game! convincing, clean, quick. your boss is pretty strong, choppin through all those nets :p all in all its nice to get a game where the plan works, especially in revenge for a game where the plan didn't work :)

21-05-2009, 16:49
Wow, good job. I don't understand why the seekers were charging a ranked up unit with T4, or a troll. Is this the same female Daemon player? If so, I think she could use some basic tactics. Glad you crushed them though, any list with Daemonic special characters needs to go down.

21-05-2009, 17:01
The two seekers charged the troll to clear the way for the bloodletters (if they charged they would show the savages their flank), and the other seekers charged because the game was already lost anyway (suicidal nature was well known).

21-05-2009, 17:03
Grats on the great win.

I'll see you at that tournament in July.

21-05-2009, 22:08
revenge for the orcs then, nice rep. well fought by krazyface considering night goblin sabotage

22-05-2009, 13:20
Nic ejob. I was sure the LoC would do something.... but a few concentrated bolt throwers will stop most any big target I guess!

Is the deamon player the same WE player from your earlier reports?

22-05-2009, 14:02
Yup. She has now moved on to deamons and is doing a lot better (winning more than she losses).

22-05-2009, 19:07
What a wonderful army composition you have! :D

Lots of big orc blocks, the way it's supposed to be though you don't see it often, the really nice (and cool) wolf riders (I love fast cavalry!), the ubiquitous Night Goblins with nets for comic relief and the threat of Fanatics, a single characterful troll, and then four of the too-good-not-to-take spear chukkas. :cheese:

23-05-2009, 18:03
Yup. She has now moved on to deamons and is doing a lot better (winning more than she losses).

It's nice to see she's still playing and didn't give up. AND that she's having some success. I've been dabbling in WE myselves and have some strong shwoings, btu have been trounced a couple times too. It's a big learning curve. Daemons seem to be more, forgiving shall we say?

I don't think I'll ever face them, so it's just reports for me. :)

23-05-2009, 18:55
1 thing I did notace
you can't have a level 2 slanech herold- only level 1

23-05-2009, 20:13
Congrats on beating Daemons with OnG. Not something you see every day. :)