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21-05-2009, 22:56

My friend and I recently decided that we wanted to get into warhammer FB table top. I, myself, would have loved to make 40k armies, however, my friend has always liked knights and what not more. Luckily for us, I enjoy both, im just not as knowledgeable in the FB universe.

long story short, Although Im a big fan of 40k, Ive only ever purchased the books and what not. I've never actually played or purchased any of the table top minis.

as you can probably tell, I need alot of help with getting started. The first thing I wanted to know was what I should purchase. Granted, alot of what I will purchase has to do with what armies we choose, but what I mean is, what tools do we need to play the game? I know we need to get codexi (grammar?) however, Don't we also need a rule booklet? What about templates? what kind of pants should we get?

The next thing I wanted to ask is how many points should we start off with. What is the typical tournament army cost in regards to points? How many points does it take to have a well rounded game?

yet another question... What would you suggest for a fair and balanced army composition? My friend knows for certain that he wants to play a Khorne based Warriors of Chaos army. As for myself, Im torn between the Orks, a nurgle devoted WoC army, a nurgle devoted Skaven army (if such a thing exists), or even a Tomb Knight army. Since we would only be playing against each other initially, we really want our opposing armies to be well matched. It wont be fun if either of us can curb stomp each other easily.

We would both prefer melee based armies, however, maybe mixed armies would be best for us, so that we get a feel for the game and all its aspects.

Last but no least, how do we go about enjoying this hobby cheaply. I understand that minis can be quite expansive. unfortunately, we're new to the hobby and not exactly sure if we want to invest four hundred dollars each.

Well that about sums it up. Im really excited to hear what sort of army lists you guys suggest. Any and all help will be appreciated!

22-05-2009, 02:39
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22-05-2009, 03:52
it all stars with a battle for skull pass set and a beginners hobby set, and viola your ready to play and practice your first few games till you decide on an army you like, I'd say if you want a fun and easygoing army pick up orcs and goblins, if you want something with more of a challenge I'd say try the skaven, they're both horde army's but play differently in some major regards. Most pick the army because they like the way they look or because they think that their back ground is awesome. So if you have a hard time choosing, don't go for it because it's the hottest army around, play the army you think you'll have the most fun painting and playing. that's just my 2 cents. :)

22-05-2009, 04:18
Well, first of all, if you want to start this hobby cheap, I'd suggest the Battle for Skull Pass although it has goblins and dwarves of which your frined might not like.

For a beginner, I'd also recommend the Greenskins. Man, aren't they fun?! It's usually so random so you can't help but to laugh even thought you lose a few games. You could be competitive with them, too, just not as much as the other armies. If you want an army that's easy to paint, pick Tomb Kings. On the other hand they might be a bit hard army to play.

A decent sized, even matchup is around 2000 points, although you'd be better starting off with 500-1000 points and learn the rules as you go on.

Check for the figures on eBay or, if you live in Europe, try Maelstromgames, it's a good store with most products, cheap. Battalion would save you some money too.

Essential supplies are ofcourse the dice, some kind of a ruler, I can't remember how the long roll with loads of inches is spelt :P Also, you need a Spray primer, a few basecoats, and especially if you haven't had any experience in painting minis, I suggest using the Citadel Washes. They help you get good results with minimal trouble.

Hope you can make some sense outta that :P Good luck and welcome to the hobby!

22-05-2009, 04:29
Vampire counts is the best army there is, so much choice and options to use, i suggest starting them, or dark elves is another good choice, fast cav can really stop a noobies freny khrone knights ^^ and make then run off to a vacant spot on the battle field

22-05-2009, 09:48
I would say if you want to start cheaply, then your best option is as already mentioned getting the battle fopr Skull pass box set, it will give you all the rules, some dice and a range ruler, which is enough to get your first battle going.

It also gives you some models that you can start with, although they might not be the ones you want to use eventually, they will be good enough to get you to learn the rules, and get a better idea of how you would want to play an army.

Most of all enjoy what you play :)

22-05-2009, 16:59
thank you for the suggestions everyone!

I noticed that GW no longer has the edition of "battle for skull pass" that includes the paint. Do you think they will no longer carry this set? also, are there any major codex changes planned or new starter sets coming out that i should hold out for?

On another mini site, someone told me that the armies in BFSP roughly equal 550 for dwarves and 500 for gobos. Ive also been told that is has been one of the most balanced starter sets gw has released. what are your opinions on that?