View Full Version : Competitive 2000pts Tzeenitch Warriors of Chaos Army

21-05-2009, 23:18
2000pts exactly, 94 models

775- Level 4 Sorcerer Lord of Tzeenitch on Dragon w/ Enchanted Shield, Power Familiar, Rod of Torment, Bloodcurdling Roar, Steam of Corruption

170- Exulted Hero on Barded Steed w/ Flail, War Banner (joins marauders below)

178- 23 Marauders of Tzeenitch w/ Light Armor, Shields, Full Command

352- 2x 24 Marauders of Tzeenitch w/ Light Armor, Shields, Banner, Musician

60- 2x 5 Warhounds

200- 5 Chaos Knights

135- 3 Ogres w/ Great Weapons

130- Warshrine

The three units of marauders for the central block, with the Exulted Hero's unit in the middle. On one flank goes the Warshrine and the Ogres, on the other flank goes the Chaos Knights. Add a unit of warhounds on either flank, or arrange them for screening as the situation dictates, and we're ready to go. The Sorcerer Lord flies up and reeks havoc while the infantry marches. What to you think?

22-05-2009, 21:39
Do you really want to give your Sorcerer Lord a Dragon? The Lord is not much of a Combat Monster, and could easily be challeneged and killed. I'd give him a Disc, and get another Sorcerer with the Infernal Puppet.

If you are going to go Tzeentch-Heavy (or Magic-Heavy in general), then you NEED to take the Infernal Puppet over any other item, especially with all those Power Dice being rolled.