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22-05-2009, 01:27
Hey guys I'm in a rut here because i cant seem to find a weakness in a Wood Elf army that I can exploit at 1000 points. I have no clue what my opponent will be taking but I expect definitively some archers and dryads, and maybe/probably glade riders. Im going magic heavy on this one, going with mannfred to ensure I have all the spells and an additional vampire. Here is my list:


Mannfred The Acolyte + Book of Arkhan 220

Vampire + Dark Acolyte + Avatar of Death + Enchanted Shield + Helm of Commandment + Nightmare 203


20x Zombies 80

20x Crypt Ghouls + Ghast 168


5x Black Knights + Champion + Standard + Barding 172

10x Grave Guard + Champion + Standard + Great Weapons 154
__________________________________________________ _______________
Any and all suggestions are appreiated, though I cant do much about spending around 450 points on characters, its all pretty nessasary...

22-05-2009, 01:48
Dont take manfred, theres a good start. He has no armour save, one unit of dryads will charge him and kill him.

Take this vampire as your general (its also 20 points cheaper, which you can use to make the other vamp a BsB, the best thing you can do with 25 points in a vampire army.)

Dread knight
Infinate hatred
Enchanted shield
Book of arkhan

his gives you a 1+ save, 3s5(7) attacks and 1 S4 all with hatred. And he is effectively still a level 2 mage (1 power dice + book)

10 grave guard is pointess, lose them and find 21 points to get a varghulf, this will win you games.

Give your second vampire the flayed hauberk and summon gouls instead of what he has, yes you lose the helm of command but it is not integral to winning at low points values when you just want your vampire in combat killing things. Summon ghouls will allow you to lose ghouls to get the varghulf and still pump them up to a decent size. The black periapt means if you dont use all 4 dispell dice, you have 6 power dice to play with + the book of arkhan, a lot for 1000 points. This will scare opponents simply with the rate at which you can replace your losses (on a 3+ for the ghouls on 4 or 5 of the dice!)

Lose the champion in the black knights and take the banner of the undead legion (drop another ghoul to afford it) this gives you unit strength 24 on a fear causing unit, which is immense.

22-05-2009, 01:49
Well the main weakness of wood elves is lack of rank bonus.

At 1000pts I'd be looking for a varghulf. Fast tough, resistent to most damage and capable of going toe to toe with just about any unit in the wood elf army.

I wouldn't bother with grave guard against the wood elves. Too slow and although tough they can crumble very quickly if things start to slide.

Cores...well I think ghouls will work as couple of units will make for something to hide characters in and occupy his attention.

If you really want to buy Mannfred then I'd buy him his barded steed and possibly go for the skull staff. It makes his chances of casting spells that much better. Worth the heavy cost in my mind.

If you change your mind about Mannfred then I can reccomend the following hero. Vampire with infinate hatred, walking death, armour of night, sword of might (or battle) and talisman of lycni. He's very fast and capable of killing many types of unit by himself. You also have the option of giving him the battle standard.

Hope this helps.

22-05-2009, 01:55
If you change your mind about Mannfred then I can reccomend the following hero. Vampire with infinate hatred, walking death, armour of night, sword of might (or battle) and talisman of lycni. He's very fast and capable of killing many types of unit by himself. You also have the option of giving him the battle standard.

While i agree with everything else, this vampire has a 6+ armour save. -3 to hit or not the wood elves will butcher this without a second thought.

Keep your vampires with a high save and put them both in your ghouls, then dare him to come and get you. If he doesnt your 6 power dice replenish any losses, if he does he has at least 6 S5 attacks to deal with. This setup is ONLY vulnerable to killing blow, so send the varghulf after any war dancers and you'll be laughing. I cant think of anything short of a treeman that could crack this, even then you can just move the vamps out of the unit before he gets you, the 2+ save will protect against any shooting and M6/9 is plenty to avoid them.

22-05-2009, 02:02
It's a 5+ save and I don't think he's a frail as you suggest. You could also buy the flayed hauberk if you'd prefer a better save.

However I do concede that you can go for safer options.

22-05-2009, 02:35
Ok... uhhh... this is great and all, but ghouls won't kill many dryads (4's to hit, 5's to wound) and they will butcher me (3's to hit, 4's to wound).

I guess I could risk not getting Gase of Nagash and instead get the Combat Vamp and those few extra points.

Im not dropping any command and no one's going to be a BSB. Losing one less model isnt that amazing unless its Blood Knights, and as if Blood Knights are going to lose combat (lmao)

The varghulf... maybe because I didnt buy the GG yet. And because it can fly over and kill those archers.

The ghoul spam.... i would need at least another box or two of them and that'll take a bit to build.... but ok i guess i could get a friend to help

the Black Periapt, does the rule mean that your one extra dispel dice becomes a power dice in the next magic phase? or does it skip over to your opponent's next magic phase and remain a dispel dice?

Also im restricted to what I own which is:

1x Vamp on Foot
1x Vamp on Nightmare

30x Crypt Ghouls
40x Zombies

5x Black Knights

And after that I have around $100 of spending money, and only tomorrow and saturday to prepare, so I cant buy and build a lot.

22-05-2009, 02:44
OK UPDATED LIST!!!! More suggestions if possible plz!


Vampire + Dread Knight+ Infinate Hatred + Enchanted Shield + Book of Arkhan 200

Vampire + Dark Acolyte+ Summon Ghouls + Flayed Hauberk + Black Periapt + Tally of Lychni 195


15x Crypt Ghouls + Ghast 128

15x Crypt Ghouls + Ghast 128

(Also Im planning on summoning Zombies)


5x Black Knights + Champion + Standard + Barding 172


Varghulf 175

Battle Plan:

Turn 1: Summon Ghouls to 20+ models, If done, lay on the pain with offencive spells or start summoning Zombies (Varghulf flies behind terrain so he cannot be shot)

Turn 2: Raise Dead and Invocation of Nehek to get a unit of 20+ zombies, this will act as a WONDERFUL meat shield to tie up a unit of dryads or Glade Riders, or to redirect his stuff so i can get a flank (Varghulf advances, tries to stay behind terrain as best as he can)

Turn 3: Most likely by now we clash, and I hope for the best! (Hopefully the Varghulf crashes into the bowmen's flank and makes them break so they run through any other units of archers near them.)

My only problem with this list is that there is nowhere to really "hide" my vampire on foot. He's going to be in a unit of crypt ghouls. Also, im in BIG BIG BIG BIG trouble if he takes some treekin or a tree man, i dont have anything that can deal with that...

22-05-2009, 04:56
You could give the Dread Knight Vampire the Balefire Spike, it ignores their Forest Spirit saves and deals double wounds against the big things. You don't need the Enchanted Shield on that guy, a 2+ save is good enough.

22-05-2009, 18:29
a 2+ save becomes only a 3+ when attacked by forest spirits tho. A 1+ (Which is a 2+) stays a 2+

22-05-2009, 21:13
Varghulfs can't fly. They have movement 8 so he can march 16.

Wood elfes are faster and more shooty than you will ever be.

Your key to victory will be zombies and your abilety to raise ghouls. Try raising zombies so that he has to fight them then you can manouver in for the kill. "The septer of noirot" might be worth it.

22-05-2009, 21:39
If you want to deal with a treeman feed him zombies. 3 ranks + standard + outnumber+ musician means he cannot win combat against your 112 point unit with his 300 point tree man. (unless it has 6 attacks? in which case it still wont win without some spectacular luck)

A varghulf to the flank of treekin will beat them hands down.

While the balefire spike would be useful, you dont want to put your vamp against a treeman because you need to hit and wound with all 3 attacks otherwise youl more than likely die..