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22-05-2009, 03:38
I made this as a list i can buy in pieces, it's totally themed so i won't take anything but NGs and snottlings and a few trolls, which are still kinda fluffy, but any who here it is..

205 Skarsnik of the Eight Peaks

135 Night Goblin Shaman
-Staff of Sneaky Stealin'

135 Night Goblin Shaman
-lvl 2
-Nibbla's 'itty Ring
-Magic Mushroomx2
-Collar of Zorga
-Biting Blade

135 Night Goblin Shaman
-D.S. x2

1128 (282x4) Night Goblins
-3 fanatics
-4 units of 38 (6x6 + 2 rank cushions)

300 Squig Hoppers
-Two units of 10

70 Spear Chukka
-2 spear chukkas

70 Rock Lobber
-1 rock lobber

240 Trolls
-4 trolls
-River type

80 Snottling Pump Wagon
-2 pump wagons.

come's out to be about 2498. I like it, i can see this being a hoot to play and i can't wait to finish it. :D

22-05-2009, 13:16
it's not really an ng list with all those war machines
*waits to ambush nuada*

imo, you are handicapping yourself with such expensive ng blocks. the biggest blocks should be hw&s, with smaller supporting spear blocks. i would change your ng arrangement to 3x35 w/hw&s + 2x25 w/spears. i would also cut down on fanatics a bit and add more ng... 1-2 blocks of 21 bowmen. bowmen and spearmen don't need champs, and bowmen don't need standards. remember also that skarsnik takes up 6 spots, so one of those 35s can be a 29 and still be the same size & us.

it's not a good idea to put your shams inside a unit until those shams are in danger of being charged, magicked, or shot to death. the idea is to avoid animosity so you can cast

you can also probably lose a couple hoppers from each unit without noticing the difference.

finally, i would consider finding some points for a few snotling bases to screen your trolls... you have alot of points tied up in that unit, so if you are making this list for "all-comers", or if you know you are going up against a fire-wielding enemy, you might want to protect 'em a bit

22-05-2009, 14:40
so i shouldn't run them 6x6?

22-05-2009, 14:46
it's not really an ng list with all those war machines
*waits to ambush nuada*


22-05-2009, 17:31
spear guys yes, hand weapon and shield guys, no.
you want the most frontage on the units that do the most damage, and the least frontage on the units that do the least.

you don't need to have a perfect square for your units, and remember rank bonus caps at +3, so 5th and 6th rank are just buffer for the bonus. also, when you run wider than 5, you don't lose the bonus until you have less than 5 in the rank

23-05-2009, 07:32
how about 6 wide with 5 ranks? that's 30 models and each unit cost 250 and frees up 140 points that i can throw around. and maybe free up another 32 by getting rid of the banners.

23-05-2009, 14:36
A little more on the HW&S vs. spears debate- Spears are worth it *only* when you expect to be charged by fairly crappy troops. I've had spearmen (speargobs?) lay waste to things as good as charging HE spearmen and GW armed dwarf warriors, but against a serious armor save or special rules no number of S3 WS2 attacks will help.

The HW&S guys bring you 5 points of static CR (3 ranks+outnumber+standard) for cheap which with some (...a lot of) luck might let you break nasty killy but lacking in static CR units.

3 Fanatics per unit is excessive. Imagine a 30 point unit of warhounds making you release 6 fanatics on turn 1 and you'll see why you want to cut down some. Conventional wisdom seems to be 0-2 per unit at random so your opponent keeps on second guessing.

I prefer squig hoppers in clumps of 6-7. 10 often leaves you with squigs that can't attack and wasted points, and since squigs won't survive past the first round of combat anyways the extra are just baggage.

Remove the weapon and collar from the shaman. Once in combat this guy is dead anyways so don't burn more points. You could probably also throw away one scroll since with 6 dd you're doing fairly well in magic defense.