View Full Version : WoC 1k campaign army list.

Lord Malorne
22-05-2009, 18:07
Right, I am in the middle of a campaign with a 2k list and a 1k list, we have had two 2k battles so far and next week is our first 1k list battle, lists cannot be changed during the campaign.

The other armies are; LM, VC's, WE, HE, DoC, my 2k list has sigvald tzeentch sorcerors and chariots motsly, with a khorne BSB on chariot, we also play list in some scenariors where we can mix the 2k list and 1k list together (following normal restrictions).

The army I had in mind was:

Slaanesh exalted champion, on boobworm, chaos armour, shield, flail, fury of the blood god: 169

Sorceror of tzeentch, Lv2, disc of Tzeentch, power stone x2 (the other mages have power familiar and book of secrets): 200

Marauder horsmen, MoS, LA: 80

Marauder horsmen, MoS, LA, flails: 90

Knights of chaos, MoS, standard: 230

Knights of chaos, MoS, standard: 230


Though the biggest issue I am facing is I really want to field my shaggoth as with later battles I can mix and match so will able to play the shaggoth in 2k battles, anyway I can take a shaggoth in 1K without being terrified of not hitting hard enough? I know many people don't like them but I love them.