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23-05-2009, 10:45
Arch Lector,
Barded mount
Biting Blade
Armour of Meteoritic Iron
Icon of Mangus
Holy Relic
246 Points

Captain (BSB)
Barded mount
Full Plate Armour
Van Horstmans Speculum
Sword of Justice
147 Points

Wizard, lvl 2
Rod of Power
130 Points

Wizard, lvl 1
Dispel Scroll (x2)
115 Points

25 Swords, Full command
8 man Free Company detachment
215 Points

25 Swords, Full command
175 points

5 Knights with Musician
123 Points

5 Knights with Musician
123 Points

5 Knights with Musician
123 Points

11 Crossbowmen
88 Points

11 Handgunners, Marksman with Long Rifle
113 Points

5 Pistoleers, Musician
97 Points

5 Outriders
105 Points

Great Cannon
100 Points

Great Cannon
100 Points

= 2000 Points

Thoughts/ criticisms?

I was planning on running the Lector and BSB in my Swordsmen units, although perhaps the lector could accompany one of the Knights units instead. Dont expect my characters to kill a whole lot, the lector is tooled up to hopefully just survive (Biting blade included just to get magical attacks in against any nasty immune-to-mundaneies, if they're around). BSB might just give a challenging character a bit of a surprise (although I'm sure most players out there are already too well aware of the the speculum's existence).

Free company are there because I have the models basically. Figured they won't do a lot, but hey, they look pretty cool. Lore's on the wizards will change depending on the opponent, probably will favour light and other army-helping spells > killy-death-beams.

23-05-2009, 13:12
the arch lector you may as well sit on the war alter you're paying nearly as many points as my set up for him (war alter, heavy armour, shield, sword of might, vhs)
The war alter has a built in 4+ ward save so you're only paying an extra 55pts to make him a terror causing unbreakable pain in the ass.

keep the captain simple on a barded warhorse, full plate and bsb to help your blocks out.
Wizards are fine.

Three units of knights is a lot but if you like them go for it.
If you dropped one you could pick up a helblaster which can be fantastic if it does'nt blow itself to pieces. Does well against large targets, cavalry and infantry.

make sure both your blocks have a detachment of free company (3x3 if possible) and turn the crossbow unit into two separate detachment for each sword block.

pretty good solid list regardless.

should probably pick up a steam tank if you can.
I like it, works quite nicely.

23-05-2009, 14:15
Looks fine. Greendan is right abut the lector and war altar. Although I never take the altar myself. They're such a broken (for the pts at least) no brainer choice that it's cooler to play with something else IMHO. But do as you see fit :) STank and WAltar armies are silly ;P

I second greendan on the detachments. 3x3 combat detachments are nice.
Although keeping the crossbows as a unit might be good. It's sometimes good to have a lot of units. Havint to put them up with and at the same time as the parent unit can be a disadvantage.

The speculum is nice. But is it really that effective on a character with 3A? I think it's best used on Lectors, priests and wizards.

Good luck with the list :D

maze ironheart
23-05-2009, 14:33
I would also say stick him on a war alter as it really helps not just him but the entire army.My set up for my arch lector is him with the dawn armour VHS and a sword of might with shield and he's kicked a blood thirster right out of this world.

23-05-2009, 20:05
I would definitely put the lector on a war alter. Also, I'd bump up the level one wizard to level 2. I think I'd drop the rod of power, and maybe 1 dispel scroll. I'd drop the crossbowmen and handgunners entirely in favor of a 5 man detachment of handgunners for both units of swordsmen. Also, I like having 9 man units of swordsmen detachments when I use big blocks of swordsmen (I don't like free company, I'd drop them). I'd consider dropping 1 unit of knights to buy those detachments.

24-05-2009, 04:29
The speculam is def better on warrior priests/lectors.
No problems running 3 knight blocks but leaving out detachments for the mainstay state troopers is a crime! It's the Empires biggest advantage - having detachments. Otherwise the troopers are very overpriced compared to other armies point for point!
It's advisable to take the detachment as either free companies (2 attacks each), or halberdiiers - st 4 is very useful with all those T4 armies out there - lizzies, chaos, orcs, dwarves. Even against T3 armies your now wounding on 3's - and with empire you need to get as many wounds as you can get!
Granted the war alter is well priced for what it does - but lets face it - we Empire players don't get too many tricks up our sleeves! We need 1 or 2 decent things!
Something I don't see - and I don't know why - is that no one really takes bowman and upgrade them to hunters - they become SCOUTS! Every army needs scouts, when have you ever not seen the need to take scouts! They block LoS, 360 line of sight themselves, and they can deploy in sneaky areas of the battlefield, absoulte gems if you ask me.
Otherwise it's a really nice looking list, personal preferences are so massive with Empire as theres so many choices to building their list - for example I say that the Pistolliers are THE BEST fast cav from ALL the warhammer armies....period!!! So I'd take 2 of them as opposed to 1 plus outrides, but it's personal opinion.
Have fun - and hey, tell us what state colours/knightly orders your painting them as.

24-05-2009, 05:02
Thanks for the food for thought guys, will have a think about it and revise the list a little. Hopefully picking up some 5th ed. handgunners & other state troops cheap off a friend-of-a-friend, which I plan on using as detachments for the swordsmen. Walter and stank I definitely appreciate as being "better" choices, although I was looking for something a little different. If I get frustrated enough from a string off loses I might be tempted to buy/scratch build a couple though :evilgrin:

Most of the army is in Nordland colours with a couple of Nuln blackpowder units (I started with Nuln, but the black was a little too boring I thought). Will post up an army diary with a link in the next week or so, seeing as there is some interest :)

Thanks once again guys!

24-05-2009, 17:27
I like the VHS on the BSB, might surprise a few people

The arch lector is always best on the Walter but if you are trying to go without i might suggest ignoring the ward save entirely (you have a prayer for that)