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23-05-2009, 17:23
a steam tank?
swordsmen with free company detachment?
archers and handgunners?

i need some help.. i have some empire figs (enough for a 2500 pt. army) but have never played empire in my life.. ive read the book from cover to cover but still don't know what is effective and what is not.. so i just need a little help.. i feel like painting something new

23-05-2009, 18:01
In any "all comers" 1000 point environment (tournament, unknown opponent, etc), I'd seriously avoid the Stank... unless you enjoy being that guy.

There's a lot of armies that don't have the tools to deal with the Stank at 2000 points, let alone at 1000.

Likewise, I'd probably avoid more than one unit with a 2+AS. Against most armies Knights can be just as hard as monsters, as they simply lack the tools to take them out.

In a 1000 point Empire list, I'd probably go with a Priest, a unit of Knights, a large block of swordsmen (plus free-company and handgunner detatchments), and either a cannon or a pistolier unit.

You don't have nearly enough points to kit out two characters, so you're left with either one mid-level hero or two practically naked heroes. You can't avoid static-CR altogether, so you need at least one block unit. You need at least some shooting to deal with the things Empire lists struggle with, even if it's just a few handgunners. A cannon would probably be good, as long as you can protect it, because if you do run into that opponent (with the 200+ point terror-causer), you need some tool to take it out with.

23-05-2009, 19:05
My favorite hero config at this point level is

Warrior Priest
+ AoMI
+ Great Weapon

Battle Wiz
+ Level 2
+ Rod of Power

The RoP gives you either a very potent dispel or casting phase.

I would take at least one block of infantry with 25+ men, a detachment of something in 3x3, and maybe a shooting detachment.

Other than that it's really up to you. I personally like having two blocks of 25 men at this point level but that doesn't really leave room for anything else.

23-05-2009, 19:59
I would include at least one scroll. To many high levels spells around already at 1k. I would also bring crossbows maybe with handgunner detachment. Depending on your playing environment I would consider a warmachine or two if you need it to deal with treemen, hydras and other big stuff.

23-05-2009, 20:32
lvl 2 with dual scrolls

lvl 2 with VHS

3x 10 handgunners

2x 10 crossbowmen

2x great cannons

10 Goldswords (for lolz)

985 pts.

Something like this.

24-05-2009, 05:28
yeah.. there is one thing i learned about 1k games.. a single level 2 is the most you should need.. i think with empire a priest and lev. 2 guy are affordable.. and i see what you are saying about the steam tank.. i just played a guy with one and man that thing was annoying..
you guys really think a full unit of 25? do you think 20 with the detachment would be just as effective? like something like 20 swordsmen with a 3x3 detachment of free company..
well since no Stank.. do you think any of the rares would be worth it? template weapons are just kinda useless at 1k level games.. not even enough stuff to drift into
no one has mentioned archers.. are they just ok? or at M8 hard to keep out of harms way? a bud of mine told me they can just get annoying to others.. like the mosquito that refuses to go away..
also.. maybe a small unit of flagellants? i do have something like 60 of em

24-05-2009, 05:45
I would look at going something allong the line of
2 warrior priests
15-20 flagenths
10 handgunners
10 crossbowmen
hellblaster volly gun

I would deffenatly not bring either the helstorm or a morter, blast templates with only 2-3 units on the board is not a good idea

24-05-2009, 08:39
This is my standard 1000 pt list:

Captain Grady- Full plate, shield, pistol

24 spearmen, full command.
-Det. 9 halberdiers w/ shields.
-Det. 8 free companies

25 swordsmen, full command
-det 9 halberdiers w/ shields
-det 9 free companies

Great Cannon

6 Knights w/ musician

10 handgunners

10 crossbowmen

It performs ok, but since 1000pt games are rare around these parts it could probably use some tweaking. Hope this helps.

25-05-2009, 16:08
well, i talked to a good friend of mine who knows warhammer probably better than anyone else i know.. this is his recommendation
i asked him about the list and the first thing he said was steam tank..
i asked him why he didn't think that was too cheesy, and his words were.. "if you don't bring one is that going to stop a guy from bringing an EoTG or a dark elf player from bringing a hydra...."
i really don't want to be "that guy" but he does have a good point.. and i asked him about the fit he pitched about my bud bringing the steam tank to a tourney and he let me know that the rest of his list was comprised of 2 units of hand gunners, maxed out unit of outriders, and two level 2 wizards...
what do you guys think?
i've made a list around the stank and i don't think its that bad...
priest on warhorse in unit of 6 knights w/ no panic banner, unit of hand gunners, unit of swordsmen with 5 handgunner detachment and 7 halbedier attachment.. thats it.. only two other units.. .which i don't think is cheese

25-05-2009, 16:27
The beauty is that by bringing a steam tank you are justifying others bringing a hydra/steggie.

I play in a power gaming enviroment thus i use power gamed lists. Were i to play in a more relxed atmosphere i wouldnt min-max my vamps.

25-05-2009, 16:47
Captain of the empire
+hand weapon, shield & full plate armour
barded warhorse
battle standard bearer

Warrior priest
+sword of battle, shield & heavy armour
barded warhorse

Knightly order (5)

Swordsmen (20)
+standard bearer & musician
Halberd/militia Detachment (9)

Swordsmen (19)
+standard bearer & musician
Halberd/militia detachment (9)

Pistoliers (5)

Great cannon
Helblaster Volleygun

2 points short of a 1000
Pretty basic all round list.
Could swap captain for wizard if you desired, although a captain supports the blocks which are your main strength.
At 1000pts the Helblaster can be devastating to anything it hits so try to place it somewhere that can dictate the opponents movement such as on a flank.
Hope that helped a little.
Good luck.

26-05-2009, 14:31
My general selection for 1K empire games are along the lines of:

1-2 characters (no more than 200 points)
2+ infantry units w/ detachments
1-2 shooting units, 1 warmachine.

My last 1K game was played w/

Captain - Plate + Halberd
Lvl 2 Mage - Wizard Staff, Powerstone

24 Halberdiers w/ FC, 9 Militia detach
25 Spearmen w/ FC, 9 Militia\
25 Spearmen w/ FC, 9 Militia
12 Handgunners w/ Rep Handgung Marksman
1 Mortar