View Full Version : Orcs and gubbinz 2.25k (trying to cut down to 2k)

23-05-2009, 20:42
This is a fairly experimental list where I got bored of having too slow a list, so I thought it appropriate to give my normal list a good overhaul and add in some more speed

Black orc warboss - wyvern, heavy armour, Ulag's akrit axe, enchanted shield, Bigged's kickin' boots - 416

Black orc big boss - heavy armour, bsb, Mork's spirit totem - 164

Goblin big boss - light armour, shield, wolf chariot, Martog's best basha, brimstone bauble - 139

Goblin shaman - staff of sneaky stealin' - 105

30 night goblins - spears, full command, 2 fanatics - 190

30 night goblins - spears, full command, 2 fanatics - 190

21 orc boyz - additional choppas, full command - 177

5 spider riders - 65

5 spider riders - 65

6 savage orc boar boyz - spears, shields, full command, Gork's waagh banner - 203

6 squig hoppers - 90

6 squig hoppers - 90

wolf chariot - extra crew, extra wolf - 66

giant - 205

2 pump wagons - 80


Unfortunately, the original intention of the list was to be 2k, but after adding up what I wanted the list ended at 2245, which is prety good, so any advice on chosing what to drop will help.

The basic plan is to have the blocks in the center of the field taking up the main channels created by terrain, while the fast stuff on each flank sweeps round. The unit of orcs will be in the middle, with fanatic totting gobbos on either side, and a chariot beside each of those to keep flankers at bay. From there I'll have a power unit on each flank (warboss on one, giant and boars on the other, and the 4 units that can go through cover will be wherever needed, leaving the pump wagons to guard each flank (and stay out of the way, as they can be a right pain, getting in everybody's way)

The only concern I have is the lack of any ranged attack save short bows on the chariots, but hopefully the speed should compensate for that, and adequet use of terrain should keep me sufficiently alive and kicking to still have good punch on the charge

any C+C?