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23-05-2009, 23:38
Hey, I am trying to plan out 2,500 points for a tournament using WPS rules (an army comp system) and I came up with this. I'm not sure if I want to exchange the Blood Knights or not, they are powerful, but I am wondering if I would be better served with a Black Coach/Varghulf combo and then stick that extra vampire in another skeleton unit. Your thoughts?

Lords & Heroes
Vampire Lord - 425
- Magic Level 3
- Dark Acolyte
- Infinite Hatred
- Walking Death
- Lord of th Dead
- Flayed Hauberk
- Hand of Dust
Vampire - 185
- Dread Knight
- Walking Death
- Book of Arkhan
Vampire - 185
- Infinite Hatred
- Avatar of Death
- Tomb Blade
- Cadaverous Cuirass
Wight King - 120
- Barded Steed
- Sword of Kings

x20 Zombies - 88
- Standard
x18 Skeletons - 200
- Standard/Champion
x17 Skeletons - 184
- Standard
x17 Skeletons - 184
- Standard
x7 Dire Wolves - 56

x20 Grave Guard - 289
- Standard/Champion
- War Banner
x5 Black Knights - 191
- Barding
- Standard
- Banner of Strigos

x5 Blood Knights - 390
- Standard/Kastellan
- Flag of Blood Keep

Power Dice: 8
Dispell Dice: 6
Total Points: 2,247

The WPS score comes out at +14.5. GW guidelines state that you shouldn't be below 10, and ideally fall into the 15-20 range. However, it's incredibly hard to do so with Vampire Counts while remaining competitive (in my opinion).

24-05-2009, 08:36
Nothing? I am thinking of swapping the the Blood Knights out for 4 Cairn Wraiths (Banshee included) and a Varghulf, and then making up hte 10 points with the now dismounted Vampire. Your thoughts?

24-05-2009, 17:24
No comments? Come on guys, I could really use some feedback.

24-05-2009, 17:31
I like the idea of wraiths over the Blood Knights. I don't like the idea of a 390pt unit being baited around the field

Also i would probably swap the hand of Dust for the Crown of the Damned because if you vampire lord is in combat and you need to use the hand then something is wrong :D

Also i would drop the zombies for something else. Maybe some more skelies or something because right now they are kinda useless and are giving your opponent 100 free VP

Other than that i like your list. If you get a game be sure to post it on the Battle report forum so we can see how your doing :D


24-05-2009, 18:26
You haven't got a lot of 'hammer' units. Only the blood knights/black knights. If you remove the blood knights, then that's even less hammer units.

If you fear the frenzy baiting that will happen to your knights, turn them into black knights. Cheaper, and if they flank charge (i.e. enemy have charged skele blocks, got stuck) they're still gonna win combat by a lot.

I agree with dropping the zombies. If you want zombies, raise em.

Not a lot of magic about. Not a massive problem, but with only 8 power dice and a single bound spell, you're gonna struggle to do a lot of the magic you need to do. I know you don't want to go too magic-heavy for comp reasons, but you're currently gimping yourself a bit. I'd say swap the combat bloodlines on the vampire with book of arkhan for Lord of Dead and Dark Acolyte, just to be able to keep your troops up a bit.

BSB on Wight King? Only 25pts, doesn't change his effectiveness except for reducing their kills from combat res and giving you +1 combat res/