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24-05-2009, 15:47
[265] Black Orc Warboss on Boar - Army General, Heavy Armour, Enchanted Shield, Martog's Best Basha, Warboss Imbad's Iron Gnashas, Warboss Umm's Best Boss 'At
Effectively: 1+ Armor, 5+ Ward, Killing Blow and WS8 S6 I5. Goes with Night Goblins
[135] Black Orc Big Boss - Army Standard Bearer, Amulet of Protectyness, Armed to Da Teeth
Super risky but hey, he'll be using his Two-Hander and the amulet will give him the Armor, Ward and Regen save of whoever wounds him, so he will go for armored/protected stuff but he also risks dying to low armoured stuff. Goes in the Big'Uns
[201] Black Orc Big Boss on Orc Boar Chariot with Extra Crew - Heavy Armour, Shield, Sword of Might, Guzzla's Battle Brew
Auto-Waaagh!s when the General calls it, change of being Frenzied with Hatred or could end up Stupid if I roll low, a risk I'm taking, this army is for its randomness afterall.
[165] Goblin Shaman on Goblin Wolf Chariot - Level 1 Wizard, Dispel Scroll, Dispel Scroll
Scroll Caddie which packs a punch at 18" charge range

[320] 24 Big'Un Orc Boyz - Shields, Boss, Musician, Standard Bearer: Mork's Spirit Totem
Super expensive, provies much needed Dispel dice, will be screened by fast cav or squig herd if needed.
[180] 25 Orc Boyz - Shields, Boss, Musician, Standard Bearer
A big block with no characters, to be supported by chariots and whatnot
[170] 30 Night Goblins - Boss, Musician, Standard Bearer, Netters, Fanatic
General's unit, makes them Waaagh! automatically and of course protects the General with the Nets!
[071] 5 Goblin Spider Riders - Spears, Musician
[071] 5 Goblin Spider Riders - Spears, Musician
[071] 5 Goblin Wolf Riders - Spears, Musician
[071] 5 Goblin Wolf Riders - Spears, Musician
Much needed Fast Cavalry

[070] 2 Goblin Spear Chukkas
Only 2, which is reasonable, and should help put a wound or two in big things
[090] Night Goblin Squig Herd - 3 Teams (9 Squigs, 6 Night Goblins)
As long as Animosity doesn't stop them too long, these guys advance full speed to blow up with the enemy.
[105] 7 Night Goblin Squig Hoppers
[105] 7 Night Goblin Squig Hoppers
Great fast skirmishers for the flanks and to support blocks if needed.

[080] 2 Snotling Pump Wagons
Weak but deadly, sometimes... (:
[080] Goblin Doom Diver
Love the model, that's about it, and a bit more reliable than a Lobba!

2250 Points
148 Models
13 Deployments
3 Power Dice
3 Dispel Dice + (0 to 3) from Spirit totem + 2 Dispel Scroll

I completely dominate the Deployment phase, everything else depends on Animosity Rolls and a well placed WAAAGH! from my General.

24-05-2009, 19:26
Not a bad idea for an army, i think you need to worry about facing a missile/war machine army though, but it could work.

Just one thing, i don't think you can take the extra crewman for your BOBB in chariot

Personally, i'd make the big 'uns normal orcs, and give morks totem to the BSB BOBB. For a bit of protection you could put him on a boar for a 3+ AS

....but up to you

24-05-2009, 20:04
No other Boar models for a mounted BSB.
And the extra crew thing I know but we ignore that FAQ response where I play, its such a minor thing, the Orc chariot entry says "Any chariot may be given an extra crew for x points" and characters take this same exact Orc boar chariot, so we play that way.

Also I think 4 Fast Cavalry and the 2 squig hopper units can make their way relatively fast to warmachines/shooty units. Lots of sacrificial stuff.