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24-05-2009, 16:23
From the novel " knight of the realm". What do you think?

Hero. (Baron Montcadas).
Paladin with heavy armour, a barded warhorse, the virtue of discipline, the morning star of fracasse and an enchanted shield = 144.

Hero. (Calard)
Paladin with the questing vow, heavy armour, a barded warhorse and the sword of the quest = 132.

Hero. (Bertelis).
Paladin BSB with heavy armour, a barded warhorse, the sword of might and the gromril greathelm = 124.

Hero. (Damsel Anara)
Damsel with a barded warhorse and the silver mirror = 124.

Core Units.
*8 knights of the realm with a gallant = 192. (Bertelis goes here)

*8 knights errant with a cavalier, a standard bearer = 174. (Baron Montcadas goes here)

*8 knights errant with full command and the errantry banner = 201. (Damsel Anara goes here)

Special Units.
*8 questing knights with a paragon and a standard bearer = 243. (Calard goes here)

*3 pegasus knights with a gallant (laudethaire) = 165.

= 1499.

24-05-2009, 17:08
Actually I have come to like the static combat res that Bretonnia can bring to the table. One unit of 12 or 15 might make this list a little more interesting since 5 lances can be hard to maneuver.

And I think you only can have 4 characters (3 standard +1 Paladin BSB for Bretonnia).

24-05-2009, 17:23
Silveryfox is write you have one to many characters. Not a problem though as you can just drop a paladin. I think that you are going to be hampered in the magic and shooting phase though. If your opponent gets first turn that is 2 turns for them to through spells from lore of metal and arrows at your 24 point knights. I would maybe take out a unit of knights and try and get a unit of skirmishing bowmen. They are only 70 points for 10 and they are a brilliant wee shield for you knights to hide behind.

Also don't be afraid to split your knight units down. Units of 5 or 6 do quite well in lance formation as well.

Also knights Errant are a good buy. With the Errantry Banner they are good for flank charges on the big blocks that your knights of the realm will probably be charging.

Other than that be sure to write a battle report for your first game as i would like to see how this works out :D


Bretonnian Lord
24-05-2009, 18:22
I'd strongly suggest getting some units of Knights Errant. Not only for the strength 6 Errantry Banner, but Knights of the Realm (as strange as it seems) are not as reliable these days due to the burgeoning number of fear and terror causing enemies. Plus, you shave some points of by swapping out some KotR units for Errants. Additionally, I'd recommend squeezing the Warbanner into one of the Knight of the Realm units.

Also, as others have pointed out, you have one too many Paladins. Drop him and use the points for more knights (since it's an all cav list). Grail Knights may be a bit expensive at 1500 but their hitting power and Immune to Psychology rules should be kept in mind. Also, think about adding some Pegasus Knights to hunt enemy war machines and chase enemies through difficult terrain.

As for the heroes, I'd be inclined to give the Sword of Might to the BSB to give him extra hitting power and survivability (along with the Great Helm). The BSB is critical to keeping the knights in the fight, especially if they get stuck into close combat.

What role are you trying to go for with Redemond? A character killer, rank-and-file killer, etc...? It seems with the Armor of Agilulf and Sword of Might, you're trying to make him an all-rounder, which Paladins can't do very well due to their 50 pt magic item allowance. Find a specialized role for each of the Paladins and equip them accordingly.

24-05-2009, 20:09
Usually I roll my eyes at all mounted lists for Brets as they are just not viable for competitive play for 2000 points and up but... this just might work if you trade in for some units of Knights Errant, drop that extra paladin, take a small unit of 3 pegasus knights. You have to watch your armies rear for enemies units out maneuvering your knights. Having a unit or two of only 5 to 6 knights is nice as a sacrificial unit as every army needs at least one of these. Knights errant are awesome for their ItP on the charge. I have three units of them on my list of 2250 points. Have fun with your posse of knights. Let us know if you get any wins. :)

25-05-2009, 00:57
I changed it to suit a theme :)

Bretonnian Lord
25-05-2009, 01:32
A theme is good, although you should be warned that Questing Knights are not as effective as they were in the previous edition. Still, try out the army and see how it goes! You learn best through trial and error.