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24-05-2009, 16:45
This little problem arose yesterday..

I had my Dark Raiders facing against 3 Terradon rider and behind them, but still visible to my Dark Raiders were a unit of Skinks.

If I declared a charge against the skinks I wouldn't make it with just a wheeling. I knew he would flee with his Terradon riders. So, could I declare a charge against both units, knowing if he fled with his Terradons I could engage the skinks? If so, what would happen if he choose to hold with his Terradons?

24-05-2009, 17:52
IIRC: Assuming all units are lined up straightly, you can declare a charge against the terradons and, when they flee out of range, redeclare your charge against the skinks. See FAQ 1 for more examples.

25-05-2009, 09:49
yes there are times which charging two units make sense.

25-05-2009, 16:23
You only declare a charge against two units when you intend to hit them both at the same time (pg 24). If one unit is behind another unit, then you use the Enemy in the Way rules (pg 23).
Here's the short version of what happens. Raiders declare a charge against the terradons, the terradons declare a flee reaction. The terradons flee directly away from the raiders and end up behind the skinks. If moving the raiders directly toward the terradons would make them hit the skinks, they may declare a new charge against the skinks, and the skinks get a charge reaction.

You may only declare a charge against the skinks if they are actually in the way, you may not declare if the skinks are just kind of in the same direction.

25-05-2009, 21:15
You can only declare a charge against one unit at at time unless they are exactly side by side. and can both be contacted (rarely occurs). If the first flees then that's it. If the other unit is behind the first and you could not have charged it, then you may declare a second charge on the new unit that comes available due to the fleeing enemy behind.

This is why positioning is so important and a "bait-and-flee" tactic is good against stuff like bretonians as it exposes their flanks.

Chicago Slim
26-05-2009, 17:10
This is an RTFM question. The relevant rules, as already noted by Chipacabra and MarcoPollo, are EitW (Page 23, BRB) and the 1st FAQ (7th page: "Charging Multiple Targets"), respectively.

In the specific case described, you could EITHER:
1) declare your charge against the skinks, and then "discover" when planning your charge move (but before actually moving your models) that the terradons were In The Way-- at that point, you have the option to change your target to the terradons
2) declare your charge against the terradons, who might then flee DIRECTLY away from your chargers, before your charges move AT ALL.

Either case will actually have IDENTICAL results: either way, before you move, you're now charging the terradons, who if they flee will take their flee move, DIRECTLY away from your chargers, before you move your chargers at all.

Then, after the terradons have finished their flee move, you'll attempt to move your chargers, in a path that makes every effort to reach their current (post-flee) position. If THAT move would put you into the skinks (determine this before actually moving), then you can declare Enemy In The Way against the skinks (even if they were your original target), and charge them instead. The skinks then get a charge response as normal (but out of the normal turn sequence, obviously).

It all sounds a lot more complicated than it is-- the important thing to remember is that at any moment, your chargers have ONE target that they're planning to go for. If enemy get in the way of that target (for any reason), then you can SWITCH your target to that new enemy.

26-05-2009, 17:55
Thanks alot all!

It all makes sense, will really make my future games more enjoyable.