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24-05-2009, 20:23
hi everyone here is a start on my inquistion fleet any comments about how i can inprove constuction painting or anything you think would be good would be welcomed im new to building unique ships also im stuggling for names ive never been good at making them sound right si ideas welcome thanks

24-05-2009, 20:33
these three ships started out as 9 imperial cruisers i tryed to be different in design as the inquistion black ships are a rarely seen sight im not a player of the game so i dont know about the rule of playing with them but i enjoy building the models.

ship descriptions
the largest ship would be the command ship
the double decker cruiser is there to pack a punch and fight above its weight class and the other ship i was thinking of a fleet control ship with high power weapons but also advanced radar and censors and stuff because the inquistion has access to technology that most people havent this makes it a little more plasable.
as ever any ideas or feedback is welcome

Chaos and Evil
24-05-2009, 21:04
You should probably put such large ships on a large base, making them more vulnerable.

25-05-2009, 07:39
yeah i would have liked to put them on larger bases but these were all i had at the time im looking now for some spares on ebay for new ships

25-05-2009, 13:25
also im going to start a large scale RAMILIES CLASS STARFORT not to big but at least twice the size of the model im working with lego for structure and palsticard for faceing

26-05-2009, 11:21
Wow those are big! O_o

Anyhoo, what you should do is ink your metal parts. Use Badab Black. And next time, when painting metal parts, use the drybrushing technique. Gives your models more texture.

Good luck!

26-05-2009, 14:55
thanks i will try that. here a few pics of my paper starport. ive got the basics now ill make the body from lego blocks and then dress it with platicard. ill start taking this apart now so ive got my templates ill post more pics of the project as it goes

27-05-2009, 16:05
heres a beginning of the foundation of the space station once ive got the height right and maybe a bottom and a top (waitin on more scrap lego) i will start the details work with plasticard it heavy so making it lighter maybe needed but for now everything is looking ok

01-06-2009, 18:13
time for an update. ok then heres the progress ive made on the star fort. its looking good so far but still alot to do. ive used super glue and a glue gun and im happy with the outcome so far. as ever comments are welcome

02-06-2009, 15:45
more detailing so far so good

02-06-2009, 20:35
Hello darth

Those are some BIG ships you have there! Heh heh, I like seeing such hardcore conversions, if you DO make more ships for the fleet I suggest you make them 'standard' size now ;P

I agree about using Badab Black on the metal parts, it will really compliment your work. May I also suggest painting in some running lights? You'll need a detail brush for that but I find such things really help liven up BFG ships- I like doing windows too but that may drive you mad on such large ships haha!

Impressive spacestation so far too, good stuff :)

02-06-2009, 20:41
The Ramiles Space Fortress is going to be really cool!

03-06-2009, 00:03
thanks malika the spaceports going good alot more detail to come ive made it so the ships can appear inside or half in or out. and jihad to be honest painting is the thing im worse at but im trying new stuff all the time and thanks for the advise im going to look into getting some badab black and more ships to continue the fleet side of the project.

09-06-2009, 16:48
heres some updated pics of the starfort more detailings being done its taking a little longer than i thought

17-06-2009, 16:02
more updates soon but im out of action for a while just had to have an operation on my hand booooooooo!!! :(lol

Me not Weedy
17-06-2009, 16:31
I generally just lurk, but this fortress has brought me out of hiding. It is a fantastic build and the detailing is coming along wonderfully.

I would have to say that look around on the internet to find some space ship modeling sites. They will definitely help you out with the fine scale detailing that you are going to do for this.

Fantastic start!

SSG Snuffy
17-06-2009, 17:47
I really like the fortress... the detailing so far is quite impressive, and I'm sure it will only get better as you keep adding to it.

I'm not as crazy about the ships, I'm afraid. I really like the bodies and drive sections, but the double-stacked prows are a bit of a let-down. It just looks like two cruisers... umm, 'romantically intertwined.' I think a custom prow would go a long way toward blurring the lines between the components. Still nice work, though...

17-06-2009, 18:06
That fortress looks brilliant! Really nice work.

17-06-2009, 19:15
Nice Starfort, it's practically a board on its own :D Play a game of Inquisitor or something on top of it!

22-06-2009, 22:04
thanks for the comments guys. my hands getting better now the screws out more pics soon!

16-07-2009, 19:35
heres some pics of the space port. i would like to put a little more detailing on it but im waiting on parts. also a few pics of my troop and fleet colections

16-07-2009, 19:42
Can we get a picture of that behemoth of a battleship on the far right of the fleets pic? Please? :)


16-07-2009, 20:02
ah so you spotted the behemoth well sure here are some with a battleship and a crusier for size comparasion it was my first scratch build from spares of my fleet. i was reading battle of the abyss at the time and this is what i thought it could have looked like

Wolf Scout Ewan
16-07-2009, 20:11
That fortress is made of sex!

16-07-2009, 20:16
thanks i just love the size of it hopefully a little more detail then paint

16-07-2009, 20:24
Your conversions are quite insane - especially the behemoth. I like the idea of a double-decker battleship, though: I might pinch that idea.

The space fortress is coming along nicely. It's quite a lot bigger than a Ramilies-class, though, isn't it?


Comrade Wraith
16-07-2009, 21:52
Those ships are brilliant. I have to admit I was worried they would look a bit silly, but you suceeded in getting my inner nerd to giggle with delight. congratulations. :p

17-07-2009, 03:00
That thing is truly massive. I love it. Consider that stolen twice. What did you make the prow out of?


17-07-2009, 15:02
OMG that behemoth is well big, do ppl let you play with it & what are the stats of it.

17-07-2009, 15:49
i used plasti-card for the prow, i had to it was so big lol. i found a aquilla symbol i had left over from a landraider and warmed it up and bent in round the prow you cant see it much on the pics. ive never played the table top games darktitan sorry so i wouldnt know the stats for it

17-07-2009, 16:01
Really like some of the ships. The battleship in particular. Not too fond of the stacked cruisers.

As for names try some old royal navy ones, just avoid the ones named after people.
Battleships: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Category:Royal_Navy_battleships
Cruisers: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Category:Royal_Navy_cruisers

SSG Snuffy
20-07-2009, 17:37
I really like the behemoth... the scratchbuilt prow ties the pieces together better than your double-stacked cruisers, in my opinion. Nice work!

21-07-2009, 18:20
heres a little update ive made some detail on the inside of the station some repair arms and ive covered the walls i hope to put a ship inside as if its under repair but ill see how it goes comments welcome as always

08-08-2009, 09:07
some more pics showing a few more detail work lauch bays and weapons