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26-12-2005, 09:25
I was playing a friend at 6k the other evening and he had two units of 40 gnoblars each and two units of trappers. After the battle (which my Chaos Undivided won), I was reading the OK Army Book - the gnoblars get sharp stuff, 2x multiple shots/thrown weapon. So firstly, we did a piece wrong in that he was taking a minus when they moved (negated by thrown weapon rule) and another minus when they were further than 4" away (for long range, again negated by the thrown weapon rule). He would however, have to take a minus 1 for the multiple shots (which he wasn't taking).
The question is, he was taking 80 shots per unit (even at B2, S2 for multiple shots, that will leave a mark), I can't find anywhere in the BRB or the Ogre Kingdoms Army Book that they get to throw stuff in multiple ranks. I can see where his gnoblar trappers all could fire sharp stuff since they are skirmishers. Any guidance here (I want to let him know he doesn't have to take the penalties above, but also, may not be able to use the 'every gnoblar gets two shots of sharp stuff'). Thanks in advance.

26-12-2005, 10:33
It works like normal shooting as far as I know, first rank only, and a -1 penalty for multiple shots.

26-12-2005, 15:06
I would think that would be the case, anyone else with thoughts on this? Maybe FAQ'ed someplace and I can't seem to find it? Tx

26-12-2005, 15:28
You get to fire with +1 rank when you're at a higher position than the target, which is the point of getting shooters on hills.

And if you shoot at a large target, everybody in the unit can shoot it.

Since the units of 40 gnoblars weren't skirmishers, they didn't have the skirmish rule for shooting.

So, unless he was targeting a giant or something, he wasn't supposed to get all those shots.

26-12-2005, 16:28
Agree, since it doesn't say anything specifically in the Army Book, only get the +1 rank on a hill or the full amount of sharp stuff if he was aiming at a large target.

26-12-2005, 17:13
I think before the OK book came out there was a rumour that the gnoblars would be able to throw the stuff in multiple ranks - and there was also another rumour about ogres not getting rank bonus.

Then there were also other rumours such as ogre butchers magic consisting of mighty farts and the gnoblar missiles being excrement.