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25-05-2009, 13:13
Hi all. I am interested to know what models, whether GW or another manufacturer, you would use if you were looking to make a Dogs of War army. I am aware of some models for them (mainly the regiments of renown) being available on the GW websites, but these are quite expensive.

So, people of Warseer, what models would you suggest to use for a Dogs of War army, whether normal troops or Regiments of Renown? What are good (preferably cheaper) substitutes?

25-05-2009, 13:35
Depending on which units you are using, you could use a combination of state troop/men at arms/chaos marauders/free company to represent your troops. I suppose you could also use elves and dwarfs (count as), because there is easily justification for races other than human acting as mercanaries.

Do you have a link to the DOW army list?

25-05-2009, 13:37
For pikemen, I would recommend you to look for various historical manufacturers: there are quite many producing pikemen in metal that is comparable to the price of GW plastics. Warlord Games also makes a 17th century plastic set containing 12 pikemen, 24 musketeers and 6 command figures, in case you want to try plastics, but you would need to find some use for the musketeers. Perry miniatures might be coming out in future with a plastic kit of 15th century pikemen and crossbowmen, which might be excellent for DoW, but that would require waiting out a bit.

For crossbowmen, there is again a lot of historical manufacturers available. Alternatively, GW has two plastic kits in Empire range that would be suitable - militia box and handgunner/crossbowmen box.

For the duelists, I would recommend taking a look at the Empire militia kit, which is one of the more reasonably priced plastic kits these days, and comes with a huge variety of weapon options, many of which could be useful for these.

25-05-2009, 15:38
Dwarves and Ogres are rather easy; halflings I managed to get half a dozen archers, and am currently painting night goblins to match them.

25-05-2009, 18:16
You might have a look at Vendel's Elizabethan English figures


And their Border Reivers:


They are slightly thicker than GW figures, and maybe a whisker taller. I use them mixed with GW figures in some of my Mordheim warbands, and to me they look fine. They also work well with Foundry's Swashbuckler figures (which again are a little larger than GW, but close enough for my taste).


Cypher, the Emperor
25-05-2009, 21:50


The Perry brothers sculpted most of the current Dogs of War range, and have a million bajillion different ranges of miniatures.

You'll find everything from English Civil War, to Fuedal japan, to Chosun Korea.

But for DoW, I would recommend the English Civil War (pikeman, cannons etc), The Crusades (Muslim forces, for Al Muhktars), and Agincourt to Orleans.

25-05-2009, 21:52
Box of Empire Archers, meet box of Outriders...combined, you get 10 Duellists, and a unit of Fast Cavalry...woot!