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25-05-2009, 13:32
My main plan is to have a solid Block of 2 units of swords men, knights, Pistoliers and War altar move towards the enemy while the shooting stuff tries to take down things in support.

Empire Army (2003)

Arch Lector of Sigmar
Dawn Armour,Van Horstmannís Speculum,Great Weapon,
War Altar of Sigmar: 296pts

Warrior Priest
Heavy Armour, Barded Warhorse, Great Weapon: 112pts
(Goes in with the Knights to give them a Reroll for hatred and more if I can get prayers off)

Captain of the Empire
Battle standard, Barded Warhorse, Full plate armour
Sword of Might, Icon of Magnus: 137pts
(Part of State troops A)

Battle Wizard
Level 2, Dispel Scroll: 125pts
(Extra magic defence plus the level 2 so I can draw out dispel dice to get the prayers off. Goes in State troops B)

25 State troops A: Swordsmen
Full command
Detachment: 9 Swordsmen: 229pts

25 State troops B: Swordsmen
Full command
Detachment: 9 Swordsmen: 229pts

10 State troops: Hand gunners: 80pts

10 State troops: Hand gunners: 80pts

6 Knights of the inner circle: 156pts
(Thinking of using great swords in stared of lances/shield. They are a support charge group and arenít running around alone so would have hatred and Str5 attacks.

Cannon: 100pts

Cannon: 100pts
(These are for sniping solo characters, war machines and chariots)

6 Pistoliers
Musician/Outrider, Repeater pistol: 139pts
(Great for supporting units and getting around the backs to wipe those fleeing units out. Also can take out fast cav etc)

Helblaster volley gun: 110pts

Helblaster volley gun: 110pts

(Mainly as I donít have a steam tank or rocket launcher Iím going with 2 of these as I have lost 1 in the first round before and would rather have a second to back me up. Mainly for shooting heavy armour/monsters)

25-05-2009, 20:12
No reason for those handgunners not to be detachments for the swordsmen. Remember they only need to be placed with the unit, and can then stay behind. Then they don't cause panic and you have less drops (better chance for first turn).

Otherwise looks solid.