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25-05-2009, 15:13
When I play casually with my VC army I prefer to run something that shouldn't invoke hatred from my opponent. A friend of mine recently got back into the game and in his second battle (after winning the first against my Chaos Dwarfs) I beat him solidly, my counts vs his welfs. He whined that it was only because I used VC. What I would like to know is whether or not my list should be considered overpowered and how I could tone it down if it is.

1 Vampire Lord
General; Level 3 Upgrade
1 Sword of Might
1 Walach's Bloody Hauberk
1 Red Fury
1 Infinite Hatred
1 Lord of the Dead

1 Vampire
1 The Balefire Spike
1 Dread Knight
1 Nightmare
1 Walking Death

1 Vampire
1 Dispel Scroll
1 Black Periapt
1 Dark Acolyte
1 Avatar of Death (Great Weapon)

1 Necromancer
Corpse Cart
1 Corpse Cart
1 Book of Arkhan
1 2. Vanhel's Danse Macabre

23 Skeleton Warriors
Command, HW/S
1 Banner of the Dead Legion

30 Zombie Horde

30 Zombie Horde

20 Grave Guard
StB, Mus, Great Weapons
1 The Banner of the Barrows

5 Black Knights

5 Black Knights

4 Blood Knights
StB, Mus
1 Royal Standard of Strigos

The lord goes with the skeletons, the vamp on foot goes with the grave guard, and the mounted vamp goes with the blood knights.

25-05-2009, 15:28
It does look a little intense, I don't think there's a lot a WE army could have done to beat it except target the vampires, and even then they're in fairly large or strong units. The very addition of blood knights may make people cry cheese, I've read at this points level they are pretty damn heavy, but WE have plenty of fast cavalry, he should have been leading them around by the nose. The black knights are brilliant for moving through his woods without plenty, flushing out mages and stuff. I think basically you've exploited the VCs advantages very well, and the fact that you've taken zombies, which many consider should just be raised, is testiment to it not being too over the top.

It is rather powerful IMO, would make for a challenging game against a different army. WE, depending on its construction, I think just aren't suited to taking this one on. What composition did he have?

25-05-2009, 20:36
It's a good strong list and I think your only problem is your whiny opponents...

25-05-2009, 22:35
He played, IIRC:

Alter Lord




3x10 Glade Guard

8? Wild Riders

3 Tree Kin

10 Wardancers


I believe next time I will drop the blood knights. I only took 4, but yes they are quite beefy. Although, they didn't actually do anything in the battle. He whined mostly about my magic, which I consider to be extremely tame for VC - only 9 power dice (+1 for periapt). I tool my general for combat, which I hear is not the most popular choice and is supposed to be the weaker play.

@ Nightsword: Alright, so say I drop the blood knights and add... IDK, probably fell bats or a small unit of ghouls. What then?

25-05-2009, 23:18
I think if you paid 50 for them, you should keep the blood knights, you deserve to use them ;) 9 or 10 power dice is tame for a VC list I reckon, but with his WE list you can see why he complained. However, everyone knows the VC list is powerful magically, so he should have expected to take something more than one wizard (i dunno if a branchwraith is a wizard?). You know, that's like knowing you are going to be fighting an army of ethereals say, and not taking any magic weapons.

It just sounds like you played it better, with a better constucted list. I'd personally love to play it, it looks like good fun and a challenge.

EDIT: If however, you want to remove the Blood Knights, there's a lot you could probably buy. Maybe a varghulf?

26-05-2009, 01:07
I think if you paid 50 for them, you should keep the blood knights, you deserve to use them ;)

Well, they're converted chaos knights (knight steeds with old blood dragons riding them), so I didn't drop an obscene amount on them. :p