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25-05-2009, 21:11
Under lords and so on it says that you can pick magic items from the Common or the Skaven magic items list. What is the difference and where are the two different sections? Also does Skaven not have any special items such as gifts which are not considered magic items?

25-05-2009, 21:29
Common magic items are listed with Skaven magic items and in the BRB (pg 36 of Skaven AB and pg 122 of BRB). There isn't really a difference between the two except that common items are available more or less to all armies, and the Skaven items are specific to them. The Skaven don't have any upgrades other than their magic items and the items in the Skaven armoury (pg 32 of Skaven AB). If a character can take any armoury items they are listed specifically in their roster profile. For example a Skaven assassin can be equipped with smoke bombs, which are an armoury item. Armoury items are not magic items per se, but several do have magical attacks. You will have to check the Skaven FAQ for how such items interact with abilities and items which destroy or disrupt magic items.

25-05-2009, 22:02
Okay. That makes sense. I just misinterpreted the meaning of the common magic items I thought that they were still only usable by Skaven and that the Skaven magic items were more elite and only usable by a few characters. Thanks for clarifyng that.

25-05-2009, 22:16
No problem, but you should note that some of the Skaven magic items are only usable by certain characters. Some will say clan Pestilens, Skyre, Eshin, or Moulder only, and only the character types from those clans may use those magic items.

25-05-2009, 22:21
Who gets to use the skavenpelt banner :P~
Oh.. my bad that's the skink Bsb for lizardmen..