View Full Version : DG army v.3.0 maybe I will finish it this time?

26-05-2009, 12:33
So here we go once again to many projects at once so why not start another one?

The aim: To finish a decent looking army by the end of summer painted, based and done (except the 4 rhinos as I will not have the money to buy them during summer so the plan is to finish them before x-mas)

Army list: Will include 4 oblits, at least one DP 4 squads of 7 PMs in rhinos the rest I'm unsure about so far..

Concept:I want a nurgly army but not OTT I will try and add some convertions on every mini and scratch build other. To stay away from the traditional DG even more I paint my DG grey (also becuase I'm a John Thompson fanboy and loved his concept DG that are so much better than these *ramble ramble*)

As I want this army done pretty fast speed painting is a must and remember that the aim is to be pretty good TT standard if I fail to achive that please smack me in the right direction.

Well no more talk on to the pics I say:
Squad 1

Squad 2

Wip squad 3

Very much wip home brewn oblit
size comparison

Well hope you like it, the pics are as said to bright but I will try and take some more the next time I finish a squad.

C&C Welcome, Cheers

26-05-2009, 15:30
Brilliant, you work is amazing and that obliterator is pure win!
How long does it take you to paint one Death guard?
I will be following intently and good luck.

Maggot out.

26-05-2009, 15:51
well placed my two squads in my glasscabinet I leand back in my chair and saing "jobs a good un" but as soon as the words left my lips I started to doubt them. The minis looks very grey from afar and after some feedback at forums I decided that I should try some more colour on the minis (as it is mainly grey and the base is greyish as well....).

I went for scortched brown asI already have used it on the base trim and it works with the colours. It also makes the white freehand pop a bit more.
The brown was highlighted with bestial brown and washed with badab black. Im now unsure if this is the way to go, so easy question:

Brown pads yay or nay?

C&C needed folks.

26-05-2009, 15:53
deffo brown pads

26-05-2009, 16:05
Lovely work there Animerik. Fantastic used of muted colours to accentuate the DG.


26-05-2009, 16:37
Brown pads, they break up the grey.

26-05-2009, 22:08
Well after some feedback on the shoulder pads colour from friends/forums and some painters/sculptors that I really respect I decided taht brown was the way to go and after painting only the first layer of brown on all the pads I to was convinced. So heres the pics, the freehand is a bit weak on some but that is one of those things I intend to go back and fix/redo later when everything is done to the same standard.

Pics are as usual wierd, my camera hates me and I hate it..

And some smaller progress on the oblit, detailing started on body and legs now only awaits some small gs work and riverts. Arms basic stuff is started but nothing worth showing so far..


Cheers for the feedback folks and hope you like the new scheme as I'm happy with it.

Izzy Logan
27-05-2009, 00:38
That Obliterator is ace man. i never really liked the bare face on the gw one but i thought all the marine helmets looked wrong, urs fits though. plus it looks chunk, ready to...well, obliterate seems appropriate. keep up the good stuff mate.

27-05-2009, 00:39
ahhhh more impressive corrosive decayed figures from the gods own incarnation animerik i love seeing your figures dude. and these do not dissopoint its awsome.

27-05-2009, 00:44
Looking really good, especially love the green stuff work on your oblit.

27-05-2009, 05:52
Izzy Logan: Thanks man, I never liked GW's oblit faces either. They look far t osmall and the streched skin might work on the armour (in fact I like it there) but faces looks more like dark eldar experiments gone wrong. I think I will add some mor stuff to the face like some metal banding and a breather in front but that will be later on today.

Thanks people for your kind words more of the oblit will be posted today

27-05-2009, 13:20
Here we go again, more updates.

More work on the oblit, mainly adding one arm and the first shoulder pad. The pad itself is only basics it will have timming and some spikes as well.

For the gun I went for a different look than gw and many other oblits I've seen. As they are in the fluff deamonic cyborgs I thought that it would make more sence that they shoot demonic energy, in this case they could alter the energy to act as a flamer, lascannon and what nots. So thats why I went for the slimmer look. The chainsword will get more attached once the arm is completly dry and the armour plating will recive some gs love with trims, spikes and such.

On the torso I added abit of detail, tubing, streched skin (oblit tm) and some boils to show his allaience to nurgle.

The back is not done yet, it needs more detail and proboably a spine in the mid section and some more works with the wires and such.

The head will get more attention like a arrow on the forhead and some breathing device... not sure yet .. any ideas welcome

If you see any black spots it's me painting on some spots to remind me of things I should add. now onto the pics

and size comparison with a PM

C&C welcome

27-05-2009, 17:32
So Im a bit stuck here. What should I put on top of the oblit.

a)Vents (typhus style)
b)Vents more like industrial ones ,exhaust if you will.
c)Oblit thingies, the type of fleshy stuff that GWs oblits have?
d)something else?

C&C welcome

27-05-2009, 17:39
i would go for ventsm typhus style.
but maybe soem nurgling on top or some spikes (only a few) would make a good start...
or maybe 2 cables/wires from top to the back...


27-05-2009, 19:14
Go for vents like the Typhus style. They look super cool.

27-05-2009, 20:03
Those scartchbuilt Obliterators are fantastic! Bigger than the original, and twice as bad looking! Bad as in bad ass. This is one of the best looking Death Guard logs in a while. Can't wait for more! Do you plan on scratchbuiling a Typhus model?

29-05-2009, 12:09
Updates again. Well been dedicating my time to the oblit and now it is pretty close to being done. Did try typhus vents, but it did not look good. Then came the oblit style vents with a twist. This looked better but still not what I had in mind. I added some cut up plstic tubes for vents and I think it looks good now. Did add a horn on top as well, this will be built up a bit to make it look more like a part of the armour, Im not 100% that it will stay on the final mini but time will tell. I added the fist and it still needs some work but is overall pretty much done. The face got more detail now but it will get one more round of detail mainly some work on the wires and the rebreather device. His left shoulder pad is done and will be freehand area later so only some sanding left to do there. Right shoulderpad is only started with the gs work but will be a tri-arrow noting very fancy. Some more work on top needs to be done and some work on the back. And then some moe work on the gunsheild as well. after that it is pretty much done:

And last some wip of the oblit #2, only basics so far but I think it will be good, he will be aiming with his gun and the other arm relaxed by his right side.

C&C welcome and thanks for looking

29-05-2009, 13:59
hey, looking reall good, great work with the green stuff. im betting they will look real good painted up :)


Mr Feral
29-05-2009, 15:19
Good stuff, it's nice you can do Nurgle just as much justice as you can for WHFB!

I think the choice to change the shoulder pads to brown was a clever decision, it looks better for it. :)

...not to mention the scratch-build Obliterators = wonderful! :D

31-05-2009, 23:35
Great convertions and a unique and fitting DG colour scheme, the dark grey and brown with white accents looks very good.

the damned artificer
31-05-2009, 23:57
very nice DG dude, I really like the obliterators they are way better than the GW versions... and damn they're big :D

02-06-2009, 08:40
loving the terminator mate it is sweet i really like how they are coming along.

02-06-2009, 10:31
Mr Feral:Thanks mate, I started my long greenstuff road to damnation with a DG army back in 2004. This is 3ed attempt to finish a DG army,... nuff said :skull:

and yeah brown pads looks so much better, I don't know why I was so unsure about it before

the damned artificer:Thanks alot! The Oblits are not that much bigger, more about the same size but not so hunched and the torso is diffrent which makes them look a bit bigger... hmm wait maybe mine are bigger well I took the original measurments from a GW oblit but then I went gs-bonkers and then things got out of hand... :D

Just wanted to say that there will be a tutorial comming in some week or so


08-07-2009, 15:52

Well it was quite a while since I updated this and honesly I have not been working that much on it. Have been busy with visiting a viking era market/festival, Depeche mode condert and a music festival (Arvika) and of course spending time wit my gf. Not much time left for ol warhammer. Anyways I have been painting another squad so heres a quick recap of all the PMs painted so far
squad 1:
squad 2:
squad 3:

pics are crapalicous as usual... anyhow, next up is a PIP rhino, it got a bit wrecked during a transport after I completed the build and the glue was not completly set, this resulted in a wonky looking dozerblade and headlight that is far from straight... well well. I been testing some techniques to make it look old and worn but Im not to happy with the results... I will just finish it and then maybe get back to it later and re do it. For the time being Im sick of it and just want to finish it. And the freehand on the roof is crap I know but as said, will redo this junk later.

08-07-2009, 15:52

Well something I'm more happy with is the oblits, one all done so far only a lick of paint.
more angles:

And no.2 wip

thanks for looking //Erik

08-07-2009, 15:57
wow, most impressive. really quite good. consider me subscribed.


08-07-2009, 16:05
nice nice nice :-)
and about your "time problem": i call it life and it is more important than warhammer...sometimes :P ;) so i wish you much fun for your festivals then :-)

to your update:
i love this obliterator, also the three barrels of the gun, like the fw prince, very nurgly -> very well done, i'm seeing forward to see it painted :-)

your rhino is awesome, the death corpse on the front and the freehand (georgous, really..) on the top left are amazing details.
but one critic though.
i'm really not keen about the white nurgle icon on the back..i dunno...it is well executed..but..the white doesn't suit the tank, imo.

keep this work up,
it's an inspiration for my own doings :-)


08-07-2009, 16:08
The corpse hanging of the front works so well, never stop posting your work, i love it!

Mr Feral
08-07-2009, 17:22
Consider me envious as always. The corpse, the kitbashing of the infantry and all the details on the Obliterator - very good. :)

09-07-2009, 08:21

Excellent work on the DG squads and fantastic work on the oblits.


09-07-2009, 10:08
My god those tanks look good!
look like you have taken panels off a rusted old Ford Cortina or something! they are sooo good!
and the Oblits are really starting to look nice, that is one heck of a nice army.


09-07-2009, 10:12
Great work on the Oblits, I really like the gun arm looks. Very impressive sculpts.

09-07-2009, 11:29
Really impressive. I'd love to see those Oblitirators painted.

maze ironheart
09-07-2009, 11:40
Awsome simply awsome this is an awsome blog and the dead body hanging from the dozer blade has given me some ideas.

09-07-2009, 11:45
Nice colourscheme, looks great and is different from the usual. Nice work on the Obliterators also.

09-07-2009, 16:18
your obliterators really embody the thing i love about nurgle-stuff, they are both gross and disgusting, but so cool when finished.

personally, i would have liked to see industrial vents on them, but hey, it's your models. i'd strongly suggest putting a nurgling or two on one of them at least(just gotta love the little... whatever they are) :p

09-07-2009, 16:45
I love it, everything is awsome, I am defenatly subscribed!

I also second the nurgling on the bases, that would make 'em perfect.

09-07-2009, 18:05
Nocturn:I had lots of fun, thanks mate. And yes real life is more important. I always find myself to be more inspired after alot "irl" stuff.

Thanks for the feedback and I must admit that I shamlessly looted the corpse idea from Svartmetals rhino. The white freehand does not fit and it will br fixed later, none of the tanks will have white symbols ^^

Mr Feral:Thanks mate

LokkoRex:Thanks, Industrial vents? any pics I might still change them. Nothing is sure before they are painted. And nuglings might be added.

Thanks for all the kind words, subscriptions and rating people. You have really got my creative juices flowing and I started a DP last night, scratch build of course ;)

Thanks one and all //Erik

09-07-2009, 19:08
Can you post WIP pictures of the DP? whatever stage it may be at

10-07-2009, 15:40

Here we go again. Last night I was looking at old threads amd came across a good ol one. Squiggs PMs, he made a termi lord with a old chainsword and I took alot off inspiration (read looted/ripped off) and found a old mini in bad shape. After some hours of gs loving and bitz it looked really good. I will probably enter it to the TWF convertion/painting comp. In the army it will be a lord for smaller battles.
Still some mould lines to fix and gs to clean up or such, Im very happy with it so far.

Also started a DP, this will go slow, very slow but I try to push myself further and challenging myself with new stuff.

10-07-2009, 15:52
Also started my last 7 PMs for my 2250pts list. Wip of course

Oh and something people wanted...
Materials needed
*Plastic rod - riverts, pistons stuff like that
*Green stuff/ brown stuff/ grey stuff whatever putty you like
*Plastic pipes - To make the base for the legs. Chose your own thickness depending on if you want to make termies, oblits or even DPs.
*Foam core or thick plasti cart - To use as the underlying structure for the back and torso.
Step one.
Take some pipe and cut it up equall to the size you want the lower legs to be. Take some putty and mix it, then roll it to a sausage and add it to the lower part closest to the feet. Next take a tool and just drag the putty upwards to create a shape where the leg is broader closer to the feet and narrower at the knee. I allways do this quickly with a tool and then go back and smooth it out with my finger (remember to use lots of water on you tools/fingers) sometimes I use clay shapers as well.

After this cut up some pipe to use as upper leg parts, add these by using putty and some glue.

Take some foamcore and cut it up equall to the size you want the torso to be broad. Take some pipe (I used the same size as I used for the lower part of the legs) and cut it a bit longer than the torso. Glue it like in the pic (see pic A). Also cut a thinner slize of pipe and cut that in two parts, glue this above the other piece of pipe to function as a "roof", this will be where the head will be placed later. Now take som putty and add to the space between the pipe and the foamcore to make it more torso looking. Smooth it out with your finger and try to get a good shape to it as this will be the base for the chest armour later on.
* side note! If you want to make it easier, just take a marine shoulder pad and glue it above the pipe like in pic B, this is what I did for the first two oblits.

Thanks for looking and more comming later. Cheers

10-07-2009, 16:41
wow, just wow!!!
Animerik ftw!!!
keep this up, you are a demon prince urself with these sculpting skills!!!

13-07-2009, 11:25

Well some work on the champ, just trying to paint something to a bit higher standard.. still not there yet. painob is about 75% done I recon.


And some small progress on the DP

Hope you like it, C&C welcome

Cheers //Erik

13-07-2009, 11:28
great work anim, i'm lookin forwards to seeing more of this DP and of the oblit guide.

keep it up!


13-07-2009, 11:29
Everything looks incredible! I especially like the colour choice and the way you painted it. In particular the tank looks so much more menacing than mine... Really nice!

13-07-2009, 18:04
great work as expected from you, Animerik.
the prince is coming along really nice, i really like that skull leg plate, would be happy to have the same skills as you. so much ideas, but not really skill on gs'ing. but you have :-)

for your champ, i would say take a look on the back tubes of the backback, they look a bit flat, shade them. i know it's pip, but i think you posted him to gain some advice :-) other than that i think it's flawless, some places to tidy up, etc.
a really great piece when you've finished him :-)
also like his pose, the chainsword looks brutal.

really really nice, much better paintjobs than my nurgle :-)
keep them coming,
*edit* 5 stars of course ;).


13-07-2009, 18:29
Bravo, excellent work. These are how PM should look IMHO.

Mega Nutz
13-07-2009, 21:06
Really liking this army!!

25-07-2009, 19:52
great work there dude, looking good

cant wait to see the DP, what are you useing for him,?


25-07-2009, 20:57
Well, these are AWESOME.

Those obliterators are the sexiest DG models I've ever seen. Great work, keep it up.

Titan Wolfe
12-08-2009, 21:46
Great work . Always been a big fan of Death Guard ......boy have you done them proud . DamN !!!................why did. I sell mine . Will be back to see more ,keep this lot going

13-08-2009, 09:29
I'm really looking forward to see those Oblits with some paint on. Please update soon ;)

14-08-2009, 11:20
I really busy atm so here is some sneak peaks of what I have been doing and mainly to show that Im still at it.

pip oblit

and some pip squad

thanks for looking.

18-08-2009, 09:24
The Oblit is looking really good, anymore of them to be included?
and the squads looking good aswell, nice to see some beakies :)


30-09-2009, 09:26

Well have nor been working so much with warhammer latley, but heres some better pictures and pics on some of the stuff I have been working with..
more angles:
Some stuff still to paint, mostly picking out details and making the osl look more realistic

Oblit no2. Soon done:

Termicide http://i2.photobucket.com/albums/y21/animerik/DSC021271.jpg

It is still in heavy WIP just fleshing it out as I go.

and some overall shots

30-09-2009, 09:27

Cheers for looking

30-09-2009, 09:31
Beautiful work, these guys are truly horifying. I love your termi conversions and your various scratch builds/sculpts. I love this force.

30-09-2009, 13:33
absolutely awesome work mate!
Your conversion skills are amazing, Obliterators and Termies look really great, can't wait to see them painted and the DP finished! :)


30-09-2009, 21:10
Oh wow. This is really good. Great work.

How did you do the streaking and rust effects on the Rhino?

02-10-2009, 17:00

Here comes some pics of the oblit with finished base and some details fixed. There is some blends that could be better and well some of the "soft" edges on the mini and the built is not as good as I would like them to be, however thats the first of 4 oblits I think the rest will be better.


Also found one of the first PMs I ever painted and converted.... arms and backpack is lost in the warp but heres a pic showing how far my tabletop standard has improved.....
cheers and thanks for looking

02-10-2009, 17:16
Great stuff here (as I've said before). It's wonderful seeing the army collected together -- and to see how far your painting skills have progressed. I love the way your stuff radiates this eerie glow, beneath the Nurgly grime.

05-10-2009, 21:31
Bloody freaking fantastic as always! :)

/ Rob

05-10-2009, 21:37
well, i gotta say, youve inspired me to try to make my own oblit-leader-type person,
gonna start with the partial tutorial youve posted, and then wing-it from there until you post more

07-10-2009, 12:09
I agree that you could probably do a better job on the other Obliterators, but this one looks prety sweet to. Nothing to be ashamed of there!

07-10-2009, 13:56
A beautifull army you got there! I'll keep an eye on your log in the future.

09-10-2009, 13:53
Tinfoil: Thanks, Im glad that you can see my progress ;) and that you like the minis.

Gadhrain: Hello mate, hope it's all good over there ^^

pablofiasco:Im glad that I kan inspire and I will try to finish more on the tutorial. If you have any questions feel free to PM I am glad to help if I can


Finished (almost) a squad, only need to finish up the the champ and I have 4 squads ready to go

Also finished an old plasmagunner (love these special weapon sculpts!)

and almost completed the converting on the next squad, still some mouldlines and such to take care of as well as some sculpting

Thanks for looking
Cheers //Erik

09-10-2009, 23:33
Amazing stuff man! Have you gotten anymore done on your Scratchbuilt Obliterators or the Obliterator tutorial?

10-10-2009, 08:58
Great work, mate! The orange eye lenses and the overall painting style remind me of Mika's work. Good times!

Monsterzonk :skull:

10-10-2009, 12:44
Daemonlordabraxes:Thanks man and I will really try to work more on the tutorial ;)

Zonk: Thanks and I am very inspired by both John Thompson and Mika (two of the most inspiering painters out there IMO) . Thanks for looking ol mate ;)

10-10-2009, 20:40
These guys are looking great, really nice paint jobs. I really like the bases aswell, they fit the models mood perfectly, and make them look like they are on some corrupted rotten planet.


12-10-2009, 10:43

Just a small one for this time. I have a exam that I should be workin on and not converting all night.... however I did make these three when studying.

Im really happy with them, the guy to the right looks like his helm is unfinished but is actually pretty crisp irl, just a bad pic. Now only to finish the exam and another four pms ;)

hope you like em and thanks for looking

12-10-2009, 11:09
Looking sweet as usual :)

Zonk: Thanks and I am very inspired by both John Thompson and Mika (two of the most inspiering painters out there IMO) . Thanks for looking ol mate ;)

Any URL's to John Thompsons models? Can't fing him here.

12-10-2009, 16:53
im really diggin the center dude, any chance of bigger photos of him? maybe a rear shot?

12-10-2009, 18:03
Hey Animerik :-)

I love your work, as usual :-)
really nice convertions, i'm a big fan of your style and colour choices.
As mentioned, orange eye lences are an excellent choice.

Maybe you will take a look on my demon prince as soon as it's finished, but I only started painting today, so it'll take time ;)...

great stuff, keep it coming, good luck on the exams,


13-10-2009, 09:34
beautiful army! makes me want to start DG again! oblit number 2 and the DP are coming along great

13-10-2009, 22:29
Looking really good, the conversions look great.


15-10-2009, 10:06
The army is looking great,

First of all I feel you're painting schedule is a bit different from most DG armies which really makes it stand out in a positive way.

And I really like your blend of all and new models to create awesome conversions. Lots of your models have great position that really enhances the conversion

Keep up the work I look forward too it,

16-10-2009, 11:09
claudiomarino: John Thompsons mini= http://www.coolminiornot.com/129486 (I did NOT do this mini) , thanks for the comment

pablofiasco:added a close ups, sorry if the pic is bad by I will try and paint him soon so then you will see the details better ;)

Nocturn:Thanks for the comment man I will sure look at it when it is done, PM me a link or so wen you post it ;)

Rhinocaps:Thank you, I am glad that people like the scheme, however I can not claim that it was my idea as it is very much inspired (read stolen) from John T (see link in earlier part of post) and the orange eyes from Mika. Great to see someone who likes the poss. Cheers mate


Well here we go again. Have been in a painting frenzy latley even if studies are real hectic. Well here is a pic of the nearly finishied squad. Details (horns eyes etc.) still to do an touch ups as well as bases. I have also been workin on a symbol for the army and I have decided to go with the three eyed skulle shown on a pad in the pic, let me know what you think of it.

Next a close up on the finished champ for my next squad, only some hours of paint loving to go.

Cheers and thanks for looking

Tzeentch Loyalist
16-10-2009, 13:53
Absolutely beautiful (if one could say that about death guard). Your sculpts and paint jobs are excellent and I envy your talent. Absolutely stunning. How did you do the rust on the Rhino?

17-10-2009, 00:25
Great minis!
Each one is a character.
The subdued grey-green looks great
Looking forward to the champ being painted, btw where is his head from?

18-10-2009, 02:49
these are amazing, that obliterator may be one of my favorite models of all time.

18-10-2009, 03:13
You weathering technic is just insanely brilliant. Combined with the awesome customization it's definitely one of the best-looking DG armies I have seen.

Mr Feral
19-10-2009, 00:37
Another wonderfully inspiring update, but I wouldn't expect any less. :)

You've probably been asked this sometime before but can I inquire as to how you do your grey-green colour?

The conversion work is amazing too, it's the little sculpted details and the sprucing up of old metal models with new bits that are the best.

19-10-2009, 01:28
Bloody fantastic! I love all your Nurgle stuff, and this log is no exception! I really luv your boyz, though, are you doing any more work on them? And are you ever thinking of doing a Fantasy orcs army?



19-10-2009, 10:35
Tzeentch Loyalist:Thanks man. The rust is done:
Paint the chips with scorched brown and chaos black
highlight these with bestal brown and then some vermin brown
paint streaks by having little thined down paint on the tip of the brush and carfully pull it downwards. Sometimes it helps just to paint a little of the mix then wipe of the brush and then "drag" the paint. Hope it makes sense.

hobodog:Thanks, that mini is one of my favs as well. The head is from the heresy mini "Ghoul king", check their stuff out plenty of cool stuff.

Mr Feral:Thanks mate :) here's the recipe

Black undercoat (Duh)
Codex gray basecoat
wash(or glaze)with VMC yellow olive (Catachan green will do) and some chardon granite
Wash a bit thinned devlan mud
then codex grey layer saving the darker shadows
codex grey + VMC Ghost grey (space wolf grey will do) 75/15 % layer
some more layer using the same mix but with more ghost grey around 2-3 layers
If it looks to bright add some glazes of purple/green/brown or a thin devlan mud wash.

Dakkapantz:Thanks man, the boyz is on ice for some while now. And I have done a fantasy orc army a couple of years ago, however I was never happy with them.

Cheers and thanks for all the replies! Currently working on finishing the squad and a icon bearer. After that some chosen in a flame taxi :D

22-10-2009, 15:44

So now the squad is finished, I also finished the icon bearer I started some weeks ago.
The pic is a bit washed out.. my camera and I do not get along far to great...

And some overall pics (with horrible flash) of my DG horde so far

NExt is to finish the cham and dudes I posted earlier... then it is on to build some very converted chosen la flametaxi

Cheers and thanks for looking

22-10-2009, 16:29
Nice as usual. Guess I have missed the post with the guy in the corner?

22-10-2009, 17:00
That. Army. Shot. Is. Superb.

No doubt about it - it's Death Guard at first glance, and they're freaking splendid!

Father Nurgle must be pleased. ;)

I don't know if this is known to you, but every Chaos Space Marine Legions player with some skilled conversion intent could be well off knowing about how to make those Preheresy/Mk. I Rhinos (http://www.warseer.com/forums/showthread.php?t=225932). After all, a lot of the Chaos Space Marine equipment has actually been used for more than 10'000 years.

29-10-2009, 22:27

Been drowning in school work... but had some time for sculpting. Here's a early wip of my blightdrone. Alot more to do on this one.

Enjoy ;)

30-10-2009, 00:26
very nice work, totally looks like the forge world ones, good on you for making your own and doing it so well.

30-10-2009, 06:23
Holy crap this is all so awesome. I saved your home made obliterator to use the formula on my guys I've had WIP for like 3 years lol.

30-10-2009, 07:20
OMG you got an incredibly GS skill. Love to see more. And I would be match pleased if you could post some tips on how to do some of the GS you had done.

30-10-2009, 09:33
i love scratchbuilds based on FW designs and of all the ones going on currently i think thi is my fave - though what else would we come to expect fromthis log? great stuff, and looking forward to seeing how you paint it up.

Mega Nutz
30-10-2009, 10:00
Fantastic army shot... great cohesion.

Blight drones looking superb...................

31-10-2009, 06:27
I didnt realise it was a scratch build on first glance. that is some superb work you have going on there.


31-10-2009, 09:58
The army shot is really impressive. The look awesome!

And that Blight Drone is just astonishing! :eek: I'm really lost for words...

Monsterzonk :skull:

Mr Feral
31-10-2009, 23:15
Wow, you're scratchbuilding a Blight Drone, that's mighty impressive.

Keep the Chaotic creativity coming! :)

03-11-2009, 11:24

No work on the BD Im sorry to say. Father nurgle blessed me with a nice cold that keep me in bed most of the weekend. Well started to recover yesterday and realized that I was out of gs and since I was far to lazy to go and buy some I started another rhino instead. The painjob is not completed, still alot of details and stuff like that to work with. There is not that much convertion on the rhino but I like it pretty much so far.

Hope you like it

03-11-2009, 11:41
Wow! I just realised you're gspirate over at the TFM forums! Very inspirational stuff! Are you still working on those true scale figures? Did you check our discussions on the Armoured Flesh Golems? You might like it! :D

05-11-2009, 09:20
Malika: Yeap that's me. Can you PM me a link on the armoured flesh golems, can't seem to find them...

Not much done just some new pics, I'm trying to get better pics but not much progress on that now, have been reading som tutorials on that but guss I will have to practice some more...

Finished a champ the other day so here he is with his squad

next some pics of all the squads:
the extra dudes
Finished the base for the BP as well

05-11-2009, 09:23

and some more wips on the BP, still a long way to go

Cheers and thanks for looking

05-11-2009, 14:38
That thing is starting to look really cool! Keep up the good work man!

By the way, check your PM

05-11-2009, 14:54
It's coming along nicely, mate! And the base just rocks! Great detailing!

Monsterzonk :skull:

15-11-2009, 12:03
Well no big update this time I'm sorry to say. Studies as usual are taking up most of my time. However I aquired some more GS and work is once again resumed so not far to long until it is finished.

I'm trying to get back into gamin and I heard that DPs are a must have so I decided to take a old DP I converted eons ago and stripped it and now re converted it to a 40k DP. This is the work so far .pics are not the best but hope they will do

The helm is inspired by The maruder lord produced by Avatars of war (great company btw). I did in the end only go for one shoulder pad as I think that the naked arm provides the piece with a nice contrast.

Still alot more work to do on this one. I'm also going with wings on the prince and decided to go for blight drone styled ones ;) we will see how good it turns out and then decide if I will go with them or not.

C&C welcome and thanks for looking

15-11-2009, 12:17
Looking good, but something seems a bit off, would it be possible to the legs and/or torso slightly taller?

A cool detail might be to have maggot like creatures eat their way out of various parts of the body and armour.

Another cool idea for later on might be to add human servants, perhaps they could be like the Legion's Serves or otherwise Imperial Army fellows who joined them back in the day. If neither work it might be cool to have human servants on the bases of the bigger stuff such as Lords and Daemonprinces, make them really fragile looking, on their knees worshipping their leaders, make them emaciated and almost naked, like those old Italian paintings of humans being terrorised by daemons.

15-11-2009, 12:40
Mailika: Yes the head was a bit to big, I shaved it down and will re build some details so it looks more in proportion, thanks for the advice ;)

I will however maybe add a nurgling or two on the base, but I think I want to keep it pretty un-busy so to say.. even if it could look cool.

Thanks for the ideas ;)

15-11-2009, 16:17
Stuff looks absolutely incredible but I do agree, the DP's head is still a tad too large

15-11-2009, 17:41
i dunno, i kinda like it
the second screenshot, that angle its at really, really reminds me of pyramid head,
and i could defeinetly see pyramid head as a DP of nurgle

16-11-2009, 09:57
Did shave the helm a bit as it was to broad, looks alot better now. Reminds me of the WHFB chaos warriors helm so I like it. Some cables will maybe attached on the neck to the helm, not sure about this yet. I will try it and see how it looks.
Will work on a new loin plate later on today, something more fancy and a bit bigger. I will also add some detail to the upper right arm and beef up the legs a bit more as well as fixing some new shoes for this dude.

Next up is a wip on some icon bearers and a PM, they are mayb 70-80% done.

And a update on the flying rotten cashew of death
Not so much left to do except details, fixing, sanding and making two more

Cheers and thanks for looking

Mega Nutz
16-11-2009, 12:37
Nice updates.... DP is looking very promising!!!

16-11-2009, 15:37
It's been far too long since I commented on this army.
The DP looks great. I like the helm, and the flail.

And that scratch-built blight drone is shaping up very nicely as well. Very close to the FW original, but just a bit more organic and gribbly. Well done.

16-11-2009, 19:55
CASHEWS!!!! Looks really good mate! Can't wait to see the daemon Prince painted. Keep it up!



17-11-2009, 16:31
Whoa that DP looks great, a real beast. Looks like a very brutal character!! I like :)


Titan Wolfe
24-11-2009, 12:32
These lot getting better and better . Update time is a must for me to call in and see what is in store . Keep it up ,good work and a cool looking army in the making.

24-11-2009, 12:57
Normally I really don't like Chaos armies, but I have to say the work you've put into scratch building/sculpting stuff is just amazing! Definite kudos here. I actually look forward to following your work in the future.

24-11-2009, 19:16
Damn Erik, how I have missed this blog?

Simply stunning and amazing work, in every aspect. I am eager to see that prince and drone to get finished.

25-11-2009, 09:08
Thank you guys very much for the comments! :)

Some more work on the drone

Also started some deamons, I really did not like the idea of generic deamons until I read the "eye of terror" book. Plauge zombies was the perfect generic deamons to add to my force so I went to dig through my undead and IG bitz and produced this

Just a quick paintjob, gritty and not very neat but it will do on the TT
The pics are dark and blurry, I will be sure to get some better pics soon.


Mega Nutz
25-11-2009, 09:54
They look suitably disturbing, great job!!

25-11-2009, 16:23
Wow! Kick ass zombies man! :D

26-11-2009, 07:40
Hey, those Zombie guard look great! Pretty damn gruesome if you ask me :)


26-11-2009, 07:53
Plague Zombies, consider my sub'd.

Governor Gallagher
26-11-2009, 17:55
I think those are the best 40k zombies I have ever seen! I really like this idea (and this log in general). Makes me want to get back to my own deathguard. Thanks for the motivation (subscribed!).

Dragoon King
27-11-2009, 09:11
Wow, gives me even more reason to stitch from Black Legion to the forces of Grandfather Nurgle! Did I mention every single mini in this log rocks?

28-11-2009, 10:35
Your zombies are made of win. makes me want to make some.

28-11-2009, 18:32
ZOMBIES!!! I demand an army of these after you finish your DG! You could use them as IG, as they usually perform at the same standard right?:D

Really cool idea! I might try that if I ever start a chaos army!



18-01-2010, 19:27
This is a great log, really makes me want to dig my CSM out of whatever box they are hiding in. Those plague zombies are great, wish i could model/paint to this level of quality.

19-01-2010, 12:06
Your zombies look really nasty (in a positive way of course:D). I can't wait to see the Blightdrone finished.

13-08-2010, 12:19
Man I have been kneedeep in school and training for the last half year or so... I have really neglected my warhammer time and I guess this is the time to come back and try to complete some more Nurgle stuff.

I got some things converted up but I'm in the middle of the process of moving now so only some quick WIPs to show for now.


I got my hands on a dirty cheap defiler so I guess a plauge hulk is in order

Cheers for now

13-08-2010, 13:58
Whoa you're back! :) Now get some paint on that DP we're anxious to see him finished.

Mr Feral
13-08-2010, 14:48
Very impressive as usual, it makes me want to dig my box of FW Death Guard bits and attempt to follow suite.

The one thing that impresses me about your work (other than the sculpting, kitbashing, painting...) is the amount of detail that go into your bases! Could you give us a brief run down on the bits, materials and processes that go into them? :)

13-08-2010, 14:58
claudiomarino:oh the DP will be painted in some time, I just have to finish the "wings" ;)

Mr.Feral: Thanks mate! Now get to it and create som DG as well ;)
When creating these bases I usually start with preparing som materials
*rocks (slate and cork)
*parts from the 40k/urban basing kit
*Cut som random parts from tank kits and so on to give nice feeling of a battlefield
* barrels, jerry cans, skulls, bones, boltguns, helmets, mesh and other bits are also prepared (mouldlines as well as shaving them down to make them look half submerged.

When all these materials are done I put them in piles. Then I take a base, glue something big to it (40k basing kit thing, tank part, barell, skulls, rocks etc.) After the superglue have dried I add some filler (fine wall filler) and push rocks and other bits into it unitl it looks good, then smear the filler around a bit so it "holds" the bitz and voila, done.

I always make about 20+ bases each time. Then I take a marine and add it to the base using pins, most of the time the base fits but sometimes I have to add some more rocks or so to make the feet of the marine fit. When all is done I add a mix of sand and fine slate gravel. To seal this I add a PVA and water mix, this will make the base sturdy.

Hope that helps and please let me know if it is unclear or in non understandable english.

Cheers mates

Mr Feral
13-08-2010, 15:08
Nope, that makes perfect sense. Thanks for the guide! :)

14-08-2010, 09:36
Your models are amazing. The time and detail you put into each one is immense and it is very rewarding as your models are awesome. Your paint scheme is very gritty. And i love the fact that you're making plague zombies, they look great

15-08-2010, 06:00
Dead Sexy!

Now finish the tutorial for those Obliterators!!!!

17-08-2010, 06:40
wow, this stuff is seriously amazing :), loving your skills at GS :)

17-08-2010, 07:19
This is a truly gorgeous looking army, you have some serious skills at painting and sculpting. An inspiration.

The Lost Hobbit
17-08-2010, 15:22
This is a truly inspiring log. I really like your plague zombies. The realistic skin tone is great. How did you paint it?

Solun Decius
18-08-2010, 14:12
Ooooh, looks like a nice start on that Plague Hulk! I'll be keeping an eye on that.
This log is also exceptionally cool, very good Nurgle sculpting and converting here!

Metal Fingered Villain
18-08-2010, 19:40
Been wondering where you've been at, looking nice as usual! Lets seeeeee more!

21-08-2010, 22:40

So I have been working on some more stuff latley. I found some more corpse cart bitz so I decided to make some more zombies (count as deamons). They are all wip but I'm pretty happy with them so far.

The left and the right one is surfacing from the ground (poor pics , I know) The middle one is going to be a ex-medic


Some look a bit wonky at the moment, however as soon as I find my drill that will fixed.


22-08-2010, 08:24
Best plague zombies EVER! The fact they actually look diseased, rotten and blown apart is awesome and they are in scale with the cadians, something that has eluded most people in the past when doing them.

Well done.



The Laughing God
22-08-2010, 17:07
Fantastic looking zombies. Great conversions in there.

Monsieur Beefy
23-08-2010, 06:27
Fantastic Obliterators, Zombies, everything!

This entire army is so awesome and characterful as well, and you, sir, are a boss.

20-01-2011, 18:12

Well it was only like half a eternity since I updated this blog. First I got stuck with some skavens, then studies, x-mas, etc etc ad infinitum. Anyways I'm back on track.

I found a DIY lightbox tutorial online and I thought that some better pictures were in order, however in retrospect the pictures are not that much better... which further proves the point and my hypothesis - that my camera sucks. Well that was not really a surprise.

Anyways here are some pics (a bit to much light I know...)

I also got some 33 plague marines basecoated today and I'm blocking out the basecolors atm, got the basecoat of grey on the armour done, working on the metallic details (trim, blades, gun etc.) and it is soon time to give them a wash of good ol devlan mud.

Cheers and thanks for looking

Mr Feral
20-01-2011, 20:18
I think all Chaos Marine painters should look at this thread and see how it is done right, it's hard to find such models with such grittiness but well painted. I think I just have a thing against "all Power Armoured models must be painted with unrealistic extreme highlights".

Anyway, keep going because you are a massive inspiration (for me at least) :p

20-01-2011, 20:32
This is an amazing log. The Work in it both sculpting and painting is astounding.

20-01-2011, 20:45
Great stuff there! The colours are very appropriate for Nurgle, and the conversions have a lot of character. Which is especially important when it comes to Nurgle ;).

I should also note I really like your bases, both the stuff that's on there as the way you've painted them.

21-01-2011, 12:03
Nice to see an update again. Can't wait for some new stuff!

21-01-2011, 13:13
Wonderful log! The plague zombies are great, as is your sculpting. And of course the marines. And... damn, everything! Insta-sub :)


21-01-2011, 14:36
Excellent update as always.

22-01-2011, 16:35
DG look great. Like the colour scheme you have used.

Hadriel Caine
24-01-2011, 14:59
This army is such an inspiration. I love the level of attention to detail to every single miniature. The guard zombies are incredible. I wish GW would get the guy who did the corpse cart to make a new box of zombies.

24-01-2011, 19:20
Just found this blog yesterday and Im stunned. So much gorgeous stuff! Loving the zombies, your sculpting in general and the PAINTING. Simply gorgeous!

25-01-2011, 13:00
I am very interested in the blight drones, im thinking of making something similar and would love to see some more pics painted/unpainted.

Kudos on the undead IG!

31-01-2011, 20:05

Now I'm finally back with some new stuff. I had a day of studies and managed to finish a squad I have been working on for some time. This makes it my 6th squad with a powerfist champ, this means that the next squad will be the last champ I do with a powefist. This provides me with a opportunity to do something really special!

Here's some pics on the latest squad and some individual pics_



The pics are not great yet but I'm getting better I think.

Anyways, hope you like it

Cheers and thanks for looking

01-02-2011, 06:46
Great Squad once again. I like the way you mix parts and do small conversion work on these models. Makes them unique. Also like the Nurgle look you create without going over the top on them.

01-02-2011, 20:30
I can't believe how much character you cram into every model! Great squad, the subtle source lighting really adds that little extra something.


01-02-2011, 21:55
Amazing as always, my Plague Brother. You have got to tell me how you do their glowing lenses, they look spectacular!

03-02-2011, 11:40

I have had some days of studying now so I took the opportunity to paint some more PMs. The only thing missing is a champ, however he is still in WIP so the squad will be completed later.

I have been pushing myself to paint a bit faster and it has worked pretty good. However the minis are only intended for the tabletop so some details are a bit iffy....

Cheers and thanks for looking

03-02-2011, 15:07
Outstanding work as always. I particularly like the source lighting effect. So eerie. So hypnotizing. Soooooo evil!

Mr Feral
03-02-2011, 16:24
Iffy details indeed (lies!) :p

Fantastic work once again, I particularly like how you've incorporated that horned Possessed head into one of the Death Guard. Smashing stuff! :)

04-02-2011, 12:22
++UPDATE 4/2++

Another day, another squad. Well I only had to finish four plague marines for a complete squad of seven so I can't say that I have accomplished that much. I think that I have started to understand my camera better by reading some great tutorials on taking pictures on miniatures. I think that the latest pics are better, Anyways onto the pics
And some individual shots, my fav is the one to the left which is based on an back templar torso

And a picture on all the PM squads done so far: 7x7 plague marines, champs with power fists, 1x7 squad with champ with power weapon... the plan is to do 7x7 pfist champ 7x7 pweapon champ and 7x7 support squad. This will be the troop bulk of the apoc army i.e. 3x 42 plague marines organized in three different cohorts.. My ambition is to make a apoc army based on the sacred number 3(as in the nurgle symbol) and 7(as the favored number)

Cheers and thanks for looking
Now back to painting

04-02-2011, 15:07
I didn't really appreciate the scale of your madness until I saw the army pic and read your plans for apoc. But it's madness of the genius kind, as everything looks far better than the speed at which you churn out Plague Marines would suggest, and I greatly approve!

edit: Dude, never realised that you too live in Lund until you commented on my thread, then clicked on the link in your sig and reread the log from page 1, taking me until page 5 to realise what thread it was. Would be a blast to crush each other's Legions sometime in the far future when my army reaches game size.

Keep it up,

04-02-2011, 18:02
Great blog! Will you be doing some summoned deamons, I mean Plaguebearers:p, for your force? It'll be great to see some more armour:skull:

Try using a light blue background when you photograph your models, I think it'd make the models look even better. Drill that plasma barrel too!

05-02-2011, 05:28
Thats an amazing ambition to paint so many models to this standard, they all look fantastic, the way PM's should look.



05-02-2011, 11:11
Amazing painting skills ! There are only 3 word to describe these guys:

05-02-2011, 12:29
++Update 5/2++

Another day another squad... these however was not fun to paint, the conversions were done some time ago and all the plague marines are based on the old plastic mono posed PMs so they looks somewhat weird.

Anyways they are done and will be mixed up with the other squads and hopefully they will not stand out to much

And some WIPs, first up is the seventh asp.champ of the seventh squad. This called for a special treat so went a bit overboard with the conversion work

And another champ with power weapon (the weapon snapped just before the pic so that's why he is not fully armed in the pic)
and more PMs icon, flamer and champ

05-02-2011, 14:29
I love your army. It has a very similar colour scheme to the one I use, but I think yours is more effective! I'm looking forward to seeing more updates.

05-02-2011, 14:31
Wow - not often that I get the urge to say wow - so here it is again Wow!
Love all of it; the choice of parts; sculpting; conversions; bases; every mini oozes charcter and the painting is superb.
Perfect, just what CSM's should look like.

05-02-2011, 16:32
you can tell you really love this army, the amount of stunning work you are putting in is incredible.

I love the new models and can't wait to see them apinted.



11-02-2011, 23:56
I really need to start checking the logs in here more as I had missed this one until now and I LOVE Animerik logs!

Your adventures with green stuff are a constant source of inspiration and the originality of your creations is a true testament to your abilities - very characterful force you are creating here.

Looking forward to more!



12-02-2011, 12:33
Ash: Thank you sir! I always admired your weathering and your work on tanks and such, I'm glad that you like these minis.

sheep: Glad that you like them mate, I'm sorry to say that I got stuck in the converting and sculpting again so next update will be more WIP minis, after I'm done with my current projects (DP and PlagueHulk) I promise to pick up the brush again ;)

CMDante: Thanks mate, your stuff is always a inspiration to me so I guess we have a interesting positive feedback loop between our projects :D

Cheers and thanks for the comments people! I will update later today with some new stuff

12-02-2011, 15:42
++UPDATE 12/2++

Well not that big update I'm afraid... Did not get to much done during the week so I only got two WIPs to show

First up is the DP, an old conversion that is receiving some new love. Especially work has been focused on the back/jumppack. I was never that fond of wings for DPs so I went with a beefed up backpack to represent flying.


Not so much done yet but the basic shape is there, now some fleshy, mechy and techy parts to do.

Next up is a plague hulk/defiler/soulgrinder. I wanted to make a mini that could represent either of these minis (as they very similar to begin with...). The mini is in very heavy wip so don't worry to much if something looks a bit off.
And the weapons for this beast, also in early stages of construction http://i852.photobucket.com/albums/ab85/gspirate/DSC03209.jpg

Cheers and thanks for looking

12-02-2011, 16:46
That is an incredible conversion you've got going on there!

13-02-2011, 00:59
Phenomenal work always.

Each of your creations has such creativity and originality woven into it. Clicking on this log is always a treat.

The Lost Hobbit
13-02-2011, 10:03
Good work on the Plague Hulk model. It's already showing a great deal of promise even at this early stage of construction.

14-02-2011, 14:20
The Soulgrinder and new plague marines are some of the best yet, and that's saying something, especially with the quality of the previous work.

Hadriel Caine
14-02-2011, 16:22
Freaking awesome as ever. The guy based on a Black Templar is very nice indeed.

18-02-2011, 11:33
++UPDATE 18/2++

So after a week mostly devoted to studies and training I have at last some progress on the minis to show. The 7th PM Aspiring champion is finished. I know that the paintjob is a bit different from the other marines but I wanted to try out some different techniques on this one. I'm pretty happy with the results
More pics on the champ:

And then I rebased a old fantasy spawn that I did a few years ago. I liked the conversion and paintjob so I thought that just slapping him on a new base would do the trick

18-02-2011, 11:34
And some more work on the plague hulk, I like where it is going but it is still in heavy wip
more pics:

And then a pic of everything that is finished so far

Cheers and thanks for looking

Solun Decius
18-02-2011, 12:49
Hey, you're making great progress on the Plague Hulk, and that army shot of the finished stuff is super impressive!
Very fun and interesting log to follow.

18-02-2011, 15:31
Have you considered maybe looking into the older armor patterns Forgeworld is selling?

21-03-2011, 15:38
Wow Animerik, I haven't seen your work for a few years and you have progressed. Great stuff, and I'm gonna shamelessly use your skavens for inspiration :D

16-06-2011, 13:40
love the army and colour could be so kind and share how you painted the armor?

18-06-2011, 00:12
Always a treat to look at your stuff :D

18-06-2011, 15:51
Gosh! You're such a genius with the sculpting tool and the brush. All your minis are so adorable. They give me the deep desire to start a new Death Guard army and regret the sale of my old one...

Please keep feeding us with pics of your newest diseases and creations.


18-06-2011, 17:03
this is probably the coolest Death Guard army I've ever seen! the conversions are marvelous! any plans on introducing any summoned daemons?

18-06-2011, 20:04
My god i LOVE your Obliterator!!!! i would buy that model if they brought it out, honestly mate fantastic. I hate oblits usually and dont put them in my army but if they looked like yours the wow id have loads!

18-06-2011, 20:58
Some nice models here man, really nice, I love the plague marines and that Spawn is one of the best models i've seen recently.

19-06-2011, 14:11
I love the grey armour colour with the orange eyes. They look very evil.

20-06-2011, 15:18
Gah! I thought there was an update :-(

20-06-2011, 19:24
malika: Yes I have... but I guess if I start with FW it will be a expensive story so it is put on hold until I get a real job.

EtriX:Glad you like 'em mate ;)

mcwolf4: Sure (this is the short version)
Codex grey base coat
wash with devlan mud
streaky layering with codex grey
streaky layering wit codex grey + VGC ghost grey (a few layers and adding more and more ghost grey to the mix.

checkerthinker:Yes.... in the future. I got some 30ish plauge bearers...

and..... UPDATE!

It has been forever and I feel like getting back into the death guard stuff again. However it has to wait until after the summer. Here is some pics on a DG mini I did for a online painting comp (I failed to enter in time as nurgle 'blessed' me with a bacteria infection in the lungs.....)


20-06-2011, 22:56
Damn I look at your stuff and it make my stuff look like crap and I was pretty darn proud of my stuff :cries:

I can never find enough time to put into it between the nagging wife and my needy son and having to go to work each day hehe. I would like to see some detailed painting log for a DG marine. I still have to work on my basing skills next too. But Great Job man you should bring em to a GamesDay and get them in there so they can show up in a White Dwarf ;)

21-06-2011, 08:03
I'm sorry Animerik but i'm going to have to steal this.


ok maybe not the model but the idea ill steal from you.
Soon very soon I shall own my own EPIC (hopefully)version of it.

Very well done.

Keep it up.



21-06-2011, 12:25
Awesome as usual!

One thing though - is that not a piece of cloth hanging from the big and manly belt buckle?

22-06-2011, 20:04
claudiomarino: Thanks. And no that is not cloth, that is a old style pelvis armor made from some FW brass etch.

Bra'tac:Sounds cool, keep me updated ;)

23-06-2011, 10:54
Now that is one hell of a model! Uber impressive!


23-06-2011, 11:30
What a brilliant conversion, mate! Love it! And the paint job really does it justice. Very, very well done! Looking forward to the next update...

Monsterzonk :skull:

27-06-2011, 23:36
A nice job with GS mate, your minis are plenty of details, colours palette works awesome, a real treat for our eyes!

28-06-2011, 19:29
Brilliant mini, where did you get the wings?

Hadriel Caine
28-06-2011, 19:30
I believe the wings are from micro art studios. I used em on my old scourges.

@OP- He looks fantastic, pale but gritty. He looks somehow better, anatomically, than usual marines. Good job.

29-10-2011, 14:18

As I'm in a painting frenzy these days I finished up another squad, nothing fance just the same standard as the others but it was real fun to go back and just paint PMs.

The pics are a bit washed out (the orange fades are gone..) but I guess you get the idea.

And the full force so far:
packed and ready to go.

29-10-2011, 14:19

Now for some updates on the plague hulk:

TONS of work to do but it is shapeing up quite nice.

and last, a sneak peak on some good ol traitors la LATD


29-10-2011, 18:20
Lovely take on the old Guardsmen there, and on the newer Cadian Commander - one of GWs best, I think. Though god that holster is HUGE.

The Plague Hulk looks great! I already have a 54mm Nurgle Cultist, tempted to expand that out to a whole cult, some nice ideas there...

Titan Wolfe
29-10-2011, 18:34
Coolest Death guard army I have seen in a country mile . Superb stuff ,keep it up .Will check in again soon . Subscribed and waiting .

29-10-2011, 22:10
Totally awesome! By the way, will you be adding more Terminators?

Mr Feral
30-10-2011, 10:50
Those Traitors are the bomb! I love the Marauder Horsemen parts used. Is that a Grave Guard head on the one on the left? :)

30-10-2011, 12:55
Superb army, the traitor guard have LATD written all over them and your Zombies as Demons idea is soo looted.

Metal Fingered Villain
31-10-2011, 01:55
ahhhhh yeah!

01-11-2011, 07:25
Stunning as always mate, the army just geets better and and better with each update :)

I really love where the plague hulk is going, it has all the elements of a great nurgle model and once the paint job is on I'm sure it will be an amazing centre piece.



03-11-2011, 16:24
WOW i'm speechless your DG army is awsome the level of detail and uniqueness of each individual model is astounding....how the hell do you find the time! I have to wait till the wife and kid go to sleep and if im not too tired by then I can only stand 1-2 hours before I get buggy and stop.

Titan Wolfe
03-11-2011, 23:23
AWESOME stuff ..........nuff said ;)

07-06-2012, 08:15
Thanks to your fantasy chaos nurgle ogres plog I ended up here. Again great looking work! I really like your grim/realistic painting style!:)

Obscure Creator
09-09-2012, 21:47
Same here !! The nurgle ogres thread makes me search for more of work.
Impressive work dude! I just read the whole thread in a row!!
Now some questions I have :
Can you show some pics of the Demon Prince? that appear on the army pics ? (I mean that green monster with small skinny wings)
And what ever happened with the Bligh drone you made? Is finished?

11-09-2012, 09:03
i find really cool yours ideas, i particulary like yours renegade guards, really nice work, i wait to see more of yours creations

Mr Feral
11-09-2012, 09:53
Can we stop with the threadnomancy please? :shifty: