View Full Version : My 2000 pt Slaanesh WoC list

26-05-2009, 21:13
The following is a new Warriors list I've decided to try out after some experience and advice from my club. Tell me what you think :)

Chaos Lord- 345 pts
Mark of Slaanesh, Shield, Crown of Everlasting Conquest, Sword of Might, Daemonic Mount

Chaos Sorcerer- 181 pts
Mark of Slaanesh, Level 2, Barded Chaos Steed, Dispel Scroll, Enchanted Shield

Chaos Sorcerer- 155 pts
Mark of Slaanesh, Level 2, Dispel Scroll, Spell Familiar

18 Chaos Warriors-348 pts
Mark of Slaanesh, Shields, Musician, Champion, SB- Rapturous Standard

5 Marauder Horsemen- 96 pts
Mark of Slaanesh, Light Armor, Flails, Musician

5 Marauder Horsemen- 96 pts
Mark of Slaanesh, Light Armor, Flails, Musician

5 Chaos Knights- 280 pts (Lord here)
Mark of Slaanesh, Musician, SB- Blasted Standard

5 Chaos Knights- 250 pts (Mounted Sorcerer here)
Mark of Slaanesh, Musician, SB

9 Chosen- 225 pts (Sorcerer on foot here)
Mark of Slaanesh, Shields, Halberds, Musician, Champion- Favor of the Gods

Once again, any comments and advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

26-05-2009, 21:17
I would drop their standard and free up the points to turn those 18 warriors into 3 units of 10.

Points could also be freed up by turning the chosen into regular warriors.

I'm sure you'll about to hear a lot of 'take sorcerer lord over lord' so be ready for it.

27-05-2009, 14:18
I'm not entirely certain about having 3 units of 10 Warriors. I'm trying the 18 for a bit more survivability/ anvil abilities, while using the fast cav if needed to swoop in their opponent's flanks.

As far as the "LOLZ take Sorc Lord!" goes, the model I use can look viable as either a magic or fighter lord.

Thanks for the advice, but I need more lol :P For starters, does this list look pretty viable?

27-05-2009, 14:28
only thing i would personally do is give the lord the enchanted shield for a 1+ save, he'll be in challenges more and a sorc doesnt need 0+ as much :)

30-05-2009, 09:45
I think it is right to play with a Chaos Lord instead of a Sorc Lord, because the Lore of Slaanesh is great but if you have to face undead or demon armies most of the spells are useless!
And as Godgolden already said give the Lord the enchanted shield!
My favourite equipment for a mounted Slaanesh Lord is the axe of Khorne and the chaos rune shield (sorry, I'm not sure if these are the right English expressions). I think the rune shield is even better than 4+ regen. .