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Lord Dralnu
26-05-2009, 23:09
Hey guys,

I've been an on-and-off player for a few years; I mostly played 40k back when I was really in the full swing of the hobby, but then had to go off to college, yadda yadda, etc. Anyways, I had a brief fling with fantasy in the form of playing TK, but now that I want to get back into it I've been drawn towards the newish Warriors of Chaos. I've read through much of the tactica thread and still have much more to go in it, but from what I've grasped here is an all-comers list I've been toying with:

*Note: The models available to me are the Chaos battalion box, an extra box of 5 knights, plus various sorcerer/hero models I've collected over the years. Nothing from the battalion nor the extra knights have been assembled, so their options are changeable and I probably have a character for most builds/wargear.

1 Exalted Hero of Tzeentch @ 191 Pts
Mark of Tzeentch; General; Shield; Barded Steed
Collar of Khorne
Favour of the Gods
Sword of Might

1 Chaos Sorcerer of Nurgle @ 206 Pts
Mark of Nurgle; Magic Level 2; Barded Steed
Dispel Scroll x2

20 Chaos Marauders of Slaanesh @ 142 Pts
Mark of Slaanesh; Light Armour; Shield; Standard; Musician

12 Chaos Warriors of Khorne @ 289 Pts
Mark of Khorne; Halberds; Shields; FC, War Banner

5 Chaos Warhounds

5 Chaos Warhounds

5 Chaos Knights of Nurgle @ 295 Pts
Mark of Nurgle; Standard; Musician Banner of Rage

5 Chaos Knights of Tzeentch @ 310 Pts
Mark of Tzeentch; FC; Blasted Standard

Casting Pool: 4
Dispel Pool: 3
Models in Army: 54
Total Army Cost: 1493

Thanks for the read.

Lord Dralnu
27-05-2009, 12:25
Mostly play Brets by the way

27-05-2009, 13:45
Not a fan of exalted champs. They're expensive, and you don't really need their hitting power as your troops are some of the hittiest in the game. If you must take one, put him on a disc to fly around killing light cav/war machines.

I'd say swap him for another sorc. Rest of the army seems pretty solid. If you've got a lot of points spare by the end, you can always try squeezing in another hero (none of the units except maybe the marauders need a champ by the way).

27-05-2009, 16:23
If you're just taking one sorcerer there's no point in making him level 2, he's unlikely to get much magic out.

Knights should IMO be in units of 6 to maximize attacks. Also full command on Knights is a bit of a point sink, at the very least you can cut the champ.

I think your marks could use some thought too, you only have two units that are immune to psychology, any terror or fear causing opponents are going to give you a lot of trouble.

I think you've spent a little much on toys and command among the Knights, if you dropped most of that excess you could nearly afford 3 marked units of Knights instead of just 2 (or a small unit of Chosen or a warshrine or something else you want).

I disagree with Gaargod about the Exalted, it just depends on how you want to use him, I've always found them a very useful addition to a unit of Knights to aid them in breaking harder opponents.