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27-05-2009, 05:58
So the theme of this Lizardmen list is of a rapid cavalry force, all mounted or fast moving. It has low magic but a lot of hitty power:cool:

This is more a labour of love than a competetive army; just thought people might want to have a look at something which i think is a bit different for Lizardmen. So without further ado.

Saurus Oldblood
Light Armour
Sword of Might
Glyph Necklace
Bane Head

Ultra-Killy terrifying monster of death... well thats the plan

Saurus Scar Veteran
Light Armour
Venom of the Firefly Frog

Attatched to the non-warbanner wielding Cold One Riders unit, adds combat resolution

Saurus Scar Veteran
Light Armour
Cold One
War Drum of Xahutec
Sword of Battle

Attatched to the warbanner wielding Cold One Rider unit. Again adds active combat resolution

Skink Priest
Lvl 2
Diadem of Power
Cloak of Feathers

A skink priest in a warseer Lizardmen list without an EOTG??!?! insanity i know but to be honest i like the idea of the tiny skink flying around and hiding a lot whilst providing some magic defence.

Skink Skirmishers (x10): Blowpipes

Skink Skirmishers (x10): Blowpipes

Skink Skirmishers (x14): Javelin and Shield

Skink Skirmishers (x14): Javelin and Shield

The smaller Skink skirmisher units are designed to be small harassing units whereas the javelin unit are basically living shields for my more expensive units

Cold One Riders (x9): Full Command

Cold One Riders (x9): Full Command: Warbanner

from a modelling perspective i wanted to know if i could mix the new temple guard models with the dark elf cold ones.... or would they be way to big to ride them? i like the highly ornate looking lizardmen. From a gaming perspective i realise these are ridiculously expensive units but they will look awesome!!

Kroxigor (x3)

Using 6th edition models... contraversial i know but i honestly think they are better models than the new ones

Terradons (x3)

All made using the special character... gotta love that cool helmet thingy

Barbed Razordon Hunting Packs (x3)

Probably not as effective as Salamanders but they models are infinitely better

So in conclusion it is probably not the greatest list of all time, but would it be fun to play as or against or would i more likely take a kicking each and every game??

Many Thanks


27-05-2009, 12:00
Um... Nice idea, i use a similar sort of list, but...

Skink priest not on EotG is fine. Give him a scroll instead of feathers tho, and hide him in some terrain at the back of the board.

Consider using Blade of Realities + talisman of prot or Revered Blade + glyph necklace on oldblood. Either one turns him into a chainsaw of death.

Do the heroes really need all the magic gear. I tend to go with glyph necklae on one (going with blade of realities on lord) and shield of mirrored pool on the other. Managed to get Kairos to blow himself up with a bolt of change from shield before, was awesome :D. Halberds are a nice cheap way of getting S6, whilst still retaining 2+ armour.

Why do the skinks have javelins. If they're throwaway bait/screening units, keep em cheap!

Big point here: Why, in the name of god, are your cold ones 9 strong. If you say to go in 2 ranks, you need to put the paints down and go stand in the rain for a while. 3 units of 5/6 will have more maneuverability but still hit as hard. They really, really don't need a champion either.

Krox are fine, but i prefer cold ones. Not in large units :D Only 4 special choices, so i'd say lose them and get...

an ancient steg! Not the best ever hammer, but has the advantage of being quite hard to kill. This does give you the option as well as giving your priest the mount, if you want an engine.

Basically, the main advantage of taking a fast cavalry force is maneuverability. You have quick, hitty units. You have cheap throwaway bait units and marchblockers (read: skinks and terradons). Don't expect your shooters to do a LOT, but they will chunk off wounds here there and everywhere, making it easier for your big hitters to break them on the charge.

And finally, psychology. Your general causes terror, most of your important units cause fear/terror. If you go for salamanders, you can cause a lot of panic checks too. Always worth bearing in mind.