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27-05-2009, 10:02
Right, my mate has basicly given up on playing fantasy as he never wins, I keep telling him its his lists not his army (but they are ogres...) so I've decided to get him to play a game with me with swapped armies so I can show him ogres do work.

Problem is I have no idea how to play them. He has the battle force and a butcher and if needs be we can proxy a few things. Please help with list suggestions? (probably aiming for 1k)

27-05-2009, 10:26
Bruiser- 180pts

Bruiser- 182pts
Gut Maw
Heavy Armor
Great Weapon

Bulls x3- 139pts
Light Armor, Ironfists

Iron Guts x3- 154pts

Iron Guts x3- 154pts

Yhetees x3- 195pts

This list comes to 984 points, which leaves you 16 to throw at the two bruisers in gnoblars or other upgrades.

The bulls pull basic redirecting duties with bait and flee tactics, or go after any soft enemy units that they can mince with their ogre clubs, skirmishers, fast cavalry, stuff like that. Iron Guts provide your real hitting power, and provide a decent bodyguard for your bruisers. Yhetees use their M7 and ability to ignore terrain to get flank charges. Not sure how you feel about stupidity, but personally, I find it a worth while trade of for the ability to have a T6 hero, makes him a real pain for most armies to deal with, especially at this size game.

27-05-2009, 11:45
If he's worried by magic/wants to use it, then i'd say go for the above list but swap the second bruiser for

Butcher with bangstick and dispel scroll =180pts.

Gives a bit of magic defense and some reasomable killing. Will leave you with 18pts to play with. You can increase this a bit further by exchanging ironfists for extra hand weapons (its not like they ever get used for shields anyway) to give 21pts to use. Which fits in nicely to give the bruiser heavy armour, brace of handguns and a sword gnoblar (trust me, brace of handguns does occasionally come in useful).

27-05-2009, 13:21
Firstly, what armies does he usually face of against and the type of units do they normally bring?
Going with the fact he only has the battalion and a character I would suggest the following list:
Bruiser- heavy armour, wardstone necklace, fistful of laurels, great weapon= 177
Butcher- bangstick, dispel scroll= 180
3 bulls-light armour,2 hand weapons,bellower,=136
3 bulls-light armour,2 hand weapons,bellower=136
3 ironguts-heavy armour, great weapons-standard=164
23 gnoblars= 46
8 trappers= 48
2 ledbelchers=110
Without knowing the opposing army its hard to come up with any specific tactics/army choices that can be used.