View Full Version : 2k of knightly low magic tournament goodness

Jack Shrapnel
27-05-2009, 10:24
In my attempts to create a fun 2k tourney list which can hold it's own against some tough opponents, I've come up with:


vampire lord: blood drinker, walach's bloody hauberk, black periapt, infinite hatred, red fury, dread knight, level three upgrade

Wight King: BSB, skeletal steed, sword of kings, enchanted shield

Vampire: Balefire spike, book of arkhan, dread knight, walking death


17 ghouls
15 ghouls
15 ghouls
5 dire wolves
5 dire wolves


5 black knights: musician, standard bearer, Royal standard of strigos (wk goes here)
3 fell bats


4 blood knights: musician, standard bearer, Flag of the blood keep (both vamp lord and other vamp go here)

2000 points on the nose
6 PD + 1 bound + periapt
5 DD
73 models

27-05-2009, 11:05
Now you see, you've just gone for a mini-deathstar there. I'd say spread em out a bit.

Vampire lord with lv3, dread lance, crown of the dammed, Red Fury, dread knight, walking death = 450pts. (or you can go for Summon Ghouls instead of walking death if you wish).

Reduce numbers of ghouls and get another unit of black knights, then put this vampire lord in there. The other vampire doesn;t need balefire spike either - its 10pts to make your lance, free with dread knight, flaming. Walking death isn't really needed either, you're going to win combat by many.

That gives you 3 knight units which hit very, very hard. Put the blood knights in the centre to avoid them being baited off into terrain. Anything you charge will probably die.

Oh, and give the wight king barding on his steed. Gives him a 1+ save, which makes him quite capable of duelling enemy chars, something you will want to do with sword of kings.

Jack Shrapnel
27-05-2009, 22:59
thanks for the recommendations...

wish I had more knights, but sadly ($ of course!) I only have the one unit of black knights (although I have eight of them - converted from empire) and one unit of blood knights (5 total converted from chaos knights)

With comp being a big factor in tournies here, I'm somewhat hesitant to use the dreadlance, as that and the drakenhof banner are pretty much an automatic comp hit in a vamp list....

If I go with barding on the WK I should probably find the points for it on the other BK too right? (since they're going slower to keep pace with the WK anyway right?)

thanks again for the advice