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27-05-2009, 11:52
At Christmas of last year I (finally) got 1000 points of High Elves, including one Sun Dragon.
I'm trying to augment my list up to 3000 points, and on Friday I'll get the next 1000 points.
But which list out of the two below shall I get?
Any flaws in my army list which you can see will be much appreciated.
Tyrion & Teclis themed Army

Tyrion- 400
Teclis- 475
The twin combo, Tyrion will lead the Dragon Princes and Teclis will sit around with the Archers and the other mage looking inconspicous, and getting off around 4 spells a turn

Lev.2 Dragon Mage of Caledor. He has a Guardian Phoenix and a Gem of Sunfire- 440
He will be at the front supporting Teclis wielding the Flaming Sword of Rhuin. He's upgraded to L.2 so that he can get off another spell from longer range, even if it might only be a Fireball!
Caradryan- 175
He will lead my Phoenix Guard and lend a lot of anti-magic too them.
L.2 Mage with Healing Potion OR Silver Wand and Ring of Fury- 185
I'm in two minds about how to use this one. He can either be a 'medic' and revive Teclis should he become wounded or he can further add to my magic. Please comment.

15 Lothern Sea Guard with full command and shields. -210
My Teclis protecting unit, these will see off most conventional Light Cavalry and other usual anti-mage units.
10 Archers with Hawkeye and Standard Bearer and Banner of Arcane Protection. -155
I wouldn't usually put a Standard Bearer in there, but it's where Teclis is going, so it needs some anti-magic.
10 Archers with Hawkeye- 120
Archers, just some ranged units.
5 Ellyrian Reavers with Bows, a Muscian and a Harbringer- 119
5 Ellyrian Reavers with Bows, a Muscian and a Harbringer- 119
Fast cavalry, will shoot up the enemy from a close distance.
9 Dragon Princes of Caledor with Drakemaster and Standard Bearer. The Drakemaster has the Skeinsliver and the Standard Bearer has the Banner of Sorcery- 325
Perhaps my Archilles heel, an expensive unit. It'll be where Tyrion rides.
Repeater Bolt Thrower- 100
Repeater Bolt Thrower- 100

Total Points 2998

Or I can have the one in the next post.

27-05-2009, 11:53
L.4 Archmage with Book of Hoeth- 360.
Both casting with Irresistible Force on any double, there'll be very little they can do to stop them!

L.2 Dragon Mage of Caledor with Staff of Solidity and Guardian Phoenix-430
Same role as last time, really.
L.2 Mage with Ring of Fury- 185
Additional Mage. 3 spells/turn is nothing to be sniffed at.
Noble BSB with Banner of Sorcery and Dragon Armour, Longbow and Shield-178.
He will augment the powers of Teclis and the Archmage

10 Archers with Hawkeye and Standard Bearer. The Standard Bearer carries the Banner of Arcane Protection- 155
10 Archers with Hawkeye-120
10 Archers with Hawkeye- 120
These will bombard the enemy from range; again, the 1st one will protection Teclis from enemy magic.

5 Ellyrian Reavers with Bows, a Muscian and a Harbringer- 119
5 Ellyrian Reavers with Bows, a Muscian and a Harbringer- 119
Fast cavalry, will shoot up the enemy from a close distance.
5 Shadow Warriors- 80
5 Shadow Warriors-80
Emerging from cover, these will shoot and run. Rapidly. Very, very rapidly.
10 Phoenix Guard with Keeper of the Flame and Standard Bearer- 174
These will protect my ranged troops, hopefully they'll have been worn down enough by the time they reach the Phoenix Guard that they'll be easily delt with.


Repeater Bolt Thrower-100
Repeater Bolt Thrower-100
Repeater Bolt Thrower-100
Repeater Bolt Thrower-100
These will be able to deal vicious damage to the enemy as they come towards them.

27-05-2009, 13:37
Anyone? Go on!

27-05-2009, 14:14
4 bolt throwers? Seriously?

27-05-2009, 14:18
That's 24 shots/turn.
+ Archers, Reavers, Shadow Warriors... 74.

27-05-2009, 14:40
The second list may be just a little bit unbalanced. Just a tad :D

By the way, i'd suggest white lions over phoenix guard. Same points, hit harder and are stubborn. Still keep Caradryan though - oddly enough he's better at leading white lions, whilst phoenix gaurd should be led by Korhil.

27-05-2009, 14:57
So the first list, then?
Otherwise no-one'll want to play me :(
Unfortunately, I can't resist the 4+ Ward save and Fear rule of the Phoenix Guard, and Caradryan adds to the theme of the army.

27-05-2009, 15:07
In the first list you say Caradryan leads the phoenix guard yet there is none in your list.

I would personnally like to play number 1 over number 2 because even though list 1 has a lot of special characters it doesn't dominate as much in my least favourite phase magic than the second one :D


27-05-2009, 15:09
That would be why I could afford the second unit of reavers and two extra Dragon Princes, then.

27-05-2009, 18:40

Do you really need such a large unit of princes? Yes, it will chew through more or less anything, but it will do that anyway with Tyrion in there. Maybe shave 4 off, get some more archers. Or a great eagle, they're nice for redirecting/mage blocking

27-05-2009, 19:28
It's pretty large because I expect it, what with Tyrion being in it, to take quite a bit of fire, like Grimgors 25 Black Orcs in my Orc list. That's why I've added 4. It was originally only going to be 2 more, but ah, well.