View Full Version : HE 2500 Competitive?

28-05-2009, 00:53
Ok, I'm trying to make a competitive army not featuring any dragons at 2500 points. Let me know if you think this will be a viable list.

Prince (262 points)
-Radiant Gem of Hoeth
-Armor of Protection
-Talisman of Loec
-Great Weapon

Mage Lvl 2 (175)
-Dispel Scroll x 2

Mage Lvl 2 (185)
-Ring of Fury
-Silver Wand

Battle Standard Bearer (198)
-Dragon Armor + Shield
-Battle Banner

Spearmen x 21 (239)
-First Among Equals, Arcane Protection Banner
-Full Command

Archers x 12 (144)
-Light Armor

Phoenix Guard x 17 (345)
-Keeper Of Flame with Amulet of Light
-Standard of Balance

Sword Masters x 14 (315)
-Bladelord w/ Foebane
-Banner of Sorcery

Dragon Princes X 7 (300)
-Drakemaster w/ Sword of Might + Enchanted Shield
-Banner of Elyrion

Repeat Bolt Thrower x 2 (200)

Bang on 2500 points.

Prince runs with the Phoenix Guard, with the battle standard bearer. Prince takes Lore of Beasts, and waits til the bitter end before casting it with probably my last dice or two.

Mage with Ring of Fury runs with Spearmen, and takes Lore of Fire or something similar and damaging. He hurls spells, nuff said. Dispel Caddy runs with archers, and takes Lore of Fire and hurls more fireballs. The mages eat up oponent dispel dice and give room for my prince to get beast off.

Bolt Throwers get positioned in such a way that they overlap fields of fire with the archers and mages and I focus as much firepower into big targets, softening them up as much as possible.

Lion Chariot and Princes move into a position to support one another with the blocks of infantry. Sword Masters will be my counter unit to anything moving in on the missile platforms.

C&C is welcome, and I'd love to hear from you guys, let me know if I have any glaring weaknesses in this army that need to be corrected.

The Spaz