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28-05-2009, 05:15
So it looks like my original idea for an all metal Slaanesh army isn't panning out so well (both in terms of effectiveness and how f@&#ing expensive those 6th ed daemonettes and seekers are becoming).

I'm thinking about a multi-god list, but I'd still like to keep an all Slaaneshi feel to it since I've already converted my Demon princesses off of the Inquisitor twins. So now I'm stuck trying to figure out what to use to represent the other items in the list, like flamers, bloodletters, plague bearers, etc.

So far, I've settled on converting Sister Repentias for the bloodletters, and I was thinking of sisters of battle for something like the horrors (since they shoot) or plague bearers (because they've got armor and thus are tougher to kill) but can't think of anything else. I still want it to be GW tourney legal, otherwise, hell, there'd be no problems given how cheap Confrontation minis are at the moment.

Yes, I'm thinking corrupt SOB, but I'd also like some way to incorporate males into it (I was considering IG parts + GS to make some mutations that could serve as flamers) I've already got enough seekers, but I'd like some ideas on what to do for Bloodcrushers as well.

And before I'm attacked by fluff Nazis, yes, I already have the background planed out that explains it (It's part of a novel idea I've been toying with). Long story short - Veteran sister gets seconded to an Inquisitor's retinue, learns there's much more to life than prayer and hymns. Then, like any really sheltered child just turned loose for their first year at college, she goes a little overboard before pulling a "Spring Break - Tijuana" and coming home with something to share with all her friends. :D

28-05-2009, 16:24
lol I'm converting Sister Repentias for bloodletters! Yes those little ladies are expensive.

Have you thought about the slaanesh lord for bloodcrushers? It would end up costing around the same and it's definitely slaanesh and well... sorta male if you don't count the mount...? I imagine some conversion work would have to be done like giving them mount more armor.

28-05-2009, 16:33
One of our players here did the ff: he used wood elf dryads for horrors, chaos knights for juggernaughts, a tomb king ushtabi as a daemon prince/herald..excellent paint job..ended up as "counts as"mm

Other options is you can use chaos beastmen..