View Full Version : Request: empty titan template

27-12-2005, 12:53
Im a louzy artists but I want to test out some colourscheme on an old titan I got. However Im not in the mood of painting the thing and then ruining it.

GW made interactive painters for the Guardsman and the Space Marine. Ive noticed several Eldar templates on 40konline. But what about a Titan?

27-12-2005, 19:39
While I haven't seen such a thing in my internet wanderings, I'd think it wouldn't be too difficult to make one. Since Titans are fairly simple in shape (with lots of straight lines unless you're Eldar), I'd look for a decent, big, photo that you could grab from the Forgeworld website and mess with it in Photoshop or the equivilent - make it black and white, bump the contrast up and print it out so you can colour it with coloured pencils or crayons. Seems plausible enough....

27-12-2005, 20:50
Find a decent picture of a titan with clear lines and shapes, and Live trace/paint it in Illustrator :cool:

28-12-2005, 12:45