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29-05-2009, 22:15
well, its been a while since I've played the warhammer game and I thought I'd have another crack at my rather unsuccesful warriors of chaos armies. Any way, apparently 'deathstar' armies work quite well (according to some of my tournament going friends) so, here it is, I suppose:)


Chaos Lord
sword of might
Rune shield
Collar of Khorne
Word of Agony
MoT 355

Rapturous standard
MoT 174

Festus 185


12 chosen
Full command
Banner of Rage
12 Great Weapons
12 Shields
Favour of the Gods
MoT 362 (all characters go here)

5 Chaos Knights
MoN 230


Chaos war shrine 130
Chaos war shrine 130


12 chaos warriors
12 halberds
12 shields
full command
MoN 264

5 marauder horsemen
5 throwing axes
Musician 81

5 marauder horsemen
5 throwing axes
Musician 81

I think the list totals 1992 points however, I added it up fairly quickly. I am open to any suggestions such as swapping of marks, items, even bulking up of units or complete change of units. Three questions I have though is that should I swap 1 warshrine for 2 spawns and spend the remaining 20 points on, well whatever suggested I guess? My second question is that, should I exchange my chaos lords sword of might for a glaive of putrefaction? My third final question is, what is more beneficial for the chosen unit, MoT or MoN? Thank you for any comments/suggestions;);)

29-05-2009, 23:08
Well it definitely looks like it would be fun to play against, but it doesn't seem like you have any real magic defense. On your knights I would give them banner of rage because that in combination with MoN makes it so you basically have two marks, and the +1 cr for having a banner of course.

I wouldn't drop a war shrine for spawns because personally I don't like spawns but that's just a matter of opinion.

I think the lords build looks fine, but I would drop word of agony in favor of diabolic splendor. Then I would mount him, so that while he charges with the knights the person your charging has to pass a fear test at -1.

When it comes to chosen, I don't think that they should be taken in general. They are a boat load of points and are just as slow to getting to the fight as your warriors are, and in most cases can be ignore by your opponent. But if you like the unit and you want to take them then I would give them MoN as the increased difficulty in hitting them with shooting or combat attacks makes them much harder to kill then a 6+ ward save would.

29-05-2009, 23:11
Your infantry's going to be march blocked and ignored, while your opponent shoots your horsemen and deals with your knights.

30-05-2009, 11:21
Where is the deathstar?

30-05-2009, 11:33
12 models a deathstar does not make.

If you want a deathstar for WoC there are 3 real options. A much, much bigger unit of chosen with magic. Archaon + chaos knights + some magic defense. Or my personal favourite, Throgg+magic defense+LARGE unit of trolls - this one actually works below 2000points, which makes it quite vicious.

The chosen really need Sigvald to lead them, and even then are pretty vulnerable.

Archaon + knights is a lot more threatening, and doesn't need as much support as the chosen.

Trolls are quite nice in that the more you shoot them, the better they get. And they're core, which helps.

30-05-2009, 11:35
Your deathstar of chosen is way too slow, if they arent marched blocked they will get to the enemy turn 3 or 4 murder one unit and overrun and be out of position to do anything else the entire game. consider a deathstar of mounted knights instead.

31-05-2009, 15:52
I would definatly go with Archaon and 3 Knight units- one large 2 small with magic defence from nurgle sorcerrors- they can snipe hard character with the 1st spell to help your knights roll units. Then add a sprinkling of horsemen and hounds to screen.

31-05-2009, 16:39
Archaon, 3 nugle sorcerers, and a smattering of knights and horsemen and warhounds is far more effective then a single block of chosen with three characters.

Throgg and 5 or 6 trolls is an effective, feasible unit that actually works in normal games. Works even better with Valkia and shrines to get boxcars as soon as possible.

31-05-2009, 16:50
a block of 49 warriors (MON, great weapons) with a banner of the gods (exalted champion) is a more probable "deathstar"

that or 80 marauders with the same set up.

but all deathstars get blocked too easily. all your opponent needs to do is stay clear of its path and feed it road bumps.

either way, 2 warshrines are mandatory for all WOC deathstar armies. so you can work from there.