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Ultimate Life Form
30-05-2009, 10:23
Okay, soon, I'm gonna face my arch-nemesis again against whom I won only once (and then he claimed he had been using a mild list), so I seek advice from the Warseer community. The scenario is the following:

I have recently completed work on my Slann and want to field him in a Magic-heavy army. However, I have little experience with Magic other than Lore of Heavens. Therefore, I need a feedback which Lore would be the wisest to use. I'm gonna field this:

- Slann BSB with extra dice, know all spells and a few other goodies.
- L2 Skink Priest on EotG, Plaque of Tepok and probably a Ward Save of some sort.
- L2 Skink Priest with Bound Items
- and probably a Scarvet (on Cold One?) to add a punch

Oh, and a big Temple Guard, Saurus Block and a few Stegs. I expect the enemy to use this (mainly because he doesn't have anything else):

- Tomb King on Chariot
- (Flying) Liche Priests
- 2 units of Chariots
- a few Archers (some on horseback), but nothing to be scared of
- Carrion
- 2 Scorpions
- Bone Giant
- Catapult

So what Lore do you suggest and why? Also, tips for useful items/combos/builds would be appreciated. This guy is a hardcore tournament player who enjoys wiping the floor with his opponents, so it can't be cheesy enough.:cheese: Let's give him a taste of his own medicine! Particularly, I want to know if the Bane Head will do me any good against this guy. Maybe I can kill his Hierophant with it for once?:)

Chaos Undecided
30-05-2009, 10:39
Lore of metal would probably be the best general purpose one to use, you get commandment of brass to shut down his chariot and law of gold can ground his flying priests making it easier for you to hunt them down, unfortunately the sniping spell rule of burning iron wont work too well with the banehead against tomb kings because their generally low armor saves means the spell will be mediocre at best.

Law of Death is probably the best combination with the Bane Head for steal soul but I doubt he'd be dumb enough to get his heirophant within 12" of your Slann.

Or you could always go with Law of Light for the high strength undead nukes and protection against fear.

Edit - if your looking at fire to take advantage of the Tomb Kings flammable rule remember that Most Lore of Metal and the Magic Missile from Lore of Light are also flaming attacks whilst still giving you a bigger range of spell types than Fires imo rather mediocre attack spells.

30-05-2009, 11:02

Simple enough. Beast Cowers will shut down any cavalry you don't want to move, Crow Feasts seriously hurts T3 stuff with little armour, Bear's Anger on a saurus scar vet (on foot, give him a great weapon and Jaguar Charm to go chariot hunting) turns him into a nigh unkillable tank of doom for normal troops, Oxen stands could be useful for skinks, Wolf Hunts is awesome for moving Stegs and (here's the fun part) Hunter's Spear. Give the Slann bane head, make sure your skink priest can draw LoS to his hierophant with bane head, and shoot away using the oh so fun telepathy. Wounds on 2s, dead heirophant.

Basically, you will be able to use more or less every spell in there. Plus, it complements your army nicely.

As i said for combos: Slann with all spells, extra dice, bane head and maybe soul so stone. Some power stones if you want. Cupped Hands is (until they release an FAQ for it) debatable whether it works.

Skink on engine: Tepok + if you want a ward save is fine.
other Skink: Think about dispel scroll and cloak of feathers. Mainly to go hierophant hunting. Be careful of tomb king archers, always hit on 5s, so he won't care how many minuses he has. This combo is quite risky though, you might just want to think about a scroll and rod of storm.
Saurus scar vet: As i said, i love great weapon, shield, light armour and Jaguar Charm in this sort of army. With all that magic going off, you can put him under serious pressure - he can't run away, but if you charge his chariot squad he knows he'll probably kill them all with S7 and combat res. So does he lob 2 dice to dispel the charm and allow you to Wolf Hunts your steg into his unit, or accept the death of his chariots and prevent his scorpion getting ganked?
God alone knows if you'll have the points, but Blood Statuette of Spite on your temple guard could be a good idea.

30-05-2009, 11:31
I would say that your best lore is probably shadow. But I would take the scar vet on foot with a great weapon and the steed of shadows item, to take down the chariot units.

With the scar-vet on foot your slann has another steed of shadows

Most of the tomb king army is I 3 or less so pit of shades is going to destroy the few units that he has.

Plus there is the cause fear spell to take care of the pesky outnumber by fear causing enemy break tests that the undead really rely on to break units.

also unseen lurker will allow your stegs to get the charge on the enemy.

On another point have you thought about some chamelion skinks / scouting skinks to take out the screaming skull catapult, heirophant hunting?

Ultimate Life Form
30-05-2009, 13:42
Thanks for the advice so far, it's really interesting.:) Didn't think Beasts has so much potential. I'll read through it again.

On another point have you thought about some chamelion skinks / scouting skinks to take out the screaming skull catapult, heirophant hunting?

Skinks can no longer scout. Yeah, I always try applying warmachine hunting / mage killing tactics against him, but the problem is, he outclasses me so much that he foils most of my plans before I even can get near accomplishing such tasks, usually killing every single one of my models by turn 5 or so (even though I improve). That's why I didn't include Terradons or Chameleon Skinks in the list, because I know they will be but a nuisance to him and never make their points back. Besides, I'll need the points for other stuff. This time, I'm gonna target his Hierophant with all I got to force these crumbling tests. Maybe then I have a chance. With a little luck and unexpected Magic Items, it must be possible to pull it off somehow.:)

EDIT: What I always wanted to know, does Beast Cowers prevent units from being magically moved?

30-05-2009, 14:11

Its been mentioned before, i think in an FAQ, that the most recent spell takes precedence. Actually applied to this specific sort of example - a unit wasn't allowed to move from a spell, then another spell forced them to move, and the 2nd spell took precedence. Still work doing though.

If he's only got one lich priest, then... wow. You're going to have a fun day with magic.

30-05-2009, 14:27
Lore of Light is also a viable option.

Cleansing Flare causes a big threat zone as you advance, Burning Gaze can cause good enough damage to chariots and Giants of any description and of course, Guardian Light will stop you autobreaking and allow you to ensure you make your charges against Fear causing Enemies.