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30-05-2009, 19:39
Page 3. Legion Champion.
Page 6. land Raider.
Page 7. Storm Tank Start.
Page 7. Sabre Tank Hunter.
Page 9. Primarch Honour Guard.
Page 10. Drill Sgt Castor & Sternguard.
Page 12. Thunder hammer and Storm Shield Terminators.
Page 12. Camba Diaz.
Page 13. Terminator Chaplain.
Page 15. Linebreaker Squadron.
Page 18. Some Delaque gang members?!?
Page 19. Painted Tactical Marines!
Page 20. Siege Shields & Rhino Conversion Kits.
Page 21. Forge world Contemptor Dreadnought & more painted Tacticals.
Page 22. Painted Forge World Contemptor Dreadnought.
Page 23. Pedro Kantor WIP & Tactical Terminators WIP.
Page 24. Armoured Proteus Landraider WIP.
Page 25. Drop Pod & Another Contemptor Dreadought.
Page 26. WIP on both Contemptors.
Page 27. Weathered Marine and Bell Of Lost Souls Front Page Feature.
Page 28. Weathering Tutorial & Finished Thunder Hammer & Storm Shield Terminators.
Page 29. Finished Lysander. Finished Land Raider Armoured Proteus.
Page 30. Finished Tactical Squad Rhinos.
Page 31. Featured on the Games Workshop White Dwarf Daily blog.
Page 31. Finished vindicators and Sabre Tank Hunter.
Page 32. Finished Chaplain.
Page 33. Legion Preator WIP
Page 34. Finished Apothecaries.
Page 35. WIP Spartans, contemptor, rapiers & Typhon.
Page 36. Review of Warhammer Worlds Horus Heresy Weekend.
Page 37. Finished Typhon Tank & Spartans!
Page 38. Finished 3rd a contemptor. Complete Dreadnought talon.

I am entering into a pre Heresy campaign so thought it was about time to get my Imperial Fist's out again.

The campaign is 1500 points which includes a primarch at 450 points so the actual army will be only be around 1000 points. Although I plan to take it up to 2000/2500.

Since they last appeared on here I've added some armour, ditched the terminators added more tactical marines, assault marines and then ripped the whole army apart, paint stripped everything and then sprayed it all....


Black!! :eek:

I'm not crazy! Painting yellow over white never gave me a result I was happy with. I have done some test models using the foundation paints and I really happy with how they are turning out so far.

I am going for a darker more gritty yellow than before, using this artwork as inspiration;


And here are the results;


I'm looking at achieving something in between the two legs. I have one more test fig to do and I will post him up when he is done. In the meantime I want to get the whole army base coated.

Hopefully you like what you see so far.


If anybody fancies helping out with this army then please have a look at my wanted thread in my signature. I have a fair few bits that I need for the army.


30-05-2009, 19:43
well personally I think you have pulled it off, the weathering effect looks real good and the yellow does look "gritty"


30-05-2009, 19:49
Excellent! I've been patiently awaiting the return of this army for ages!

The weathering looks really good so far on the test minis.

30-05-2009, 23:11
Really cool looking fists there mate, and it's always good to see more of them, can't wait to see more.

Inquisitor Engel
30-05-2009, 23:17
The weathering looks very good - I could never bring myself to weather my Fists that much. The yellow is rock solid too - may I ask your personal method?

King Mong has a thread on here with his too, I modified his method. I also have that image as my desktop background at home. :D

I'll subscribe to yours if you subscribe to mine. ;)

31-05-2009, 17:54
ElTanko, Thank you. I was a little nervous about doing yellow over black but I think I have it now.

Doghouse, That means alot coming from you. I am awaiting you nightlords return. ;)

Swifty2, Your fists are looking good il have to check up on them.

Inquisitor Engel, Thanks for the compliments and il be checking on your thread aswell. I havn't got the exact method down yet but when I do the other test Marine I will post up my recipe.

And now onto some closeups.



He was already mostly painted from the previous army but I have changed his plasma pistol for a chaos one and I will be giving him a jump pack.

Assault Squad.


I will be making the jump packs soon using a tutorial that I found on bolter and chainsword.



This guy hasn't changed much from before except I magnetised his waist. I've ordered him a twin linked autocannon from forgeworld which is why his arm isn't attached properly yet.

Again thanks for all your comments.

01-06-2009, 06:27
Great close ups mate, that chaplain looks absoloutely lovely.

01-06-2009, 10:10
ditto, that chaplain is looking great, can't wait to see it finished! And the dread, real nice model.


02-06-2009, 11:45
Swifty 2 and eltanko; Thanks again I will have the chaplain finished soon perhaps I will do him first once I've got a base coat on the whole army.

Here's some closeup's of the armour for you all.


This is the forgeworld version of the vindicator because I got it before the plastic version came out. It was a pain to put together and the siege shield just wouldn't go on straight so when I ripped the army apart I took the shield off and magnetised it so now it lines up alot better than before.


I've ordered some dozer blades from forgeworld for these which I will attach with magnets much like the vindicator.


02-06-2009, 17:53
Nice stuff, the chaplain is looking especially nice so far.

Keep it up mate, I want to see more updates! :)

02-06-2009, 19:00
Thanks again Doghouse.

Another update it is then;


I will be using him as Rogal Dorn in the campaign although he clearly isn't. He is very WIP at the moment. Any ideas on a head for him?


03-06-2009, 18:23
Some closeup's of the first tactical squad.



Hopefully you can see the different marks of armour.


03-06-2009, 23:58
i really like the mix of different MKs of armour, i can imaging thats what a real tac squad would be like, mixture of old and new, just like the marines in them.

i really like the studded helms in the bottom pic, are they green stuffed, or bought like that?


04-06-2009, 18:25
Eltanko; Thanks for the compliment. The studs are bought and then glued on. The helmets are the Chaos biker helmet's.

04-06-2009, 19:55
this may well inspire me with my own Imperial Fists, I'm also going for the grittier look but got a bit stuck...
that artwork gives me plenty of ideas, I'm eager to see how your army pans out, looking awesome so far!

Lt Renen
05-06-2009, 20:20
The yellow looks amazing. How did you paint it?


Tybalt Andrus
06-06-2009, 10:41
Shaw, that's a good-looking little task force you've got yourself there. Do you have any more pictures of on the Battle Brothers fully-painted, head-on? The weathered yellow looks good from the back, but I want to see the full effect!

06-06-2009, 17:17
Sinister fence; I'm glad it's all inspired you. Make sure you post some of your fist's when you do them.

Lt Renen, Tybalt Andrus; At the moment I am working on getting the whole army base coated and washed so I can get some games in. But expect to see some fully painted models soon.


07-06-2009, 17:24
Here's the other tactical squad to feast your eyes on;



I have a advancing and a stationary squad now.

I've made some progress with the painting, half the army now has the first coat of iyanden darksun on it. :D

07-06-2009, 20:45
Nice work mate, the tactical squads are looking really cool, and the dorn stand in looks badass, as for the head i'd either go for one of the bald generic unhelmeted heads (not a screaming one) or the crusader helm from the company champion or black templars (I reckon that would look hard as nails).

The Laughing God
07-06-2009, 20:50
I like the yellow. The weathering looks great!

Looking forward to more,

07-06-2009, 21:02
Sinister fence; I'm glad it's all inspired you. Make sure you post some of your fist's when you do them.

Lt Renen, Tybalt Andrus; At the moment I am working on getting the whole army base coated and washed so I can get some games in. But expect to see some fully painted models soon.


I've got the first few up on Relic forums, probably buried 10+ pages back
I've upped my game since then though, I don't know why, but I've always been afraid of posting my stuff here, must be the sheer number of users lol

09-06-2009, 16:51
Swifty 2; I will keep and eye out of the crusader helmet, I've added it to my wanted list.

Laughing God; Thanks.

Sinister Fence; Don't be afraid post them on here and put a link in your Sig.

Test Marine MK3.

It might seem like a unecessary amount of pictures for a single test figure but I want you to be able to see him clearly. These arn't the greatest photos and I havn't done the best paint job on him but hopefully you get the idea a little better than before.

The yellow is alot smoother in real life and once I start on the actual army it will be smoother still.



Without Battle Damage.



With Battle damage.


A shot with a different angle and different lighting.

The Recipe.

Black Spray undercoat.
1 Coat of Iyanden Darksun.
Another Coat of Iyanden Darksun.
Chaos black and scorched brown mixed wash.
Iyanden Darksun mixed with Sunburst yellow.
Mix in a little more sunburst.
A little more sunburst.
Then just add some battle damage and your done.

Once I have a chance to get some of the army painted I will get a good step by step guide up for you all.


09-06-2009, 16:55
these are all looking really good, cant wait to see more, especially the sicarius convertion!

12-06-2009, 15:30
LordKhaine; Thanks, I really like your Pre Heresy Space wolves. Your in luck with the update my friend.


I had a look through my set of Iron warrior parts that I ordered and remembered Swift 2's suggestion for the crusade helmet so I shaved the horns off one of them and gave it to the commander.

I've still got to neated up the brown stuff, add some rivets and do alot of work with the arms but the finishing line is near for this guy.

Hope you like him.

Tybalt Andrus
12-06-2009, 15:42
My personal feeling is that the battle damage might be a bit too much on a figure of that size, but that's really down to personal taste. The pose of the Captain is great - he looks like he's waiting for someone to clobber!

Any additional detailing planned?

12-06-2009, 15:56
Very nice work on the captain mate, I feel as though he's staring me down or somethng.

12-06-2009, 19:45
Tybalt Andrus; I thought I may have put a bit too much battle damaged on aswell but bear in mind that those photos are huge! The actual model isn't even as big as the head of the marine on my PC screen.

As for extra details I will be adding rivets to the backpack, iron skirt and perhaps some on part of the chest piece. I need to sculpt some detail onto the belt surrounding the Fist plate and the Ultramarine symbols on the loin cloth I plan to turn into Fist's which might be a little easier said than done.

Swift2. Thanks once again for the idea I personally really like the helmet just got to neaten it up a little more.


12-06-2009, 21:25
Consider the Iron Warriors head idea stolen, hehe.
They're looking awesome so far, sir. I can't wait for the tanks to get some paint.

13-06-2009, 20:59
Crimson Crane, Steal away.

My Forgeworld order arrived so here is the dreadnought with a Auto cannon.



14-06-2009, 10:40
Another quick update,


I put the rest of the forgeworld stuff together.


All I have left to do is magnetise the Dozer blades, neaten up the deadnought arm, finish the commander, make six jump packs and then I can go full force into the painting.

14-06-2009, 12:14
Looking good so far...I really like the gritty yellow you have cooked up.

As for jump packs I have used the 'jet boosters' from wookiehole.com for my pre-heresy World Eaters and I think they work quite well:



Looking foward to seeing these guys with more paint on!


Red Scorpion
14-06-2009, 14:36
Great log, love the work on Sicarius, he's going to fit perfect.

Another option for jump packs would be: http://www.maxmini.eu/store/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=12&products_id=49


16-06-2009, 12:23
Jim & Red Scorpion. I did look into the Jump pack turbines from wookie hole but the website doesn't seem to exist anymore. The Maxmini ones I don't really like.

I'm going to be using this guide on Bolter & Chainsword;


I have all the bits already I've just got to make them.


16-06-2009, 13:11
Some really nice (imperial) fists you have got there! Looking forward to see those jump pack you plan on doing. I don't really like the dozer blades on the predators, but hey! That's just me:D

16-06-2009, 13:34
Hi, I've been lurking for a while following this and love the look of your army.

Wookiehole stopped selling about 6 months ago, I have a set of their boosters tho and a load of the maxmini ones and found the wookie hole ones to be a bit small.
Have seen that tutorial before and look great, I was planning to follow it myself before finding the maxmini packs which I've used on my pre-heresy Imperial Fists. (Guess i'll have to get my own log going now too to show people :))

All I can say is love the work, and looking forward to seeing more :D

18-06-2009, 16:28
Bane Sword, Thanks the jump packs I will make once I have one coat of yellow on the whole army so it shouldn't be to long.

Funky Chef, Thanks for your compliment and your first ever post you will have to put your Imperial fist's up here.

There will plenty more to this army than just what you have seen so far.


Update time.

A very small update....


I added some tiny fist's to the bottom of the tabbard instead of the "U" that they had before. What do you think do they look like fist's just bearing in mind that the fists you can see on here are blown up to be at least 5 times bigger.


18-06-2009, 21:02


I was meant to be playing a game tonight but the shop was shut so instead I got painting. The commander is nearly finished and I'm ust about to start the jump packs.


19-06-2009, 07:36
that army is looking really good. have you done anymore on the chaplain? because that model was looking immensely good!


23-06-2009, 16:54
It's not a real update as such but I've decided on my full 3000 point Apocolypse army list;


Chapter Master.

4 Honour Guard.
Chapter Champion with Thunder hammer.
Chapter Banner.

Jump Pack.
Plasma Pistol.
Melta Bombs.




5 Terminators.
Assault cannon.


Tactical Squad 1.
Power Fist.
Heavy Bolter.

Tactical Squad 2.
Power Sword.
Heavy Plasma.

Tactical Squad 3.
Power Fist.

Fast Attack.
10 Assault Marines.
Power Weapon.

5 Bikes.
Power Sword.
2x Flamers.

3 Landspeeders.
3x Heavy bolters.
2x Multi Meltas.
1x Heavy Flamer.

Heavy Support.

Siege shield.

Heavy Bolters.
Dozer Blade.

Heavy Bolters.
Dozer Blade.

Legendary Unit's
Shadow Sword.


That leaves me 20 points spare to arm the Chapter Master. I can always juggle some point around from other units as well.

The Marine commander who was my Rogal Dorn substitute will now be the Chapter Champion leaving me some room to make.... Dorn! :evilgrin:

I've already decided what models I will be using for Dorn's honour guard and will be ordering them this week, as for Dorn himself I am thinking of using Marneus Calgar in Terminator armour as a base.

So how does that army sound to you all? Plenty of scope for Pre Heresy units and enough firepower to really fit the Imperial Fist's.

Thanks again.

Eltanko; I'm making the assault marine jump packs at the moment (Although I might just buy some Rogue Trader ones instead) so once I have his jump pack I will post some more pictures of him and his assault squad.

24-06-2009, 12:33
This looks like it will be a great IF army. Maybe you could work a bit more on the eyes and paint on a glassy effect. But that's only a small thing.



24-06-2009, 14:29
I like the yellow - doesn't fall into the trap of looking like a Fisher-Price army. :)

However, what's "pre-heresy" about them? They all look normal to me.

24-06-2009, 14:57
im loving this army thread, best imperial fists ive seen in a long time

but i have to say, my own personal taste is the less battle damaged the better, i do believe there is a lot on your test marine, even if it is a big pictures, but ya know its up to you in the long run, make sure your army is for you first, others second (unless commissioned lol)

cant wait to see that sicarius convertion finished, he will look like a great commander for your army, ive used that base model as Garro for the Death Guard

and those pre heresy jump packs dont look too bad tbh

and in reply to your PM i do actually only have 11 left, but im ive already begun using them, so atleast you got those wookie ones

cant wait for more updates!

24-06-2009, 15:16
Good stuff as ever guys, we're planning something similar for the Battle for Earth so im keen to see how it all turns out! Plus oooh, Pcrc website updates? Did you get a video of the last event? The others cracked me up :D

24-06-2009, 15:29
I love them! I think the yellow is really nice and the weathering is great. I especially like the commander, he looks... merciless:D

24-06-2009, 15:43
looks great. I like the MK3 test marine

25-06-2009, 17:50
However, what's "pre-heresy" about them? They all look normal to me.

Actually go back and look at the models, it's only the test model thats in mk 7 armour, all the otheres are in older marks and look lovely, I can't wait to see them all painted :)

25-06-2009, 17:57
Ah, I think I see now. Mind you, all the guys in Mk 5 armour would suggest it's "during Heresy", not "pre heresy" :)

25-06-2009, 18:04
possibly 'Heresy Era' then rather than pre heresy, but it's nice to see the variation, and there are lot's of mk4 armies kicking around these days

26-06-2009, 12:20
Wow thanks guys,

Emilio 101; I agree with you they need a bit of something to make them pop out a but I think il start a bit darker.

Andrew G Paul; Thanks I would have said exactly what Funky Chef1 said but I suppose they are more heresy than Pre heresy but its all pretty similiar really.

LordKhaine; I've managed to get 10 jumpacks now although I will need one more I think il be able to find one on Ebay. Thanks for the compliment and i really like your Space wolves they look great.

I'm going to be trying another technique for the battle damage so I will be doing a few more test models until I am 100% happy before I go ahead on the whole army.

Nik & EmMeTt; Thanks guyz.

Noserenda; I'm not sure I know what your talking about. Battle for earth? Video from the last event? PCRC updates?

Thanks again.

26-06-2009, 12:56
Stuffs looking lovely, really liking the Captain and the overall look of the army. I saw that you're also planning a Primarch, any thoughts on how you'll do it?

Bob Hunk
26-06-2009, 12:59
These are some very well painted models shaw3029. There seem to be a lot of Fists around at the moment and yours certainly stand out. :) I particularly like your method of painting battle damaged armour. :cool:

Noserenda; I'm not sure I know what your talking about. Battle for earth? Video from the last event? PCRC updates?

Strangely I think this was meant for our log. Perhaps a case of too many Imperial Fists themed tabs open at once? ;)

26-06-2009, 17:51
Whoops... Wondered why that wasnt on your thread... :wtf: wrong thread and it seems the one I wrote for here is gone entirely...

Ah well :D

These guys are indeed awesome, keen to see how Hammer guy comes out and love the battle damage!

26-06-2009, 20:32
Noserenda, How strange, I was looking at your thread you've got some nice stuff are you talking about the Tempus Fugitive campaign weekends? I was thinking about going to the one in September but I'm busy then. Are they good fun? I presume they will be doing at least one more for the actual seige of terra.

Bob Hunk, There certainly are alot of Imperial Fists about at the moment I will be keeping an eye on your joint log especially to see Dorn and any other characters you guys decide to do.

CaptainSenioris, I know exactly what I will be using for the Primarchs body guard and I've ordered them so expect some pictures of them soon after they arrive.

As for Dorn I'm thinking of using Calgar as a starting point. I don't really like the sketch in the horus heresy artbook. I'm going to go for a much less ornate, simpler look to him. I'm stuck as to what weapons to give him, I posted here;


But nobody really seems to know. I thought the "Fist of Dorn" would work well and I will probably arm him with a storm/combi bolter.


Some of my Jump Packs came through today so I paint stripped them and got them stuck onto the five assault Marines.


I've traded some Ork bits for another five jump packs which should come through any day now so the Chaplain will have one as soon as.

Let me know what you think.


26-06-2009, 21:05
Those assault marines are looking promising and are definatly looking suitable pre heresy.

As for Dorn weapons it's written in several places that Primarchs, whilst owning weapons that they prefered did own/use more than one. So whilst Fist of Dorn and Dorn's Arrow may seem like the pair to use they may have just been gifts that Dorn left on a shelf. I have a Dorn model which can be seen in the first post of my rather dormant painting log, it's partly inspired by the HH:CV Artwork that you don't like but it may give you some ideas.

27-06-2009, 05:38
Cool, Cheers mate! I can heartily recommend the Fugitives events and they are doing another 2 Age of the Emperor events, Battle for Earth in May and the Scourging next September! Be good to see your fists there!

On a related note on Dorns kit (Like the 2 Fists idea) in the TF packs hes armed to the nines with the Fist of Dorn, Arrow of Dorn, Storm Shield AND a Master Crafted Power weapon, plus assorted grenades :D

Those Jump packs are a pain to get, but well worth it in the end :D

27-06-2009, 21:39
CaptainSenioris, I like the simpler look about your Dorn he looks cool.

Noserenda, Maybe I will try and arm him like that although thats alot of gear to get one one model. Even If It Is a Primarch. Maybe I will dump the storm shield we shall see but first I have to actually get hold of Calgar.

I've had a good look through the campaign pack on the website and Camba Diaz looks like a good option to put in the shadowsword I might have to buy a Chronus model to make him. But where can you find the background for him? Is he In the Mechanicum book?

Archamus- Master of the Huscarl Templars sounds cool aswell but where can I find info on him.

I will look into going to the battle for earth next May it sounds fun doing the siege afterall thats what the Fist's are built for!


28-06-2009, 04:18
Tis true, id probably pick one or two and roll with that personally, dumping the shield is probably the easiest bit too!

Cambra Diaz is cool, and pops up briefly in mechanicum, Archamus I have no idea :D

28-06-2009, 07:08
In Mechanicum, Cambra Diaz leads a strike force against one of the forges loyal to Horus. I think there is a brief bit about the fighting but I can't remember to well.

30-06-2009, 19:29
The company Champion.


Is now finished :D I am thinking of putting all of Dorn's honour guard on the larger bases.

Noserenda & EmMeTt; I've just started reading it again.


30-06-2009, 19:40
that Company Champion is absolutely gorgeous/ Incredibly well posed and converted. He has a weight and a gravity that you don't often find in Games Workshop models. I can't wait to see him painted

05-07-2009, 15:27
yeah, hammer dude is really cool, i cant deny that at all

and dont your assault marines feel better with those jump packs, i know i like mine ten times more with them on, just prepare yourself to see them roll all over :P you will understand what i mean lol

05-07-2009, 21:51
That company champion is really cool, what model is he?

06-07-2009, 19:31
Cheers guys, the Assault Marines feel alot better now they have the Jump Packs. I'm going to be glueing pennies to the bases to try and stop them wobbling all over the place.


11-07-2009, 19:31
A small update;


Here he is with his new Jump pack. I also removed a pouch from his belt and replaced it with a book.


11-07-2009, 19:40
He's looking great.

11-07-2009, 20:39
He looks good with the jump pack, I want him painted!!! hes been started so so well, im eager to see him finished!!


Magos Errant
11-07-2009, 21:03
Excellent plog, Shaw! On the Company Champion (I really like that mini. Its a great conversion!) you should paint the helmet lying on the base in Iron Warrior colors, because the Imperial Fists and Iron Warriors were bitter rivals/enemies.

12-07-2009, 12:18
Thanks guyz.

Eltanko he will be finished soon.

Magos Errant. Thanks, I base coated him the other week, the helmet is already boltgun metal. :D




I have done the wash on armoured section of the army. The dreadnought photo is a little too dark he is the same colour as the tanks.

I'm working on a couple more Test models aswell as doing the wash on the Marine squads. I found a great technique for doing battle damage so I'm going to give that a go.


12-07-2009, 13:46
i do like the tanks, that yellow works really nicely, and great detailing on the captain.


Magos Errant
13-07-2009, 04:41
Excellent dreadnought, and tanks, Shaw! That Dread is really awesome! :D

14-07-2009, 17:22
G.Hawke. Thanks and the yellow isnt finished yet thats just the second stage done.

Magos Errant. Thanks mate.


My orders came through :D


So with the bits sitting in my bits box I have nearly everything I need for the army. I just need to get my hands on a box of Assault Terminators to go with the Land Raider.

I have decided I will be taking the army upto around 3000 points so my Orks (which I nearly have everything for aswell) and Fists will eventually match up.

I have just a few more tactical Marines to finish washing and then I will get a photo up of those for you.

Thanks again guyz.

14-07-2009, 17:25
Nice, may i ask what is in those forge world bags? Really great job on this army and i am looking forward to see that forge world stuff. Is your chaplain done or still WIP?

14-07-2009, 19:15
Yowzers - thats a big order :eek:

So I'll second the call for a breakdown of what goodies you have from Forgeworld?

Can't wait to see your next progress update!


14-07-2009, 23:58
Jim & bane Sword;

Unfortunatly there isnt as many goodies as the size of the Forgeworld bag suggests. Its just the Pre Heresy Style Landraider.

I didn't order it all at once, I got three of the jetbikes in a trade on here, one of them from Ebay and I didnt pay full retail price for any of the other things either apart from the Landraider of course.

I have finished Modelling the Chaplain but the paint job isn't finished yet. The main thing left to do is highlight the black armour and then its just some little parts that I added like the extra Purity seals and book.


Magos Errant
15-07-2009, 01:35
:eek: You're a lucky man, Shaw. Those look awesome!

15-07-2009, 08:55
ooooooooooh hes gone and done it, i bet those masters of the raven wing cost you a pretty penny, ive been toying with that idea for a long time, but i REALLY dnt have the money for that amount lol

cant wait to see how you do these, especially the jetbikes shaw!

Khaine is watching

15-07-2009, 16:20
Cheers Guys, I paid about £85 for the five Jetbikes so I got them pretty cheap really. I've had three of them for a little while so i didn't blow all that money at once.

I won't do them for a little while as I need to find someone who is happy to cast some bits in Resin for me.

I still havn't decided if I should remove the Eagle on the Front or not.


I've done the wash on the Assault Marines.



16-07-2009, 08:12
cool looking assault marines so far shaw!

and noooooooooooo! dont remove the eagles from the front, all jetbike art work shows the jetbikes with eagles on the front, you just need to more the book, the guy and the plasma cannon

16-07-2009, 18:19
Lordkhaine; That is very true. I think I may leave them they do look great aswell.



The first Tactical Squad now has a wash on it.


16-07-2009, 18:44
still looking good Shaw, il take some of your ideas for my own pre heresy army im starting.
do you paint all these guys in one solid block, i justget bored painting more than 2 at a time!!


18-07-2009, 18:00
Cheers ElTanko. Make sure you post them on here, what Legion will you be doing? I painted most of this army together not all in one sitting but I can do the initial stages pretty fast they don't take long to get to the stage they are at at the moment.

When I start doing the armour I will do them Squad by squad then.



Thats the last of the 1050 points washed and ready. I think next I will paint the black rims and do the bases before I start on the armour as I still want to do some more test models.

The eagle eyed amoungst you will notice a new squad member. I didnt like one of the models in that unit so I replaced him.

I played two games yesterday with them and you can see a casualty in the background one of the predator Heavy bolters broke off. I'm going to pin it back on later.

I bought a Terminator Assault Squad yesterday so I think I will be making those and the landraider for my next game. I cant decided If I'm going to do the big shoulder pads for the whole unit. I will definetly be giving the normal Terminator squad the big pads though.

Thank again.

18-07-2009, 18:48
Cool, progress :D The fists are looking good for a WIP picture.

20-07-2009, 17:42
Looking really good. I like the look of your old school Fists..

20-07-2009, 18:21
Group shot looks great - I really think the 'dirty' yellow you have cooked up works very well...especially on Pre-Heresy for some reason...

Looking forward to seeing them finished...


22-07-2009, 09:40
all these are looking great, is there a plan for a converted primarch in the mist i do wonder?

22-07-2009, 13:16
Loved your chaplain... these fists are looking nice...

22-07-2009, 17:28
I love everything about this thread and army log. Every time I look at your imperial fists and that awsome gritty yellow scheme I want to rush to my local GW and steal (I'm not too keen on buying) all of their Space marine boxes ......

23-07-2009, 19:32
Thanks so much for the kind comments guys, I'm glad you all like them so much. I do have plans for Dorn and I have the parts for him and his bodyguard all ready to go but I think I will do a few more things for the army and really nail the yellow before I start on them.


I don't like doing updates like this as they are just blue tacked together and I havn't made much progress but I need your help and opinions on my Assault Terminators.

At the moment they don't look very pre heresy. I don't want to go with the giant shoulder pads style Terminators as I want to save those for my Standard Terminator Squad.

I want them all to have high collars, (Maybe not Lysander) armour studs and additional armour around the chest and groin. The legs I want to add some rims like those on the company champion's chest.

I am also considering the Black Templar Terminator shields;


I think they would suit the Terminators even though they are black Templar icons. For the Sgt I would replace the Templar cross with a Fist symbol I have spare.

The photos;


Lysanders body, I will remove the eagle on the chest and the targeter. I don't want him to end up looking like I've just taken Lysander and stuck him in the unit.


The Thunderhammer will be lengthened and his Storm Shield would go on his back.


His head will be replaced with one that is shouting.


These last two will have there helmets made to look like the Grey Knight Terminator helmets.



24-07-2009, 00:17
Loving the army, looks realy nice and dark, not the usual bright yellow GW seem to advocate.
I've got a pack of those shields and plan to use one for my conversion of Dorn when i do him ( the tempus fugitives pack gives him a storm shield and power sword as well as the fist of dorn and dorns arrow) but i did notice the castings are a bit thin in places, wont be noticable one thier painted, but at the moment you can almost see through them.
As for your grey knight style terminator heads, here the tutorial I'm planning to follow, I think it's probably the same as what you intend to do http://www.facebook.com/ext/share.php?sid=168861500393&h=LqqST&u=UeZyX
Keep up the good work, will get mine up soon i promise :rolleyes:

28-07-2009, 21:11
Funkychef1. I've had some other parts from Forgeworld like that aswell. I've now ordered the shields though.

I saw the pack but I don't think I could fit that much gear on him I'm thinking of perhaps having a couple of humans in robes following him around with a shield and perhaps his sword.

I cant see the tutorial but I imagine its the same as this one,


I will make a start on the Terminators soon once I finish the landraider,



Its a fantastic looking model but Its by far the worst model I have ever put together!!! Nothing fits! I've used so much brown stuff filling the gaps mainly around the engine area and the front section because they was so much smaller in width than the original parts.

I still have to sand the brown stuff down and finish the tank commander it has taken forever to get it to this stage.

I will post some more closeup's as soon as I have some paint on it.


29-07-2009, 06:58
Thats a lot of updates since I last checked this, the tactical squads and tanls look really cool and I can't wait to see your terminators done. I'd say defnitely use the black templar storm shields and dont worry about the templar icons, in the dark king when its describing the imperial fists pre heresy first company it describes them as dorns templars, bear in mind many of these are the marines that will become sigismunds black templars, so i'd say don't worry about them, and they look awesome on imperial fists.

30-07-2009, 20:34
Swifty2, Thanks for the compliment. I knew I read somewhere about the templars a perfect excuse to use the shields then. :)

A small update for you all as I have been working on some of my Orks aswell.


I magnetised both turrets and the side sponson's mainly because I was sick of them breaking on me.


05-08-2009, 19:15
A preview of what I have been working on. :evilgrin:


All I have left to do is neaten it all up, add some plasticard over the shrine at the back, add the lascannon turrets which will be magnetise so they can be swapped for some targeters.

Then the big job of making the tank commander Camba Diaz who will also be magnetised.


05-08-2009, 21:14
Oooo is that a Fellsword I see :)

looking forward to see what you do for Camba Diaz, I was planning a conversion, but he's been cut from my army for now :(

06-08-2009, 00:01
Copycat! :D lol. Its good to see another fellsword kickign around. I'm going to be doing a few Sabres to accompany mine. The 2 predators look ace too even in WIP :D

06-08-2009, 13:38
come on shaw! we want more :P lol looking great, one good imperial fist army going on here

06-08-2009, 22:14
hey man, luv ur fists. It seems we have a lot of similar ideas on how the fists should look and 'feel'. I like your yellow method your using and the sicarius comp champ conversion looks really nice, well done brother of dorn :D hope you don t mind me asking...where are you buying those studs for the heresy armour and what is the brown stuff? is it easier or cheaper to use the green stuff?

11-08-2009, 17:38
FunkyChef; I'm going to make him soonish and use him as Chronus in normal games. The model will be based on Chronus for when he is in the tank and for when hes out of it I will be using one of the Master of the chapter models converter of course.

Shadowphrakt; I looked in your log for the Fell Sword but I couldn't find it put some pictures of it up!

LordKhaine; There will be more, lots more but I'm making and painting some of my orks aswell at the moment.

Trazior_Brother; Thanks mate.

The Brown stuff I get from here; www.barrule.com although they are sold out of it at the moment and all I have left is green stuff. I prefure it mainly because it dries hard so it can be cut and sanded down its great for flat areas and such.

The rivets I get from here; www.tichytraingroup.com I use the 0.35 and the 0.40 sizes.


The Shadow Sword / Fell Sword is now finished apart from a few rivets as I ran out of super glue.



It has the targeters from a Landraider Lascannon sponson which along with the lascannons are magnetised so I have the option of using either.

If I can make a good green stuff mold then the Fist Symbol on the turrets will also go on the Side Sponsons.

I was toying with the idea of giving it a Dozer blade but I don't know if there is anything suitable or if it would actually look any good. What do you guys think?


11-08-2009, 23:05
I don't think a Dozer blade would suit it - just like it doesn't suit Landraiders ro Baneblades.

Mega Nutz
11-08-2009, 23:22
I think you've nailed the dirty, industrial yellow look........great stuff!

13-08-2009, 19:30
Shadowphrakt, I think your right it would most likely look Rubbish and wheres the photos of your FellSword I need to see it! I also saw a great conversion for a Sabre at bolter and chainsword so I might have to make one aswell.

meganutz, Thanks very much.

A small update because I've been making and painting some Ork things :eek:


I didn't realise it was meant to have a Storm bolter so I added one. I think the vehicle Storm Bolters work fine for Combi Bolters so I didnt do any converting apart from Removing the Eagle.

19-08-2009, 22:40
Beautiful models mate.

19-08-2009, 23:10
Shadowphrakt, I think your right it would most likely look Rubbish and wheres the photos of your FellSword I need to see it! I also saw a great conversion for a Sabre at bolter and chainsword so I might have to make one aswell.

ITs much like yours actually, just with...it'd take too long to describe, I'll get pics in my logs soon.

20-08-2009, 11:31
Nice work on the vindicator mate it looks cool, the fell sword's looking nice aswell, maybe i'll have to do one since it seems to be becoming tradition for the imperial fist players of warseer to have one.

20-08-2009, 18:30
Nice work on the vindicator mate it looks cool, the fell sword's looking nice aswell, maybe i'll have to do one since it seems to be becoming tradition for the imperial fist players of warseer to have one.

I still don't think any of us can match CaptainSenioris' Imperial Fist Baneblade.

20-08-2009, 18:46
I'm sure someone will, just a matter of time.

Finished the vindicator yet?

28-08-2009, 19:31
Nice log, a joy to look through :) Keep it up!



28-08-2009, 21:21
I'm moving this thread to the new Imperium Project Logs Sub Forum


05-09-2009, 19:49
Thanks for all the great comments guys.

Swifty you should definetly do a super heavy of some kind.

Captain Senioris I've not finished the vindicator yet as I've got plans to turn it into a Sabre.

05-09-2009, 20:30

;) Sabres are the best.

23-09-2009, 19:40
;) Sabres are the best.

But perhaps a P******** Storm tank is also rather cool ;)

I've nearly finished up the 1500 points of Orks so I'm back onto the Fists again. I've started painting up the Land Raider so expect some WIP shots tommorow.

I have also bought a ticket to the Tempus Fugitives Siege of Terra campaign weekend. :D So thats going to really spur me on to getting the army completed, all 3000 points of it!

24-09-2009, 18:20
As promised here is a paint in progress shot of the landraider.


And because i didn't show him off last time a closeup of the Astartes crewman.


The torso is a chaos marines with added brownstuff, the head is from Chronus. You can't see it in the photo but just below his chest piece he has the same fist symbol that I gave to the company champion.

The shoulder pad you may have noticed is different from the rest of the army as I want to use this style for the Tank crews. It also has some extra brown stuff around the edges.

All my tank crews will be magnetised so i can swap them between tanks.


24-09-2009, 19:17
Good job mate!Land Raider is shaping up good.I like the gunner conversion too.Was it any hard to put together?I have heard horror stories about how the pieces fit(or not) together... :)


25-09-2009, 16:43
Thanks DPA,

I don't want to have a rant about it again but It was honestly a nightmare to put together! Basically the hull section and engine block are much to narrow so you have to pin them to the tracks sections and then fill the gaps which took me way to long.

But on the plus side the side sponsons went together like a dream and it looks amazing once its all together. :D

30-09-2009, 19:09

Now I know nobody likes someone who just shows off there latest purchases especially as they havn't put the last lot together yet. But I like to think of it as a little preview as to what is coming up. :D

Plus I needed some of these bits before I put together the other stuff as the army has changed a little.


Thats two complete Repressor kits, a Destroyer tank hunter conversion kit, a Imperial fist doors pack and a Imperial fist Icon pack.

I picked them all up at Gamesday along with the Modelling masterclass book and the cities of death codex seeing as I need it for the campaign weekend.

The old school land speeder also came today from Ebay so I now have enough of them with the right combination of weapons to make my Squadron. :evilgrin:


08-10-2009, 20:13
A upgrade for the Vindicator!



Lots left to do, but I hope you like what you see.

11-10-2009, 10:39
vindicator? or compensator? lol looking awesome!

13-10-2009, 15:50
That vindicator looks mean! - Are you using different rules for it or is it just for the look of the thing?


14-10-2009, 16:21
LordKhaine, I wouldn't use it as the compensator with the shadowsword rolling around ;)

Jim, I'm going to be using the normal vindicator rules in my normal games of 40k. In Apocalypse I will use it for the command tank in a line breaker squadron.

In the campaign weekend I'm attending they have special rules for a Sabre Tank Hunter so I will be using those.

Now onto the latest editions;


Without the Dozer blades.


With the Dozer blades. :evilgrin:

I've used some of the Forgeworld Icons and the Forgeworld doors for this pair. I also converted a sisters of battle Storm bolter to fit onto one of the Rhino turrets because It has a rather nice drum mag.

Hope you like them, expect to see some paint on them soon.

14-10-2009, 16:33
Nice work, the gun on Vindicator looks cool ... I'm curious to see your progress on Shadow Sword too :)

Brother-Captain Antilles
14-10-2009, 22:17
Very nice Fists there, I really like your yellow and the battle damage you've applied. I'm also very impressed by that Sicarius conversion.


23-10-2009, 15:59
Thanks guys, Not much progress on the shadowsword but it is black! I've borrowed a spray gun off a friend but one of the parts was missing once I get that it along with the rhinos will all be yellow. :D

Another good friend of mine kindly gave me this!


It's not going to be a landraider so can anybody guess what I'm going to be making....

A little clue, you may need to have seen the Tempus Fugitives pack.

24-10-2009, 18:28
After a little scrubbing with Fairy power spray heres what the Land Raider currently looks like.


And below is what I will be making. The picture and rules are from the Tempus Fugitives campaign pack which you can download from there website, www.tempusfugitives.co.uk . Hopefully they won't mind me posting the picture here.


I've a few ideas on what I could make the rotary lascannon and top hatch from but any suggestions will be most appreciated.


25-10-2009, 00:19
Thats really cool mate, love those old land rainder models, really like the look of what your trying to make with it aswell, but for the sake of being an imperial fist please change the name :D

25-10-2009, 20:35
Cheers Swifty. The name will be changed, as far as my Fist's are concerned its just a plain ole Storm Tank.

Any ideas for a suitable top hatch section?

I'm thinking the main barrel that the lascannons are attached to would look good if I used a basilisk cannon.

25-10-2009, 22:22
from the picture the top hatch looks rather larga, and the biggest hatch i can think of is on the immolator kit, however its also quite decorative.

As for the basilisk cannon that could look really cool.

02-11-2009, 16:59
Thanks Swifty.

Apart from the Storm tank I've also done a little more work on the Sabre Tank Hunter.


And If I need it to be a Vindicator I can take off the barrel.




03-11-2009, 08:59
Bandwidth exceeded.... :(

03-11-2009, 09:13
yeah, you know your threads popular what you exceed your bandwidth on pics :)

03-11-2009, 10:59
Back in the game... :D

03-11-2009, 16:39
Really impressed with your marines fella, the industrial/dirty yellow is a really nice twist on the Imperial Fists scheme, very well executed.

I particualrly like your champion model, really has presence!! looking forward to seeing him painted!! :)

03-11-2009, 17:54
That was a sweet idea with the destroyer tank hunter conversion. Its always been my favourite guard tank, and it looks awesome on the vindicator chassis.

I second the notion that I want to see the sicarius conversion painted! I absolutely love that commander... which is saying alot because I hated the sicarius model till you did that with him.

floyd pinkerton
03-11-2009, 18:31
Very nice stuff, i am particularly fond of the "compensator" vindicator, with the barrel off :D

also, i noticed you got some repressors. Are you not going to put the taller cabin on your rhino's?

03-11-2009, 18:46
Really nice work mate, the tank hunters look really cool, I like that you can remove the barrels aswell.

04-11-2009, 18:01
Petay1985, Thanks very much. He will be one of the last models that I paint for the army. The Primarch Honour guard will most likely be the last squad that I paint.

DeSnifter, Thanks mate, I can't claim the idea was all mine though as I saw a similiar conversion on Bolter And Chainsword. It means alot when people say they don't like a particular model but like what someone has done with him so thanks for that.

Oh and expect to see some parts from your template on my tanks soon...

Floyd Pinkerton, I won't be using those I've actually given them away to a friend of mine. I only wanted the Siege Shields and it was the only way to get them.

Swifty2, I purposely made it removably so that if anyone has an issue with it then I can simple make it a Vindicator again.

Storm Tank update.





As you can see I've used the New Land Raider Engine block and the new doors.

I'm not a big fan of the sponsons that are on the drawings and I'd hope that the old style lascannon's (which I made by cutting the original lascannons in half) work as hot shot lasguns.

I've also decided I'm going to magnetise the hull section and the hot shot lasguns so I can swap some parts around and se it as a Landraider in the future.

Unfortunatly I can't really carry on at the moment as I have to gather parts for it and the bits site I've looked on are all sold out :cries: so if anyone has the following please shoot me a PM;

Basilisk Cannon.
New Hell Hound Turret.
Chimera Track Guards.
Chaos Rhino Smoke Launchers.

Thanks again. :D

05-11-2009, 08:47
ahh i love it, revive the old landraider with new bits, cant wait to see how that turns out!

05-11-2009, 16:11
You obviously are doing the ol' kit complete justice.

Nice Vindicator, by the way.

05-11-2009, 16:33
Thanks guys!

Heres a Paint in Progress shot of the Rhinos and StormSword for you all to enjoy.


If you pop over to my Ork Project log you should find a really cool update :evilgrin:


08-12-2009, 18:52
This is looking great! Is that yellow painted over a black undercoat? How many layers do you paint?

10-12-2009, 17:21
Thanks lord Moriar,

It is indeed over a black undercoat. It only takes two coats of Iyanden Darksun to cover the black and then one wash of scorched brown/black mix to bring it to the stage you see so far.


10-12-2009, 18:00
that is an excellent color of yellow.

this makes me want a few Imperial Fists

10-12-2009, 23:41
OlŠlŠ! (or something)
That's some solid progress. You're achieving a good yellow colour indeed, and the tanks are turning out great. :)

21-12-2009, 22:57
absolutely gorgeous. any updates coming soon?

10-01-2010, 17:57
Thanks very much for the compliments guys,

Terranraida. I went away for the holidays and I've just got back, Updates will be coming within the week.

Thanks again.

16-01-2010, 15:35
As promised heres an update,


The first of the two Rhinos upto the standard of the rest.


Shadow Fall
16-01-2010, 18:37
so shaw... im guessing your goin to the siege of terra... interesting to see what my opponents have planned for me... Imperial Fists :) based of terra right? Brilliant... the sons of horus will crush your awesomely painted fists to oblivion!!!!

im only jokin, there is no way i stand a chance at beating that storm sword... that thing is hench!!!

like the work... keep it up :)

SF :chrome:

16-01-2010, 18:55
Damn, that Rhino looks so battered im surprised it's still in working order!! Very nice :)


16-01-2010, 20:49
Very nice work on the rhino shaw its nice to see the army moving along.

I'd really like to thank you for this log, i've recently got back to painting my imperial fists taking inspiration from here, thanks for that.

17-01-2010, 11:43
Shadow fall, lol, Yeah my Imperial Fists will be going to that and they will also be based on terra. I look forward to seeing your sons of Horus at the weekend.

Eltanko, Thanks, It shouldn't look so battered when I actually finish the yellow although It will still have a dirty look to it.

Swifty2, Thanks very much! I'm glad I could inspire you to keep going with your fists. :)

17-01-2010, 15:40
love the look of that rhino, cannot wait to see what else you churn out!

20-01-2010, 15:37
Thanks Hushrong, heres the other Rhino.


And the pair together with the Dozer Blades.



24-01-2010, 02:18
Hey thats looking very yelow an very beefy, nice fists. Those dozer blades luk pretty sweet 2-I like them although a fellow fist wud :D Are you going to add a small highlighting stage to the yellow or keep them off the parade ground for good and in the thick of it.

I saw a great pre heresy Death Guard army on bell of lost souls where a couple of highlights done randomly along an inkwashed plate in straight lines looked really effective.

24-01-2010, 05:07
awesome, i love the look of of damage on the dozer. keep up your IF

24-01-2010, 10:38
Rhinos look really cool together mate, and I still absoloutely love that you've used those dozer blades aswell, they actually scream imperial fist.

11-02-2010, 20:12

Thats a lot of yellow. Very nice, gritty look to them which I always felt is appropriate to the Imperial Fists.

11-02-2010, 21:10
Love your work man nice job

Brother Mordeus
12-02-2010, 04:14
Whats that heresy campaign you guys are talking about?

Those models look ace!

12-02-2010, 10:39
Wow - those Rhinos look great - very grubby and lived in!

Are they the Forgeworld dozer blades?

Shadow Fall
12-02-2010, 14:58
Whats that heresy campaign you guys are talking about?

The Tempus Fugitives present: The Age Of The Emperor: The Siege of Terra

The Galaxy is in flames, brother fights brother in a bitter heresy. God machines duel it out whilst below the Adeptus Astartes legions tear each other apart. Horus' forces battle their way towards the Imperial palace, with the intention of destroying the false emperor of mankind. It is a time of war, it is a time of heroes, It is a time of war and heroes... It is a time of darkness... and death...

^ :D Erm the link is below, i made the above myself but have a look, i dont know if there are any tickets left though



SF :chrome:

PS: Shaw, the rhinos look great, now finish them

01-03-2010, 15:19
First of all a big thank you to all of you for your comments! It has been a while as I've been busy with moving house and things. The Tempus Fugitives campaign weekend is now only two months away! I've a lot of work to do!! :eek:

Trazior_Brother, Cheerz. I'm going to be doing several more layers of yellow over the top but that won't be for a while. The plan is to make the whole 3000 point army, (plus a couple additional units) paint all the armour to the stage you've all seen so far and then paint all the other detail on the models and save the yellow until last.

Farnsworth. Those Dozer blades are from the Forgeworld Repressor kit.

Brother Mordeus. Shadow Fall is correct thats the campaign weekend.

Update time! :evilgrin:


He is the Second member of the Primarch honour guard squad. The first member I did was the Thunder Hammer armed Champion. My aim is to have all the squad as impressive as him. Although not as impressive as he is the Legion Champion after all. ;)

His sword is from the Emperor's Champion model. I shaved the sword Icon off his leg and Templar symbol off his shoulder pad. I then replaced his bolt pistol hand with a gauntlet that was similar to the Emperor's Champions. His left hand shoulder pad I completely removed with a hacksaw and have put a standard Imperial Fist shoulder pad in its place.

I still have a lot of green stuff work to do to fix the cloak which will go under the Imperial Fist icon attached to his left Breast. I also need to find a suitable bolt pistol and I'm also considering fixing a helmet to his belt.

Here is where I need your help! I need to find another two swords as equally impressive as this guys. Any suggestion?!

Thanks again!

01-03-2010, 16:20
looking fantastic, i tihnk i would be inclined to use the same sword, providing they are not all held aloft i think it will great.

could even be a theme that they all have identical swords

01-03-2010, 17:03
very nice Honor Guard you've constructed. its a really good pose an the way the sword goes with it is awesome.

01-03-2010, 21:49
He's looking really good so far

01-03-2010, 21:55
Very nice honour guard mate, he's looking really cool, as for swords i'd suggest the company champion one and if you can get a hold of it, the master of the ravenwing one.

02-03-2010, 18:07
Thanks guys.

Petay1985, An exellent idea that I may well use. I better start hunting for them.

Swifty2, I have five of those swords, why didn't I think of it. I have used it below but I think I will go for the Emperor's champion sword and have all of them armed with it.

The next two member of the Squad.


Squad member 2, Pose 1.


Squad member 2, Pose 2.


Squad member 3, Pose 1.


Squad member 3, Pose 2.

I can't decide who should have the banner.

02-03-2010, 18:10
If I give it to him then I can use this banner,


Its from the Ultramarine honour guard and with a bit of camera trickery it would look a little something like this,


I would convert it properly for the Imperial Fists.

Well what do you all think? What options look the best?


PS. Let me know if you have have any Emperor's Champion swords spare ;)

02-03-2010, 19:07
the Ultra Banner has alot of character to it to begin with. It has a very regal look to it that is beffiting for a primarch. with a bit of clipping here an there you have a banner ready for an IF touch.

the only thing i have against that is trimming it off the original bearers body(basically i would feel bad for that Ultra fella...he's a nice looking mini) but you cant make an omelette without breaking a few eggs i guess. and would you have to weigh down the base so it wouldnt tip over?

02-03-2010, 19:09
Great army! Can I just ask, how do you normally use fairy power spray (I noticed you said that you used it on the old land raider)? Do you find it better on anything in particular?

02-03-2010, 21:45
really pleased you are running with the multiple 'emperor's champion' swords, it'll really tie the unit together nicely! the devil is in the detail after all!

in regards to the banner, i think converting the metal ultramarines one would be awesome! looking forward to seeing if/and how you tackle it :)

03-03-2010, 11:29
Looking great mate, we will have to catch up soon for a game

05-03-2010, 15:58
Hushrong, I've decided to go with the Ultramarine banner and its alright I've saved most of him I just stole his banner :)

I may have to weigh the base down but I plan to mount them all on larger bases like the Legion Champion.

Complicity, I used it on the old land raider, the dreadnought and on some of the marines. It works really well and I havn't found anything better. It doesnt completly remove the undercoat (especially if its a black undercoat) so the plastic won't look shiny and new but it removes all of the paint.

I just take the model put it in a tub coat it with the fairy power spray and leave it for an hour or so then I take a toothbrush and scrub it under warm water. I sometimes repeat the process.

Petay1985, Cheers for the idea! I'm definetly tackling the banner now.

Cyphertheory, Thanks and we definetly should have a game soon.



I removed the Banner from the Ultramarine yesterday and I've just held it in place for now to give you all a better idea of what he is going to look like.

I plan to remove the 'U' from the top and replace it with the fist icon from Kantors banner. The XIII shall be replace with a VII.

I'm undecided on removing the Eagle at the top of the banner and Eagle Wings from the sides of the banner. I may keep them on. It is the Primarchs banner afterall!

The Space marine on the banner with have his Ultramarine symbol removed and smoothed out or turned into a fist symbol. The Tyranid he is shooting will be turned into flames rising around his feet.

The Ultramarine symbols at the bottom quarter of the banner will either be turned into Fists or perhaps just a thick line seperating that secton of the banner.

Thanks again.

05-03-2010, 16:17
just holding the banner up next to him he looks fantastic, really looking forward to seeing these fellas finished!! :)

05-03-2010, 16:36
Wow! Not sure how I missed this thread until today - but boy am I glad I found it! Your stuff is awesome! Thanks for keeping us posted and keep up the great work! Subscribed.

05-03-2010, 17:11
Love the tanks and the assault marines. I also like the yellow technique

keep it up!

05-03-2010, 17:46
good to hear the ultra banner may live to see another day haha.

but going with that banner was definitly the right choice and those are some good ideas about what to do with Ultra Imagery and i really look forward to seeing you work on that. for the fists emblems, besides using Kantors stuff, could you use spare Power fists or if you have any EC lying around, cut off an use their balled fist? that EC one would fit perfectly.

also shot you a pm about an extra EC sword arm.

09-03-2010, 19:18
Thanks for the advice! I will give it a try on some guardsmen, hopefully it will do the job.

09-03-2010, 19:55
I'm interested to see what you do with the MK1 land raider, I've got one sitting in a box that I'm trying to figure out how to update.

09-03-2010, 21:19
Awesome work on the honour guard mate, they look totally amazing, very inspiring, especially the banner.

15-03-2010, 13:43
Thanks very much for all the comments guys! :D

Apart from basing them and smoothing up the sword arm joints I have pretty much finished two of the honour guard.


I sculpted a fist onto is left shoulder pad but I forgot to get a close up...


Unless anyone has any great suggestions I think they are done.

Here is what the Legion Banner is looking like at the moment,


I'm waiting for a sword to come through the post (Cheers Hushrong) and will be adding some studs to his right leg.

The banner itself I need to put a V at the top of the banner although thats proving to be pretty fiddly at the moment. I also need to put a little more effort into the flames at the bottom of the marines feet (although that will mostly be done when I paint him) and sculpt some Fists in place of the U's on the lower section.

Thanks again!

16-03-2010, 11:26
The two finished honour guard look totally sweet mate, may have to attempt some similar conversions since i've got a box of unopened sword bretheren lying there.

The banner bearer looks really cool, especially with Pedro's icon sitting on top, that can be fiddly. How are you going to deal with the legion number on the banner itself?

16-03-2010, 14:15
mike these are looking awesome mate, cant wait to see them all done

18-03-2010, 16:53
Holy Schnitzel! That's awesome

18-03-2010, 17:51
Great looking stuff, I'm looking forward to see them painted :)

18-03-2010, 18:27
What are you going to do about the Imperial Eagle on the banner? If it's pre-heresy it shouldn't be on there should it? I thought only the Emperor's Children were allowed the Imperial Eagle.

Other than that (and the fact that you butchered one of the Emperor's finest Ultramaries for your gains) it looks really good. I'm impressed.

19-03-2010, 21:34
What are you going to do about the Imperial Eagle on the banner? If it's pre-heresy it shouldn't be on there should it? I thought only the Emperor's Children were allowed the Imperial Eagle.

Other than that (and the fact that you butchered one of the Emperor's finest Ultramaries for your gains) it looks really good. I'm impressed.

The imperial eagle should be fine, i'm sure I remember reading that those marines from terra could bear the eagle and since the imperial fists have terra as their adopted homeworld they should be fine.

28-03-2010, 16:14
Thanks very much guys,

Swifty2, I've dealt with it now and I look forward to seeing what you do with your Sword Brethren box.

Rinak, You are right as It was only the Emperors Children who could have the Imperial Eagle displayed on their armour with a few exceptions, Captain Garro from the Death Guard has one in the flight of the Eisenstein. I have no Imperial Eagles on any of my Imperial Fists armour.

I am going to be keeping the Imperial Eagles on the banner. I'd like to think that Dorn's Honour Guard are allowed to have them on the Legion Standard.


Legion Standard Bearer


The "V" Is from a old Space Wolves banner top that I had lying around. He is nearly done now. I just need to remove the Ultramarines Symbols from the bottom quarter. I'm now just tempted to have a straight line which I can paint some script over the top of.




I've also changed the Heavy and Special Weapon load out on the tactical squads to include a Lascannon, Plasma gun, Missile Launcher and a Melta gun.

28-03-2010, 16:15
Missile Launcher.


Melta Gun.


Thanks again guys!

28-03-2010, 16:26
Totally awesome mate, the legion banner is looking absoloutely stunning, and the lascannon marine is really well done. Wheres the backpack from on the meltagun marine?

28-03-2010, 16:26
they are really awesome from what i have seen so far, could i ask where u get all of your helmets, i could really do with getting hold of some cool pre-heresy amour and stuff so any links to sites would be great. And keep up the great work :)

28-03-2010, 17:12
Nice to see the banner bearer coming together and the lascannon and multimelta too. Cannot wait to see them painted up

and much like swifty, where did you get that back pack from?

29-03-2010, 19:47
Cheers guys,

The backpack is a Metal Space Marine Rogue Trader Era backpack. I got a set of them from Ebay.

The heads are by maxmini, www.maxmini.eu



The Sternguard Sgt is very WIP at the moment. He is currently Blu-tacked together and needs some green stuffing. I will probably make his chest piece similiar to my Legion Champion's chest.

He is armed with a bolter and power fist. I hope to use him as Drill Sgt Castor over the campaign weekend but he is supposed to be armed with a power sword...


The beakie Marine will be armed with a Combi Melta. My mate is giving me one, I'm just waiting for it.


These are my personal favourites of the squad the guy on the left with the combi melta was the Plasma gunner in one of the tactical squads but hes been replaced by a Melta guy.

What do you think of them? Are the fitting as a Sternguard squad?


29-03-2010, 20:47
Where's the first Sternguard head from?

29-03-2010, 21:43
they are looking good and very practical. sternguard(an their vanguard brethren), compared armor-wise to regular troops, are blinged out with more chains, tabbards, and seals. but thats it really. i do like the use of the IW bitz.

these guys capture a good look. all but the sgt are facing/posed in a similar way. was that on purpose?

also, is the yellow more brown from the picture being taken in a darker setting?

29-03-2010, 21:50
looking great fella, eagerly awaiting how that chronus head of mine will be used though, suspence is killing me, lol

looking forward to seeing your finished sterngaurd too! :)

29-03-2010, 22:40
tryin to find helmets for my pre-heresy guys, just wondering where you got the helmet from your Sternguard Sgt ?

31-03-2010, 17:09
Wow this army's all looking great!
Looking forward to seeing 'in the flesh' at the Seige of Terra event. Us fists must stick together :)

Where is the sternguard sergeants power fist from? I too struggled with drill sergeant Castor - I used a modified Black reach captain model in the end. I like the use of the maxmini heads too - I wish I had some of these but they were out of stock when I was looking.

01-04-2010, 14:54
The sternguard are absoloutely amazing mate, especially the one with the warsmith legs.

01-04-2010, 20:54
Chaplain Orion & ventris 94, The Sternguard Sgt's helmet is from a Dark Angels sprue I just shaved the symbol off. The others are from a company called maxmini, www.maxmini.eu

Hushrong, Cheers, It was rather dark when I took the picture. I'm going to be adding some extra purity seals and things soon. They are all posed that way on purpose. I went for a wall of bolter fire look. Eventually they will be a 10 man squad and the others will be posed differently.

Petay, You wont have to wait long Im working on him at the moment and ill have some pictures of him up soon.

GrayhamGilchrist, Be good to see your guys aswell. His power Fist is from one of the Masters of the Chapter. I imagine they will get some heads in stock before the event, just leave some heads off for now :D


Whilst I was making the Sternguard and the Heavy weapons I took some of the tatical marines that I wasn't that happy with and swapped some weapons and heads.



Cheers guys.

01-04-2010, 20:57
The Sternguard are looking pretty awesome mate, but this guy is amazing

Keep up the good work :)

01-04-2010, 23:20
Oh man, those are awesome. When you go to the tournament take pictures of your army kicking butt.

02-04-2010, 20:41
understood about the pose. getting that 'standing their ground' look seems pretty cool now that you have explained it.

the other guys you just worked on are looking great(i'd love to get those studded helms).

also, out of curiosity...whatever happened to the legion champ? i dont remember seeing a up-close shot of him.

05-04-2010, 15:02
Cheers guys, I will be sure to take some photos. The studded helmets are just chaos helmets with some studs glued on. I posted a picture of the Legion champion a while ago its unpainted but otherwise finished at the bottom of page 3.


Camba Diaz.



In the Tempus Fugitives campaign packs Camba Diaz is a tank commander armed with a bolt pistol, power sword and servo arm.

I've used Sergeant Chronus for the tank commander and one of the Master of the Chapter to represent him outside of the tank.

I managed to get hold of a second head (cheers Petay) and using parts from the standing Chronus model I've given him the same right arm and a targeter on his back.

I still have plenty of green stuff work to do mainly on the chestpieces. I'm enjoying the challenge of making two completly different models look similiar enough to be recognised as the same person.


05-04-2010, 22:27
nice work on the Camba Diaz (chronus) minis. they are looking tip-top.

i like how you GS'ed the left arm on the mk3 armor guy and how you used that old school boltgun. are you going to GS that mini's vambrace/wrist area to match the one on the chronus mini where he sticks out of the hatch?

i am looking forward to seeing what you do with the war-plates. what do you have in mind may i ask?

06-04-2010, 22:37

11-04-2010, 20:05
Hushrong & Chaplain Orion. Thanks! I will certainly be adding the chest purity seal and two either side of the Imperial Fist belly symbol. I shall be green stuffing the hand / arm to match.

What do you mean by War-plates?

Heres my finished Sternguard Sgt.


Armed with the good old fashioned bolter and a nice big Imperial Fist style power first. :D

11-04-2010, 21:38
top work fella, the sternguard sergeant is looking ace, and in regard to chonrus head, you are more than welcome fella.

looking forward to seeing your sternguard painted!

11-04-2010, 23:00
The sterngaurd look delicious, keep it up!

12-04-2010, 01:39
the sternguard sgt is looking good. could i ask for another pic of him from a different angle?i want to check out that power fist. it seems to have fitted perfectly for that pose.

and war-plate i think mostly means the chest plate of the armor. i like the term after reading soul hunter.

12-04-2010, 21:17
Diaz looks cool mate, and the sternguard serg has that really cool calculated look of an imperial fist.

12-04-2010, 21:38
Thanks very much guys!

Hushrong, I will get a pic of him at another angle up soon. As for the war plate I think il do something similiar to the Legion Champion.

Update time.

Two Vindicators to go with my Sabre tank hunter.


And with the Siege Shields,



12-04-2010, 21:41
Awesome mate, whats that 4 vindicators in the army now?

12-04-2010, 21:43
thanks in advance for the pic of that powerfist.

and i look forward to seeing more vehicles in your army. seeing them in yellow puts a smile on my face!

12-04-2010, 21:54
loving the sternguard seargant, want to see him painted up

12-04-2010, 22:02
Cheers guys, Everything you've seen will be painted soon enough.... By the middle of May :D

There are only two Vindicators (the Siege Shields are magnetised) and a Sabre Tank hunter which in normal games of Apocolypse will be my Squadron commander.

Although they arn't the best photos as its now dark I have several Angles of Drill Sgt Castor for you,




It took alot of filling and drilling and then some brown stuff and some smoothing off. but I knew it was going to fit nicely and I personally love the look so it was definetly well worth the effort.

Thanks again!

12-04-2010, 22:57
thanks again for the pic. the pose is great and my favorite thing is just how the powerfist holds the bolter so well.

i just finished my IF champion and am now wondering what to do with a warsmith mini i have laying around. yours is inspiring and i am thinking of making him into a sternguard...but i doubt he will be the same quality as yours.

hopefully the middle of may comes sooner. i enjoy seeing your IF painted up.

14-04-2010, 19:10
Hushrong, I looked forward to see what you do with the Warsmith. Hopefully it doesnt come that soon! I won't have anything painted!



All three are (will be!) equipped with Heavy Bolters and Multi Meltas. They took a fair while to put together and everything has been pinned. I also have a pin running through the flight stand.


The Imperial Fist Symbols are from the new Imperial Fist Kit. I used some on the Vindicators aswell.


You can probably see pretty clearly in this photo that I've also changed over the shoulder pads for Imperial Fist ones.


This is the only unfinished one and thats because I'm waiting for a pointing arm for the Marine and a Multi Melta to go underneath. If you have one please let me know!


14-04-2010, 19:23
the land speeders look good. my favorite is the second one shown where the pilot is firing his bolt pistol, reminds me of GTA and drive-bys.

good luck on trying to get that multimelta weapon and the pointing arm.

*for that warsmith, i still need to pick up the right tools(files an a saw) for working on metal and this recent post of yours has taught me that i need to start pinning my metal minis.

14-04-2010, 23:42
Sweet. Love those old land speeders. Very 'pre-heresy'. Not something you see often in Imperial Fist armies so will be interesting to see the paint job :)

18-04-2010, 18:51
Thanks guys,

Hushrong, Good luck with the Warsmith and you definetly need to pin metal!

Grayham, Thanks. I know you dont see them often but eventually I plan to have a fast attack section in the army with 10 Assault Marines and a Chaplain, 3 Landspeeders and 5 jetbikes. I just got these done first and I think il be using them fairly often.

A new Rhino,


I shall be using this for the Sternguard until they get a drop pod and then another tactical squad or devestator squad will have it.

Saul Tarvitz
19-04-2010, 00:59
That Rhino looks amazing, very rugged and perfect for the Sternguard with all those rivets and extra armour.

19-04-2010, 14:18
The rhino looks fantastic - your plasti-card fu is strong!!!

I'm looking forward to seeing some paint on the landspeeders...


20-04-2010, 20:53
Cheers guys! But sorry its not Plasti-card its a resin kit from Chapter House Studios.

Archamus Huscarl Of the Templars.


Hes only blu-taced at the moment but I hope to have him finished ASAP.

20-04-2010, 21:48
Nice work mate, rhino and land speeders look pretty cool and archamus looks really sweet.

21-04-2010, 00:55
Are you going to build Sigsmisund the first Black Templar because then this would be EPIC! They also sell terminator like shoulder pads at Maximini and there is also a wide assortment of them. (I sound like a commercial:D)

21-04-2010, 02:05
the rhino looks good and huscarl looks greats.

did you make or buy those pads?

21-04-2010, 11:04
'Archamus Huscarl Of the Templars' looks great fella, always a pleasure to view your WIP. Looking forward to seeing him and his squad, i assume he'll get one, finished :)

21-04-2010, 13:10
What a great idea to use Lysander with those shoulderpads. He looks ace!

Are those shoulderpads definitely from chapterhouse? I couldn't see them on their website. They look more like the maxmini ones?

21-04-2010, 19:04
Cheers guys!

Chaplain Orion, I wont be building him anytime soon but I may do for the next event.

The Shoulder pads are from Maxmini.

Some more WIP Terminators.


If I dont do Archamus I will use Lysander model as the Termiantor squads Sgt.



I have two more sitting on the desk they just need some final touches.


21-04-2010, 19:37
The terminators look really cool, especially the originality of all the terminators. What was the grey-knight looking head on the second terminator, what kit is it from

Saul Tarvitz
21-04-2010, 20:14
The Termintors are very cool, what are the Maxmini shoulder pads like to work with? I'm thinking of getting some soon and was wondering where they sit on a Terminator, is it the top of the arms like standard pads or more on the sides of the torso?

23-04-2010, 19:43
The Sheriff, The head is a standard Terminator head, I trimmed off the part between the nose and then cut away the front just under the eyes. I then smoothed the front sections and did a little trimming around the neck guard. The last step is drilling a few holes into the mouth piece.

Saul Tarvitz. They are great! Alot easier than making them yourself. The shoulder pads with the tassles hanging down are a little fragile and a couple of parts broke off but other than that they are extremly nice to work with.

The pads sit just like the normal Termiantor pads if you wanted to change the position a bit of green stuff underneath would do the trick and the pad would cover it up.

Two more members of the Squad.



Next up shall be the Terminator Sgt and a Terminator Chaplain.


23-04-2010, 20:26
love the terminators and terminator captain, im actually really jealous that have 3 of the old landspeeders :(

Saul Tarvitz
23-04-2010, 21:03
Thanks for the advice shaw, I was hoping they'd join to the torso meaning I'd not have to buy as many for magnetising my Terminators. :(

The new Terminators look cracking, I like the little additions like the Fist icon on the chest.

23-04-2010, 21:39
the templar termies (is that right?) are looking good.

I am most anxious in seeing what you do for the terminator chaplain. I fell like making a new one for my fists alongside that metal one i already have.

23-04-2010, 21:44
Very awesomesauce.

23-04-2010, 22:04
Wow, great army so far. I really like to use of the old RTB01 bolters and the kit you used on the Rhino. They both give that pre-heresy vibe to your army. I look foward to seeing more of your conversion-fu. =o]

PS, its nice to see people still working with metal figgies. =o]

23-04-2010, 22:53
Looking fantastically good my friend, very impressed. The forgeworld templar storm shields are truely epic!
Love the additional studs on that last terminator too!

24-04-2010, 18:53
Loving the terminators! It's like you and me are building armies in sync!
Seriously, pretty much all the same units :)

I like the power mauls, are they from the Chaos Warrior sprue?
Where are the little metal fist icons on the chest from?

Keep it up!

25-04-2010, 19:44
Wow! Thanks very much guys!!

SaulTarvitz, I did consider magnestising my Terminator Captain but I dont think it would work that well so I decided against it in the end.

Hushrong, They arn't Templar Terminators as in Black Templars. I just figured that back in the day they would probably have had some Templar Symbols, it had to come from somewhere after all. I have a few Symbols on my marines but Ive mostly put them on my close combat troops.

In the Tempus Fugitives pack there is a character called Archamus, Huscarl of the Templars. Who are Dorns Bodyguard.

I think he is also in the Lightning tower & Dark King book but I dont have it to hand to check.

GrayhamGilchrist, Your have to post up your army list. I shall post mine in a couple of days once I've definetly decided on it.

The Power mauls are from the Dark Angels sprue. I can't take full credit for them. I saw them on a Pre Heresy Emperors Children Log on here and asked where his came from.

The Little Fist icons are from the old Imperial Fist upgrade sprue. You got some shoulder pads, back packs a chainsword, banner top and one of the symbols. Fortunatly a friend of mine had lots and gave them to me :D

The Terminator Chaplain should be ready tommorow but for now I have some Pictures of Camba Diaz for you all,


Camba Diaz Tank Hatch.


I've added a few purity seals and some extra details on the chest armour. Hopefully they both look very similiar seeing as they are meant to be the same person.


25-04-2010, 19:58
They look fantastic fella, a very original take on a tank commander! I am really impressed with how pre-heresy this guy's aesthetic is! very nice work!

25-04-2010, 22:16
your Diaz minis look great! both are impressive!

and sorry about the mix up, i meant templars as in dorn's bodyguards, not the later founding chapter.

also, where is the sword from that the standing diaz from? i want to use one for a Night Lords Talos conversion and i think that blade will look great for him!

as always, cannot wait to see this painted up!

26-04-2010, 02:00
Nice job Shaw! Like the tank commander.

26-04-2010, 09:43
when we going to see some paint on these bad boys?

Bob Hunk
26-04-2010, 09:48
This is some brilliant work shaw3029, I'm a particular fan of the Terminators and the Camba Diaz on foot. :D

Hushrong, They arn't Templar Terminators as in Black Templars. I just figured that back in the day they would probably have had some Templar Symbols, it had to come from somewhere after all.

I think it's assumed the cross was a symbol of the 1st company during this era, as Sigismund was their captain, so having it on Terminators seems quite appropriate. :)

In the Tempus Fugitives pack there is a character called Archamus, Huscarl of the Templars. Who are Dorns Bodyguard.
I think he is also in the Lightning tower & Dark King book but I dont have it to hand to check.

He also has a brief cameo in Blood Games from the Tales of Heresy collection. He's quite a cool character, I've gone for the artificer armoured version myself.

Looking forward to fighting side-by-side on the walls of the Imperial Palace in a few weeks. ;)

26-04-2010, 11:33
great looking tank commander!

26-04-2010, 19:09
Cheers guys,

Hushrong, The sword is from the Master of the Ravenwing model.

CypherTheory, Soon my friend soon! :D

BobHunk, Yeah thats what I was going for with the first company ;) I'm not going to have Archamus anymore (hes now a Terminator Sgt) he just doesnt fit since the change to him. Which is a shame as now I have to make Dorn!

Terminator SGT.


Terminator Squad.


I've decided to bring the Purturabo Storm Tank back into the Army and need to get it finished in time for the May weekend!


To save you guys finding the photo of what its going to be here is the artwork.


My friend is giving me his predator turrets so my plan is to put the autocannons into the Basilisk barrel and then attach some lascannon ends onto the ends of the Autocannons.

I then plan to make a shield from plasti-card.

I just need another Predator Autocannon so if you have one send me a PM please.

26-04-2010, 19:12
I've decided to bring the Purturabo Storm Tank back into the Army

Heresy! He is our most hated enemy!

Seriously though, that looks like a cool start. I haven't seen anyone do a perturabo tank at any of the TF events yet so looking forward to it!

Terminators also looking awesome!

28-04-2010, 11:54
GrahamGilchrist, He is our most hated enemy, but I thought I would turn his own weapon against him!

That and I thought it looked really cool in the pack and I got hold of a Old School Land Raider from a friend to make it from. :)

I cant remember if I showed them but here are the Primarch Honour Guard before I go and spray them,



28-04-2010, 12:04
They look very cool. Nice mix of black templars, UM honour guard and fist iconography.

I really like how your army is making use of the nice unique metal space marine miniatures. Personally I have a huge aversion to metal models (mainly due to paint chipping and being difficult to convert), but you have proved its possible to do it well!
And all the models have so much more character for it, rather than the boring plain plastic marines!