View Full Version : Wood Elf Tourney List 2,000

27-12-2005, 16:53
Bow of Loren, Bodkin Arrows, Amber Pendant, Great Weapon

Alter, Great Weapon, Light Armor, Shield, Helm of the Hunt, Hail of Doom Arrow

Lvl. 1 Wizard, Sprite that adds 1 dispel

17 Eternal Guard (234)
Full Command

12 Glade Guard(144)

12 Glade Guard(144)

8 Dryads(96)

8 Dryads(96)

7 Wardancers (126)

7 Wardancers (126)

3 Treekin (195)

Treeman (285)

3 Casting Dice, 4 Dispel Dice
78 Models

The idea is basically to use the highborn and eternal guard as the center, advancing with the treekin as support as the rock in the army while the combat skirmishers sweep around the flanks and the two units of glade guard are there to soften up the larger infantry units. I know the magic phase is a little weak but i don't run into to many 8-14 power dice armies around here in tournements. As for the the highborns equipment he gets multiple shots with the bow off until he is charged where he again stands and shoots, making the most of the bow while the making the eternal guard stubborn and using the amber pendant to give him the chance to kill things that threaten him. Let me know what you think :)

27-12-2005, 21:30
Are the 17 glade guard w/ command supposed to be 17 eternal guard w/ command. That would fit pointswise, otherwise you paid an extra 6 points for them. I like dryads. Maybe switch the 2 glade guard squads to 10 and up the dryad squads to 10.

28-12-2005, 02:35
Sorry bout that, yeah they were eternal guard and i'm thinking about doing just that with the glade guard and dryads but i haven't tested this yet, am just now in the building stage :)

28-12-2005, 11:38
If I were you I would fear strong magic forces...

Think about adding a unit of warhawk riders, they would fit well into your current force. Take the enemy were you want them and kill some wizard and crews...

The Glade guard unit should be 10-unit strong not 12.

What to drop then, I would say a unit of dryads and make the one that is left bigger if you get points over.