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31-05-2009, 13:55

This is a list that I plan to use against both the Dark Elves and Daemons of various types. As usual I've tried to come up with an army that is a kind of hybrid between friendly and competitive, blending looks and style with useability. Also, I don't use the master powers so no summon ghouls or creatures of the night here. :angel:

A note on my general's setup, this is her fluffy incarnation and I won't change it. Sorry. ;)

Vampire Lady - Nightmare, Flying Horror, Dark Acolyte, Ghoulkin, Wristbands of Black Gold, Helm of Commandment, Black Periapt, Cadaverous Cuirass
Vampire 1 - Walking Death, Infinite Hatred, The Flayed Hauberk, Sword of Battle, Talisman of the Lycni
Vampire 2 - Dread Knight, Enchanted Shield, The Balefire Spike
Wight King - Battle Standard, Barded Skeletal Steed, Lance, The Royal Standard of Strigos

18 Crypt Ghouls - Crypt Ghast * Vampire 2 go here *
18 Crypt Ghouls - Crypt Ghast
18 Crypt Ghouls - Crypt Ghast
6 Dire Wolves
6 Dire Wolves

9 Black Knights - Barding, Full Command, Banner of Hellfire * Wight King go here *
5 Black Knights - Musician


2249/2250 points, 7 PD and 6 DD + periapt.

For a deployment plan I'm thinking of placing everything but the ghouls on one flank and have it pour forth like a tidal wave of highly manouverable units. The ghouls will attempt to put some early pressure on the opponent by using ghoulkin to rush them while the flanking force, quite capable of negating most terrain, closes in for a sledgehammer strike on turn 3 or so.

And that's it basically. How do you think it'll fare against the DE and DoC? I don't expect to face the harshest builds though the armies are usually pretty cut-throat.


31-05-2009, 18:55
Fluffy incarnation aside, why would you give your vampire lady flying horror and a nightmare? Why not just take a hellsteed, you'll save 20 points.

31-05-2009, 19:01
Not a fan of units of cavalry that large. I'd say split all your cavalry into 1 units of 6, with banner of the Dead Legion, and 2 units of 5, one with wight king and the other with vampire No.2.

To do so, cut out some of the ghouls, the champions and musicians (i'm a fan of cavalry units only having standards if you're tight on points, although if you have the points musicians are among the first things you add in). Also can drop a doggie from both units if you're really short.

Also, try to give Vampire 2 the Book of Arkhan. In a fast hitty army, it's worth its weight in gold. I'd be a fan of dropping Balefire Spike too, you already have a lance and there's other things more valuable than flaming.

EDIT: wow, didn't notice your vampire lady has both nightmare and Flying Horror. Why, lol? Its 20points for +1 armour save and restricts your LoS, one of the main reasons to take a flying death Lord. There's an easy 20pts to find

31-05-2009, 19:31
Thanks for the input fellows.

I guess I should have explained my general's setup in the opening post but here goes. Basically, the model needs to be on a cavalry base, be able to fly as well as being able to join units. A hellsteed would remove the option of joining units and dropping the nightmare removes the cavalry base, which leaves me with the configuration that I currently use. :)

Gaargod, while I agree that large units of cavalry are generally not preferable, I've found that the same doesn't really apply to black knights. This is mainly thanks to their terrain-negating abilities which stops the bulk of the unit from getting in the way of things. The unit will form up with 6 in front and 4 in back which allow for a handful of knights to fall before the unit's hitting power begins to drop. Your suggestion is still taken into consideration though. :)

Another thing that I probably should have mentioned is that sort of decided to stop using the book of Arkhan. I'm trying to shake off the shackles of the ever-present magical items of a VC army and I also don't want to have the VHD spell as a guaranteed tool in a battle. I find it more exciting to plan ahead without knowing if I'll be able to charge magically or not. But if I find that the lack of the book is just too much to bear, it might just start to show itself in my lists again, heheh.

Lastly about the flaming lance, remember that I'm supposed to be fighting both DE and DoC with this army. I'm trying to prepare various solutions if I happen upon a bunch of plaguebearers or a hydra (most likely a pair of them).

Again, thanks for your feedback. :)