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31-05-2009, 17:59
So I am playing in a campaign at my local gaming store and there are three phases, and after each phase we add 750 pts, from 750 to 1500 to 2250. So for the first phase I have to play a 750 Tomb King list. Many of the guys at the store are saying that a Tomb King list at 750 pts has no chance of winning. I am going to try and prove them wrong.

This is my 2250 point list and I am going to try and use the same models.

If anyone can help out and make the best 750pt list out of these models I would be very appreciative. Thanks

Opponents are Empire, Orcs, Skaven, and Dark Elves

Tomb King, Chariot, Flail of Skulls, Chariot of Fire, light armour - 288

Liche Priest, Cloak of Dunes, Hieratic Jar - 160

Liche Priest, Staff of Ravening - 160

Tomb Prince, Collar of Shapesh, Great Weapon, Shield, light armour, Brooch of the Desert - 158

1x4 Chariots - 160

1x3 Chariots, Standard Banner,, Musician - 150

1x20 Skeleton Warriors, bows, musician - 165

1x20 Skeleton Warriors, swordsmen, musician - 165

2 Scorpion

20 Tomb Guard, musician, standard bear, Icon of Rakaph - 298

4 Ushabti - 260

1 Screaming Skull Catapult - 90

31-05-2009, 18:49
Well, you obviously can't use a lot of those (Tomb King is unfortunately out for obvious reasons).

I'd say going for something like...

Tomb Prince with Collar of Shapesh, great weapon = 129

Liche Priest with Hieratic Jar, Dispel Scroll = 165

10 Skeleton Archers = 80

10 Skeleton Archers = 80

Tomb Scorpion = 85

3 Chariots = 120

Screaming Skull Catapult = 90

Total = 749

I can't manage to stuff anything else into that. At 1k its a lot easier, as you can get a better hammer unit than 3 chariots, and a decent sized infantry unit to hold them up in. Tomb Kings suffer by having to have 2 expensive ish heroes all the time.

You could if you wish drop the archers and a dispel scroll and take a unit of 19 skeleton warriors with shields, musician and a standard bearer for 186pts, which makes a total of 750.