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Mad Makz
27-12-2005, 21:09
I have been putting together a tomb king force, it's mainly a painters force as I want a really nice looking army. Originally I had planned to take no infantry at all, only Chariots, Ushabti, a Tomb Scorpion, the Screaming Skull Catapult, the Casket.

(I was tired of infantry, I have played skaven for a long time) but I quickly discovered there would be a fatal flaw - Nowhere to hide my Hierophant (You need a unit of at least 5 similiar or larger size models to prevent him being targetted, and only one of my units (Chariots) had 5 models in it!)

So, I decided I needed to take at least 10 Infantry, Initially I was thinking 10 Archers, as they are only 80 points and quite flexible. However, one alternative I have been thinking of is 12 Tomb Guard with the Icon of Rakaph, who could provide some added defence for my Casket from scouts/fast cav etc as well as providing a unit to hide my Hierophant near/in if the enemy have a lot of shooting/non line of sight magic. Alternatively they can provide some support to the Ushabti

Here's that list. My main question is whether people think it would be better to go with 10 Archers and use the left over points to grab another ushabti, and some extra goodies (maybe a champion for the big Chariot unit) or to stick with the Tomb Guard. The advantage of the Tomb Guard is that they are nice models and I had already painted some, which I was not planning on using.

Tomb King
Great Weapon
Icon of Rulership
Vambraces of The Sun
Golden Ankhra

Liche Priest Hierophant
Cloak of the Dunes
Hieratic Jar

Liche Priest
Skeletal Steed
Staff of Ravening

Liche Priest
Collar of Shapesh
Dispel Scroll
(On Casket)

5 Chariots (Tomb king normally goes here)
Standard Bearer
Icon of the Sacred Eye

3 Chariots

3 Chariots

3 Ushabti

3 Ushabti

12 Tomb Guard
Standard Bearer
Icon of Rakaph

Tomb Scorpion

Screaming Skull Catapult
Skulls of the Foe

Casket of Souls

TOTAL: 2250

Also, I may drop the Collar of Shapesh on the Liche Priest on the Casket to get either a champion of the chariot unit or a to fill out the command on the Tomb Guard.

I am pretty happy with the Equipment on the Tomb King, it makes him flexible (can charge out of the chariot units to flank units on his own) and reasonably formidable with the Icon of the Sacred Eye if he sticks with the chariot unit.

Any thoughts would be appreciated. I know the list has problems in it's construction, as it's mainly be designed for the look of the models (my Tomb Scorpion is not a Tomb Scorpion, it is in fact a tomb snake heavily converted from the old Red Terror 40K model), so I won't be redesigning the whole list, just picking the best small infantry unit to use to hide my Hierophant near so he doesn't go down in the first turn.

28-12-2005, 11:50
Well, in response to your question I'd go with replacing those tomb guard with their equivalent points in basic skellies. You're force is already quite small without choosing elite infantry, and hopefully your opponent will be concentrating on the chariots and ushabti and have less time to pick a fight with your skeletons.

If you do want advice on the rest of your army (which you don't, but I'm going to give it anyway ;) ) I'd say your force can't really decide whether it wants to be offensive or defensive. The casket and catapult indicate you want to sit back and whittle down the enemy before they get to you, but all those chariots indicate you want to head forward and get ass kicking straight away. Meanwhile the Ushabti are going to be milling around, unable to keep up with the Chariots. Ther's no real game plan here, and the pieces don't fit together.

But if it's all about what models you like, go for it.

Mad Makz
28-12-2005, 23:40
Thanks. I have a rough plan for how to use the army in conjunction, but it will be razor edge stuff. Sometimes I will force the enemy towards me, other times I will try and rush the chariots towards me.

In almost all cases I will be providing a refused flank, but sometimes I may use the Chariots fast cavalry like abilities to switch the flank I am one (They may not move fast at 8", but beint able to move 8" in any direction allows you to re-deploy pretty quickly.