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31-05-2009, 20:10
So I'm pretty new to skaven. And I really have no idea on what I'm doing, but i just winged it.

Warlord, desolated blade, warpstone armour, warpstone amulet, shield, heavy armour-199
Greyseer, eye of the horned rat, tenebrous cloak, dispel scroll, 2 tokens, screaming bell-535

chieftain, heavy armour, BSB, sacred standard of the horned rat-149
Warlock engineer, accumulator, condenser, blades, storm daemon-110
Warlock engineer, accumulator, condenser, blades-85
Warlock engineer, accumulator, condenser, blades

24 clanrats, command-145
24 clanrats, command-145
24 clanrats, command-145
24 clanrats, command-145
25 clanrats, command-150
28 stormvermin, shields, command, umbranner-292
25 slaves, muscian-54
25 slaves, muscian-54
25 slaves, muscian-54
25 slaves, muscian-54
25 slaves, muscian-54

6 jezzails-120
6 jezzails-120

Warp lightning cannon-100
Warp lightning cannon-100
Warp lightning cannon-100

Despel dice-7

Fall from grace
31-05-2009, 22:55
Drop the Sacred standard on your BSB using a normal standard and making him a bit more resilient will get better results give him the tenebrous cloak and keep him at the back.

Give the Grey Seer the Twisted Crown, lose the Eye to afford this.

Take only 3 units of clanrats at 30+ preferably, only take standard and musicians with your clanrats, Clawleaders will make little to no difference to CR.

Also Weapons Teams are a must they can really tip the balance, I would go 2/1 with Ratling Guns/Warpfire Throwers.

I wouldn,t bother with the Stormvermin at all they're not worth the points you pay for them.

Get a unit of 25 Plague Monks with command group, additional hand weapon and Banner of Burning Hatred as they will kill pretty much anything as long as it not to heavily armoured. Also take a Plague Priest with Bands of Power and the Languisher Sword as 4 S8 ASF attacks are not to be sniffed at.

On that note drop a Warplightning Cannon and get yourself 8 Plague Censer Bearers as these really put the hurt on the enemy and even bring down heavily armoured troops with relative ease.

Lose a Unit or 2 of slaves and drop them to 20 a unit as they are only meant to stall them enemy until you get something nasty in the flank or let rip with the previously mentioned Weapons Teams.

Lump the Jezzails into 1 unit of 10.

Get a unit or 2 of 6-8 Gutter Runners as these are invaluable for taking out warmachine crews and general disruption tactics. Also put an Assassin with Warpstone Stars in Gutter Runners but remember you don't have to reveal his presence until you want to, but with the Stars I'd pop out and start throwing immediately.

Give 1 Warlock Death Globes, Skitterleap him behind enemy and start throwing globes and Warplightning from the rear.

Consider unit of 6-8 Poisoned Wind Globadiers to throw Globes into combats involving heavily armoured troops as Poisoned Wind ignores armour.

I'd also consider a second Assassin just to keep opponent guessing but not really neccesary just personal preference.

Maybe some Rat Ogres for extra punch and Giant Rats or Night Runners as missile screen. Night Runner make better screen as they are skirmishers but Rats cheaper, Giant Rats are also useful for baiting Frenzied Troops.

01-06-2009, 02:51
I cant for the life of me think why you would want the tenebrious cloak on a bsb? Unless i'm misreading something.

2x6 jezzails is better, it means 2 panic tests before you lose them all.

Slaves should always be 21 models. This is because 21 needs 6 casulties to force a panic check, rather than 5.

01-06-2009, 05:20
give bsb warbanner.
run warlord differently
clanrats are good keep full cmd, the champion isnt there for CR he is there to deny cr. A good challenge keeps those uber heroes from dominating your army
ive had alot of success with 25 man slave blocks. 21 is also acceptable.
- id consider dropping 1 clan rat/block for more support troops. Id probably drop the vermin if you wanted to be competitive.
Beef jezzails to 9
Add night 5 man bare boned Night runner units
add 4-6 man tunnel teams with posioned hand weapons.