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27-12-2005, 20:42
So the place in question is the online shop that sells GW related stuff www.warpartefacts.com. Me and a friend of mine are thinking of maybe buying something from there, but need an answer for some questions that bother us. And since i guess someone here has bought something from there, there is someone who can help.

1. How long does the delivery take

2. Has anyone had problems with their delivery. If yes, what kind?

3. What kind of things the badges really are? So how are they attached, some sort of pin or what?

Hope you can help me, and if yes thanks for your help.


27-12-2005, 21:46
I can answer question 2.

I have bought something from them that was pooly packed. The jiffy bag was badly torn. Luckily, everything inside was good.

And for how long it took? From the UK to Norway, it took about 1 week.

EDIT: Now I've answered question 1 too!

28-12-2005, 14:00
Well thanks for answer, but isn't there anyone else with experiences to share about this?

28-12-2005, 17:17
1. In the UK it usually takes somewhere between 3-5 days

2. I've never had any problems. But if I did, I can't see there being any problems sorting it out. The GW people are usually very good when it comes to customer services and sloving pruchase problems.

3. The badges are pin badges with the little claspy bit on the back rather than the button style badges. I really like them and I've got two (DA Chapter badge, SW Chapter badge....and I did have a little aquilla but I lost it)