View Full Version : 2000pts High Elves, with no lord.

01-06-2009, 11:03
Right, this is one of my first 2000pt lists but i like it alot, it has no lord which i don't see as a huge downfall as it means i have points for more units (however does make leadership an issue). Any who the list:

Noble 167
Heavy armour
Great weapon
Radient gem of hoeth

Mage 175
Lvl 2
Ring of fury

Mage 185
Lvl 2
Seerstaff of saphery
Dispel scroll

15 Spearmen 160
Full command

15 Sea guard 220
Full command

15 Phionix guard 305
Full command
Banner of sorcery

5 Dragon princes 215
Full command
Banner of ellyrian

5 Ellyrian reavers 112

Lion chariot

Tiranoc chariot

5 Shadow warriors

Great eagle


Total: 1994

So what do you guys think, i tired to make the list very balenced with 5 levels of magic, good fast flankers, with shooting and combat. Usually its best to pick two of these things and specialise in them but i wanted to make this list so that it could adapt well to the army it is facing. One of the biggest issues with this list is leadership as my genral would have to be a mage..

Your thoughts?


01-06-2009, 14:10
Its not too shabby a list, but could do with a little more umph in some of the phases, as your shooting and magic seem a little half hearted

drop the bows on the reavers. 20 pts is prety bad

full command on the dragon princes is prety pricy. The extra attack for 20 pts is a bit steep (especially since your not really going to be using his challenge ability to protect a character) and musician for 10 pts can be seen as excess

thats already 50 pts, which is another eagle. If you did add the second eagle then the shadow warriors could be turned into a second bolt thrower, which would start getting you enough casualties to panic units of more than 10 (which is their best use aside from knocking off ranks)

The list only has 5 dispel dice and a scroll, which can be fairly light on the ground. consider dropping the scroll+staff for the +1 dd -1 pd item (the staff of sneaky stealin', master rune of balance equivelent), which would give you some better protection (as +1 to dispel won't help if you don't have dice to roll in the first place)

apart from that it doesn't look bad at all. If you wanted a little more kick from your magic phase, the 150 pt lv 2 wizard with +1 pd is always a good buy which could replace your lion chariot, but its your choice (your current 8-10 pd isn't bad, but 11-13 is very good indeed, and the extra dispel die won't be a bad addition)

01-06-2009, 20:14
Hmm, seaguard seem a little ineffective for their points. You could have 2 units of 10 archers for the same price, giving you more shots - and they don't need to reform to face combat.

Plus, you could then lose the spearmen to get dragon princes (only 10pts more to get 5 with a standard, which is more effective in a fast moving list by far)

01-06-2009, 21:19
I'd drop the ellyrion reavers and tiranoc chariot.... and get amaybe another WL chariot or more men.... (elves)