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01-06-2009, 13:19
ok gentle folk....ive been toying with this army for some time now and i need some positive help and advise. let me know your feelins on this....

lord lv3 on dragon with flayed hauberk, tali o protect, sword of might, red fury, infinite hatred, summon ghouls = 675

vamp, avatar o death, ghoulkin and book of arkhan = 180

wight king bsb with cursed book = i think he will be 115

2 bale carts
60 ghouls ( 4 x 15)

let me know your comments...

01-06-2009, 14:17
Your lord only has 55 points of gear.

Give him a 5+ or 4+ ward save, or evcen the 3+ ward save vs missiles. Because he is on a dragon you can choose who you fight so you are very unlikely to need a ward save in combat.

The blood drinker is very good at keeping you dragon alive, after all its only T5 with very little save, the blood drinker keeps you topped up.

My zombie lord would have:

Blood drinker
Wristbands of black gold
Then either the flayed hauberk for a 2+ save or the Cursed book (incase something big does get into combat with him, it will be at WS1 and -1 to hit, so 6's)

Infinate hatred (remember the dragon also gets hatred from this, but only in the first round)
Red fury
Beguile/Walking death. (It was FAQ'd that you can use beguile even on a rank and file model, so allocate one attack onto this model and youl most probably get the wound) Alternatively, walking death helps you win combats even if you get stuck in a challenge.

Your vampire with avatar of death might as well just take dread knight, this gives him a 2+ save and mounted characetrs can join infantry units with no penalty. You can then also give him an enchanted shield with the book of arkhan for a 1+ save, not bad for a hero. (also make this one the BsB because i'd remove the wight for more magic)

Drop the wight and take a third vampire with raise ghouls (i removed it form your lord) and dark acolyte. Then the helm of command and the talisman of lycni, this gives you a support vampire that can lend his WS to anywhere on the field.

These changes would probably require the loss of a corpse cart, but i dont see that as being a massive issue. Just send your vampire mage killing turn 1 and you wont need to dominate the magic phase, also, an unholy lodestone might benefit this army by keeping the ghouls at full strength for longer.

Cant you get a couple of varghulfs in there? How many points is the list you just posted?Varghulfs would compliment this list very nicely.

02-06-2009, 13:22
spirit, thanx for you comments...i think i balls up on here and yes it should have 2 varghulf in this list to act as body guard for the lord. i do want ghoulkin in here because to see that many ghouls race across the field in turn 1 is hilarious!! i only put 55 pts on lord as i was trying to reduce costs on characters.

il more than likely give lord wrist band and bloodrinker and flayed hauberk, red fury and infinite hatred, second vamp, dread knight and ghoulkin with enchanted shield and the book, poss bsb if got enuff points..i like the 3rd vamp but he has no armour....boooo but cant have it always. I am up for dropping one of the cart if i can get in and hard!!

thanks again for your advise, ive been doing it along time but always good to have a second opinion.

Silith Von Carstein
03-06-2009, 03:26
Just be careful with your lord, hes the only real hammer there, so will attract alot of fire from the enemy. Good positioning will help alot though.
And yes, varghulfs will add alot to this army, they are very diverse and should be useful in every battle :)