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28-12-2005, 01:03
I haven't included all the point costs since this is an early list that I will revise as I get closer to the Hillbilly Invitational (in Little Rock, AR) in June. Point cost for the armies is 2150.


Daemon Prince: 565 points
Blade of Ether, Master of Beasts, Aura of Slaanesh, Level 4 wizard, Mark of Slaanesh

3 level two Beastmen Shamans, thinking of marking them all

Two 20 models beast herds 12 gors with two hand weapons, 8 ungors, full command

20 Bestigors, full command, mark of Slaanesh

2 Tuskgor chariots

20 chaos hounds split in 2 or 3 regiments. I don't really care how effective they are, they are some of my most favorite chaos models.

6-8 Mounted Daemonettes

two regiment of 10 daemonettes

I'd really like to get some Minotaurs with great weapons in there, but I don't have the Beasts of Chaos book anymore since I spilled a nice 24oz cup of coffee on it. :(

I think this army is going to rely on speed, but it will be a nice change of pace from my high elves.

Just wanted to get some early opinons of this army. Nothing is set in stone (I don't even have the models yet). I'll post pics in the painting forums when I get some models done!

28-12-2005, 10:12
Check around for other beastman threads here in the tactics/armylist forums, you will find plenty of material which includes ideas that can be applied to your army as well.

I tried to make that particular army you want in Army Builder, It won't work points wise (about 3-400pts over without magic items I think it was) and also you cannot have that character config since the Deamon Prince takes up one hero slot and one lord slot.
1. Split the warhounds 4x5.
2. Knock off a few from the beastigors and give them warbanner.
3. Drop the Deamonettes completely (possibly keep the mounted, but make them no more than 6).
4. Common herds should have about 2-3:1 ungors:gors.

As I said, check for other threads.