View Full Version : 1500 Dwarfs - Too much shooting?

01-06-2009, 22:35
Edit: New list down a few posts~

Common Formations
[270] Formation of Dwarf Warriors - 4 Companies. Banner Bearer, Shieldbearer, Dwarf Captain
[105] Formation of Dwarf Archers - 3 Companies
[105] Formation of Dwarf Archers - 3 Companies

Rare Formations
[210] Formation of Vault Wardens - 3 Companies
[120] Formation of Dwarf Ballista Teams - 2 Teams
[175] King's Champion

Legendary Formation
[200] Formation of Drar's Hunters - 3 Companies

Epic Heroes
[090] Floi Stonehand, Loremaster of Moria
[200] Dain Ironfoot, King Under the Mountain

[025] Counterspell

Total: 1500

And I'm wondering, for the King's Champion - should I just go with Gimli on the Dead Uruk-hai? I can't think of any other model that could represent this entry.

02-06-2009, 05:24
Maybe take a hero from the WHFB line or something? Suitably larger scale and generally of heroic proportions...

03-06-2009, 19:23
I'm going to use a Dwarf King model from the LotR line and put some dead Orcs on the base.


09-06-2009, 01:42
So I've gone and done another list - thinking the archers are probably not worth it much, seeing as 9" of S2 shooting is too close to the charge reach of... well anything.

[200] Dáin Ironfoot, King Under the Mountain

Epic Heroes
[090] Flói Stonehand, Loremaster of Moria

Common Formations
[275] 5 Companies of a Dwarf Warrior Kinband - Dwarf Captain, Shieldbearer
[080] 2 Companies of a Dwarf Ranger Kinband - Bows

Rare Formations
[210] 3 Companies of a Vault Warden Kinband
[175] King's Champion (The!)

Legendary Formations
[200] 3 Companies of Drár's Hunters
[270] 4 Companies of Múrin's Guard

Total: 1500
Model Count: 139

So, much less shooting, no Artillery - not sure if thats a bad thing :[ I could probably mess around with points (maybe take Balin instead of Dain? Half price, an extra 100 pts to spend on other things), no counterspell but instead I have 3 big defense lines - the Wardens, the Warriors & Murin's Guards. (LOCK SHIELDS!)