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02-06-2009, 00:15
I know that some of this stuff Isn't the most competitive (i.e. demon prince) but these are all the models I have so I made a list out of it. If you guys have any ideas how I should improve upon it please let me know or else tell me what other models I should buy for a future 2250 list. I'm going to get a shaggoth even if everyone thinks they suck because I like the model, and I'm working on a forsaken unit.

2249 points
Demon Prince: Lev 3 mage, mark of tzeentch, tendrils of tzeentch. 495

Chaos Sorcerer: Lev 2 mage, mark of nurgle, bloodskull pendant. 195

Chaos Sorcerer: Lev 2 mage, mark of tzeentch, disc, blood of tzeentch 190

Exalted Hero: Mark of Khorne, Jugger, Axe of Khorne, Shield, blood curdling roar, Favor of the gods. 250

12 Warriors: Halberds, Shields, Full command, banner of rage 269

12 warriors: Handweapons, shields, full command, banner of wraith, 267

5 hounds 30

5 hounds 30

5 marauder horsemen: throwing axes, shields, musician, champ, mark of slaanesh 108

5 Knights: Magic Weapons, full command, mark of khorne, war banner 305

2 Spawn 110

My plan is to use the hounds to shield the warriors and the marauders to shield the knights (hmm, maybe give the marauders more armor and get rid of champ?). Fly around behind them with the disc mage and demon prince and kill any mages or war machines with them and if there is nothing back there pepper the bad guys from the rear. Use the nurgle mage in a unit of warriors and when they get into combat avoid the challenge with the unit champ and set off the blood skull pendant. And then with the spawn probably just send them down the flanks and hope something good comes of it. I appreciate any input. Thanks.

02-06-2009, 01:48
Sounds fairly good. I normally take some marauders as well for more units and also because they are cheaper but it sounds solid. Watch out though because the sorcerer isnt trule the best at cc but he should be fine if you keep him near the daemon prince. I love the spawns. They can be very fast and deadly and also they are fairly tough with the 3 wounds and 5 tough. Overall I like it.

02-06-2009, 05:19
Looks like a nice list. You might want to drop the Bloodcurdling roar from the exalted, since he will be charging anything within 12" due to frenzy anyway so you wont likly get to use it. I personally like keeping my horsemen cheap and fast cavalry so adding LA while you already have shields might hinder their performance. Champs are rarely worth the points in a unit unless protecting a character from a duel as well so that could free up some points.

Looks fun though, I've been wanting to try a daemon prince myself. Good luck with it.

02-06-2009, 11:09
Good point about bloodcurdling roar. Ill have to see what else I can spend the points on...