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Tiberius Frost
28-12-2005, 08:29
I think I first played Hero Quest when I was about 9. It was the game that started it all. Later on I owned my own copy, and played countless (seriously, a lot of time) hours playing with various collections of my friends and family. Most of it remains in good condition to this day, except, ironically, the rules, whcih all disappeared many years ago (strangely enough).

As such I've had to rely on memory to play the game. A few things have escaped me though. For instance:

Can more than one player own each piece of equipment? The items have names like 'The Shield' which would imply that there is only one, though this seems a bit silly.

How do treasure chests work? Do you put them on the board like normal furniture, or do you have to search for them? Do you need to be adjacent to them in order to open them? Can they be moved?

What on earth does the title of 'Champion' do? If you take Prince Magnus' gold instead of returning it (in one of the quests) you can never become a champion, but what does that mean?

Recently my flatmate and I spotted an online auction for the game and all four expansion packs, which we bought. I was eager to read the rulebook, but was somewhat disappointed to find that none of the above topics was cleared up! I assume that there were no "HeroQuest Compendiums" like there are with every other GW game, so I ask:

If you've played HeroQuest, how do you do things?

28-12-2005, 09:16

Can more than one player own each piece of equipment? The items have names like 'The Shield' which would imply that there is only one, though this seems a bit silly.
You can have as many copies as there are cards.
One Warrior, one shield.

How do treasure chests work? Do you put them on the board like normal furniture, or do you have to search for them? Do you need to be adjacent to them in order to open them? Can they be moved?
They are on the board, but often they are trapped.

What on earth does the title of 'Champion' do? If you take Prince Magnus' gold instead of returning it (in one of the quests) you can never become a champion, but what does that mean?
If you take the money, it's game over (third or second scenario, I assume?). YOu are outlawed and the campaign ends.


28-12-2005, 10:56
As far as I remember to become a champion you had to complete a certain number a scenarios but it had no actual game effect (unless this changed in later expansions I never did manage to get all of them) you just got to call yourself a champion.

28-12-2005, 11:22
There was a web site that was hosting a odf of the rules and all the stuff.... i dont have the link but do a google search for it and you should find it somewhere....

28-12-2005, 11:54
Regarding the equipment cards: to be honest it's entirely up to you and your gaming group. There is no ruling on it in the rulebook (as far as I remember!) and my group always played that there could be several copies of a piece of equipment in an adventuring party, but only one per adventurer. It never occurred to me that the number in a party could be limited to the number of cards until you and Festus mentioned it. But I can see the logic in it. Basically, you'll only be playing it with your friends so if they're cool with it who cares which ruling you use!

On the title of 'champion': This was the 'goal' of the game to those who wanted one, before the expansion packs were added. If you steal the gold, you basically can't achieve this 'goal' but apart from that nothing happens. In case you were wondering, my party chose to keep the gold every time we played that quest :p

Regarding treasure chests: If there are monsters in the room, then you can only open them by standing in a square next to them. As far as I can recall (this may have been a house rule in my group), if there are no monsters in the room then all chests in the area will be opened when you 'search for treasure', in addition to taking a treasure card.

Have fun!

28-12-2005, 15:06
Hasbro holds the copyright for HeroQuest now. The good part is that they have PDF versions of the rules for quite a few games. Here is the link to page where you can find rules and scenarios for HeroQuest. http://www.hasbro.com/default.cfm?page=cs_instructions&letter=H

http://www.aginsinn.com/ is a decent HQ dedicated site. You should find the straight links to the rules from there, too. I believe this was the site McBain meant.

Easy E
28-12-2005, 22:39
Great game. We adapted it for play outside of dungeons, added spells, weapons, enemies, and made a large scale battle version. Loved it.

We let anyone by any of the equipment.

Chest can be opened, but only if adjacent to the "front" of the chest. We did not allow chests to be moved.

Normally, a Champion had no difference. However, in our expanded version, being a champion entitled you to some advantages. You could command a body of troops in our Mass Battles version. In addition, you had access to certain after adventure benefits.

We changed it around to fit our interests very liberally.

28-12-2005, 23:44
Whoa, Heroquest and all four expansions- how much did that cost ya?! (I've been looknig for the WoM pack just for the lovely Necromancer model and that's expensive enough...)

15-01-2006, 03:40
I still love HeroQuest, that and Space Crusade got me started on GW in the first place. Lately I've been teaching my li'l cousins how to play it (one of them's become very sneakily adept at, shall we say, casually *not* lending a hand when another player gets into strife and then nicking all the gear off their corpse...) Got the Kellar's Keep and Ogre Horde expansions (ooh, those OH dungeons are evil)... always wanted the Witch Lord one but it disappeared from the shops before I could find it (and I don't ever remember seeing the Wizards of Morcar set in the Aussie shops).

Apparently there were two versions (American and European) - I downloaded the American rulebook to replace my old European version and it's a lot more pedantic but has some improvements, like monsters with more than one body point, more detailed and clarified trap rules, an armoury list rather than cards, etc.

When we used to play HeroQuest we generally said you had to open chests (or cupboards) to get what was in them, and any traps would go off only if you opened them - if you searched for treasure you'd be told what was inside without setting off the traps. Not really logical but hey, we were ten years old. We also used to say that only one weapon of each kind was available, so players had to trade or buy them off one another (again, not logical, but we only had one card for each). These days when I play against my cousins I use the armoury list from the American version, so people can buy multiple items (but usually not more than one item of the same kind per hero).

Like the above post said, aginsinn.com has lots of HeroQuest resources and links, including a great Excel file for making quests called Questmaker (I actually hardly ever play the levels I make, I just love creating 'em).

Tiberius Frost
16-01-2006, 00:08
I love the fact that the front of the box carries the phrase "Clear, Step-by-step rules", and yet here there are as many different versions of playing as there are people.

I have the european version, because I live in New Zealand. The American version was different, and the monsters had more than one body point (at least that's what I've read off the internet). Also, the evil wizard was called Zargon or something, instead of Morcar.

I think I'll allow multiple equipment items in circulation, because otherwise the game can get very nasty, especially in the expansion packs.

Regarding treasure chests, I think I'll put them on the board automatically, and a player searching for treasure counts as opening the chest.

I've discovered that in wizards of morcar (the final expansion, and dead hard) only champions can hire men at arms. To become a champion you must complete three quests, but in the third quest in the first book (Prince Magnus' Gold) if you take the gold you can't become a champion.
I'd be gutted if I were still using the same character and couldn't hire mercenaries because I'd taken the gold (about 300 gold per chest, so not really worth it).

16-01-2006, 20:22
Not the best of guides I accept, but the HQ computer game allowed you to purchase the equipment per player - thus all players could have a shield etc.

Mad Doc Grotsnik
16-01-2006, 20:42
Stand back! It's time to raid the attack looking for the Ogres and Wizards expansion!

Mad Doc Grotsnik
16-01-2006, 21:20
Quest over! most of the cards recovered, but lord knows where the booklet has gotten to.

But on the plus side, all I need is a PDF of a blank Quest map, and I can use my old Dungeon Design Kit to my hearts content! STICKERS AHOY!

Lord Lucifer
16-01-2006, 22:58
Got two copies of the game box, and one each of Keller's Keep, Return of the Witch Lord (I think that's the name), Against the Ogre Horde, and The Wizards of Morcar.
Yet to play past RotWL...

Mad Doc Grotsnik
16-01-2006, 23:07
I have now downloaded a variety of bits and pieces, and am about to procure WoM, and Ogre Horde off of Ebay!

17-01-2006, 09:46
To offer further answers to the original questions...

The Adventure Design Kit came with new, larger character sheets with a space specifically for noting down equipment, so that you could take equipment even if there were no cards available. Plus the US edition never had equipment cards at all, and an armoury sheet instead. So yes, more than one player can own a piece of equipment.

Since it is never otherwise specified, treasure chests should work like any other piece of furniture. You search them along with the rest of the room. However, you should go ahead and make up your own rules for them. Common sense says a hero should be next to a chest to open it, and will then see and take what's inside (and/or be hit with a trap).

The title of Champion can be used to impress chicks. There was a Shield of Honour sticker on the sheets in the Adventure Design Kit that you got to stick to your character sheet once you reached Championhood. In game terms it doesn't do anything.

I'm a longtime Heroquest fan. My involvement in the hobby started with the TV commercial, upon which I launched a nagging campaign to get my mother to buy me a set for my birthday. Turned out to be the new edition one, with the extra men at arms and the Dark Company quest.
Over time I got all the Dutch expansion sets (Witch Lord, Kellar's Keep, Wizards of Morcar and the design kit), as well as Space Crusade with Mission Dreadnought and eventually a second Witch Lord set.

More recently I aquired Battlemasters and a German copy of Against the Ogre Hordes as well, and some extra Heroquest and Space Crusade sets. Not to mention Advanced Heroquest (with the expansion) and Advanced Space Crusade. But my personal treasure is two copies of the Dutch Wizards of Morcar set still in shrink wrap, which an acquaintance found in a bargain bin somewhere, years after they were discontinued.

I played through all the European quest books with two friends in the past years, me playing Morcar all the way. I've had about enough of that for a long time... it gets pretty tiring to see your precious character monsters get slaughtered before they have a chance to act. Even though I tweaked the rules a fair bit (taking cues from the improved US edition), it tends to be an easy game for the heroes. Only during Ogre Hordes and Wizards did they all perish... not counting that one time in Witch Lord when the stupidity of the barbarian got the better of the whole group.

But on the bright side, now we've moved on to Mordheim. A game like Heroquest is a good way of easing people into the whole concept of miniature wargaming. When it's a boardgame and the minis are coloured so you can use them unpainted, it somehow seems less geeky to most. There was a rumour last year that GW was in talks with Hasbro about returning to Heroquest, but since I haven't heard anything since I assume that didn't work out.

The Ape
17-01-2006, 10:12
From what I heard, its still a possibility. But these things take time.

Mad Doc Grotsnik
17-01-2006, 12:56
Well, I used to have the lot. I still have lots of the sticker sheets from the Design Kit, and IIRC, I had three sets worth.

Gives a lot more life to the beast, I can tell you!

And on the subject of it returning, I guess it's a distinct possibility. After all, it's a design classic, and the numbers they'd shift just from people like us alone would make it worth doing. Plus, the serialised LotR thing brought in a lot of revenue, so a comic or something to accompany it....

17-01-2006, 13:58
It looks like a really fun game. I haven't played it, but I ended up painting a set of the figures for a friend of mine. He gave me a set of the old Battlemasters figures as payment.

Apple Dave
17-01-2006, 15:01
I love HQ, one of the best games i play.

My house rule regarding champion status was that you could either have +1 Attack or +1 defence it would also give you the ability to hire Merc's from the WoM boxset.