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Death Korp
03-06-2009, 14:26
Story goes, I was looking through the WD with Daemons in it and after looking at the Khorne units again, my eyes turned red and all thoughts of the Dark Elves were diminished. The magazine burnt up, and Khorne gifted me with his armies to conquer the Old World!!!! AHAHAHAHAHA!!!



I like the Idea of a Khorne list, because Khorne is my Favourite Chaos God, and the Bloodthrister is my favourite model of all time. I also do like teh Juggernaut model too, so this army is a little bit like a 'rule of cool' army :)

I wanted a bit of everything 'Khorne' in the force.

Here is the list:


*'Cookie Cutter' Bloodthrister: 550pts
-Firestorm Blade
-Immortal Fury
-Obsidain Armour

Yes I got the idea from this forum, and I wanted my favourite model to hit hard, so why not? This guy is expected to fly around and hit larger units in flanks or take out heavy calvary, as I don't think he'll last too long in a potracted combat with a large infantry unit, unless a combined charge is possible.


*Skulltaker: 150pts

Another cool model. He is here because he is cool, not too sure on how well he works...

*Herald of Khorne: 240pts
-BSB (Banner of Unholy Victory)
-Armour of Khorne

I have a nice conversion planned for this guy. He is to make sure that the Juggernaut unit can hit hard and still win agaisnt ranked up units with the extra combat res.


3x 13 Bloodletters: 633pts
-Full command
-Skull Totem

I thought it was pretty ironic to have 13 bloodletters in a daemon army :D Skulltaker will go in one of these units, and these will form the main part of my army. They also look pretty cool!


5x Flesh Hounds: 175pts

I've heared about how good these things are, and i wanted some myself to try them out.


3x Bloodcrushers

As already explained under the herald, these guys will work better because of the addition of the Banner of Unholy Victory. They hit hard and look awesome, so they will definatly be on the list!

This army is an attempt to look cool and hit hard, but the only problem with daemons is you can make any old army list and the units will still preform well under a good leadership.
I didn't want any other units except khorne because it is a themed list, but the addition of Furies will make it to the list for tournaments so I can take out Warmachines easier.

List okay, or neigh (Horse :D) ?


03-06-2009, 15:05
I would change the units of bloodletters' banners to the banner of +D6 charge (cant remember the name), and drop a crusher, add the banner of +D6 charge to the unit and maybe add in a unit of hounds by taking off 1 0r 3 bloodletters, then you have 2 flanking units of hounds...

03-06-2009, 17:09
Put Skulltaker on a mount - he can still go into bloodletter units, and now he takes up extra spaces. Plus, he can run out and assassinate characters (his main job).

Banner of Endless War is i'd say better than Skull Totem (extra D6 charge as opposed to always march)

You really need Great Standard of Sundering on the BSB - magic otherwise will present a large problem, but that banner reduces a lot of the low level stuff.

I'd say drop a bloodcrusher (and the musician upgrade). If 2 bloodcrushers and a herald of khorne on the charge aren't breaking/seriously hurting the enemy unit, then they will be after a couple of turns.

Drop a musician from one of the units. You then have a minimum of 76pts spare - so put50pts on jug-jug for skulltaker, then 25pts on a Firestorm Blade on the herald.

Personally i'd put the herald BSB into one of the bloodletter units. Hatred on them is a major bonus.