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03-06-2009, 17:58
My theme is an army of basic chaos, no marks but with an offensive capability to bring the fight to the enemy with a combined arms of cavalry, knights, infantry and magic.

5 warhounds - 30 pts

5 knights (full command) - 250 pts

5 knights (full command) - 250 pts

5 knights (full command) - 250 pts

15 Warriors (full command), shields - 270 pts

10 Marauders (full command), great weapons + shield - 80 pts

5 Horsemen (full command), shields, throwing axes - 110 pts

3 sorcerers level 2 (death or fire) - 360 pts

1 Daemon prince level 2 (death, fire, shadow, or heavens), blood roar - 400 pts

PD=10, DD=6

My battle line will consist of the warriors somewhere in the middle supported by the marauders. With the warhounds in the lead the knights will be arranged to penetrate the enemy line while the sorcerers will support by targeting the units in the knights path to weaken them and engage other targets as necassary. The horsemen will stay to a flank and target units of oppurtunity. The prince will target war machines, characters, and monsters along with supporting units in contact from the flank or rear.

03-06-2009, 18:09
I respect the zero magic item approach and no marks.

Trying to keep you within your theme, the point of the characters seems to be to keep points for your units, but you have an awful lot of commands. The marauder and marauder horsemen command strike me as less than useful. The knight commands are very expensive. I'd ditch some of them for more units (whatever you like), but warhounds, more horsemen, even more marauders all strike me as useful right now.

A few basic magic items, even if you just added the power familiar and the book would let you throw 4 spells a turn, each with 3 dice. Thats pretty hard to stop.

03-06-2009, 18:40
As noted above, you have a lot of points spent on command. In case of knights it could be worth it to give them some more hitting power seeing as you are saving points by not having marks, but in the case of marauder horsemen the standards are a liability: you don't want to award the opponent with free 100 points if they roll badly while baiting charges.

The marauder infantry unit on the other hand is more likely to act as supporting unit for your warriors, in which case the standard is again more of liability than benefit.

Daemon Prince doesn't seem worth his points to me, but as I haven't tried them myself I won't comment more than that.

I'd spend some of the points you free up on more warhounds to screen your knights.