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04-06-2009, 06:13
Ok with my new models i am ordering from GW i have a new list that will put my at about 7973pts it includes the following ( assume everything is kitted out )
1-Lord Kroak
2-Oldblood on C.O.
1-Gor-rok (i use the scar-vet in my avatar as him)
1-oxyotl (i just use a chameleon stalker for this character)
1-spear steggie
100-saurus warriors (5x 20 model blocks)
100-kink skirmishers (5x 20 0r 10x 10 model units)
20-Temple Guard
20-Coldone Cavalry

That is every single Lizardmen model i own. if you guys have some builds that i could use for the characters, seeing as i left the gear to your imagination, in later legendary battles i would love to hear of them. :D

04-06-2009, 11:12
This may take a while. But i'm bored :D

I'll just give you effective builds, up to you how to fit them in the army :D

Slann with cupped hands, bane head, scroll, focused rumination, becalming cogitation, focus of mystery, BSB, Sun Standard = 525

Oldblood on carnosaur: light armour, shield, talisman of protection, blade of realities = 461

oldblood on carnosaur: light armour, shield, glyph necklace, blade of revered tzunki = 466

Scar vet: cold one, light armour, enchanted shield, pirhana blade = 160

Scar vet: light armour, charm of the jaguar warrior, great weapon, shield = 124

EotG: plaque of tepok and scroll, lv2 = 430

priest: diadem, scroll, lv2 = 150

priest: scroll, rod of storm, lv2 = 150

priest: 2xscroll, lv2 = 150

(scrolls are useful things in legendary battles :D)

chief on steg: ancient steg, stegwarspear = 380

chief: cloak of feathers, sword of might, light armour, shield = 100

chief: (assuming you don't have a terradon model to put them on) put him on the normal steg with Venom of the Firefly frog, spear = 304

Go for 5x20 saurus blocks with standards, musicians and spears, 3x6 ranks (with 2 spare, meaning they have to kill 4 to lose a rank bonus). = 690

Probably say 10 lots of 10 skink skirmishers, blowpipes = 700

2x3 swams = 270

3 terradons = 90

3 krox = 165

20 TG with standard, musician, champ with blood statuette of spite, Plaque of Dominion (awesome item in large battles) = 430
(assuming this is where Kroak, Slann and Chakax all live, as you don't have enough TG to run 2 seperate units). You could also try the alternate Slann build below

3x6 saurus cav (2 of them being 7 strong) = 865
7 saurus cav with standard, musician, war banner
7 saurus cav with standard, musician, huanchi's totem
6 saurus cav with standard, musician, jaguar standard

3x1 Salamander with extra handler = 240

Alternate build on Slann if you want to run him alone:
Slann with cupped hands, bane head, BSB, scroll, Focused Rumination, Focus of Mystery, Higher State of Consciousness, Transcendent Healing = 535

Basically, that's probably closer to like 10k with all the gear, but that's life :D

Have fun with the battles (whenever you do legendary, always make sure its not pitched battle, do objectives)

04-06-2009, 16:12
Wow! that is awesome, thanks a lot. Now I'm sure to wipe some smirks off the faces of my opponents at the next legendary battle :D and the store i go to always uses the objective scenarios. Also i just did the math, and with this list all i have to do is buy one more stegadon box or 2 and i should have 10,001pts