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04-06-2009, 08:46
Thread title says it all, really.

I've had a quick read of the main rulebook and the WE armybook, and I'm wondering what units to focus on purchasing.

Could some kind souls give me a breakdown of the different WE units and their strengths/uses? How about common builds for armies? I have a vague idea of their overall, general strategic style, but feel free to touch on that too (but please try to be more specific than just "use their mobility" or "their shooting is dangerous").

Educate me!

04-06-2009, 10:57
Since I don't play, nor have extensive knowledge of WE myself, I'll suggest you visit asrai.org and check out the Leaf articles (top right corner of the website). Good stuff.

05-06-2009, 07:15
Lets see what I can help you with. First off as you already know wood elves are very mobile, also their shooting is purely supportive a gunline wood elf army won't win most games. Use the spirit (the woods part in wood elves) part of your army they are great and can help with your game. I will go indepth about each unit just so you can get the gist of them.
Lord choices
Highborn - Has the highest leadership, also can be extremely customizable, their are a bunch of different variants of him. From the machine gun highborn to the sniper noble/highborn. One of the two best choices for your lord spot.
Spellweaver - Ok she probably was a good choice before all of the recent army books came out, were they could bring amazing magic choices. As an army our magic is very lacking offensively. We have some good items for defensive use but if you are planning on using magic as your main focus, a different army may be a better choice. But she does have some great defensive items, and tree singing possibilities. For a defensive mage look at the cluster of raidents + wand of wych Elm. For a treesing mage take the Calaingor's stave, and deepwood sphere.
Treeman Ancient - He is a very strong choice for our lord, will dominate in any challenge (with annoyance of nettling), be a great support to the flank of a battle. A very tough monster, just be careful of flaming attacks, because those can cause a number of wounds.
Noble - Just like the highborn except less leadership. Still a great choice to put inside of a unit of glade gaurd, support them with his bow. Best choice is to make him a different kindred and help them fight. Can also be our BSB, these guys are not that great in CC, unless you give them a great weapon and you charge, as these guys have almost no armor.
Spellsinger - He can be our Scroll caddy, or provide us with 4 dispel dice + a scroll. You can upgrade him to a lvl2 but like I said our strength is not in offensive magic.
Branchwraith - Our CC mage. Put him in a unit of dryads to add a little CC smack to that unit. Otherwise it is completely useless. Personally to expensive for what it does. Spellsinger is a better choice also the bramchwraith makes the unit of dryads expensive, which is not the point of them.
Glade Guard - Great core unit. They can move without penalty to shooting. Str 4 at short range. Yet they have no armor. Also paying a hefty price for a min unit. None the less I take 3 units of these guys ( but I am on the extreme side for that many units). 2 is usually fine. Something to look at is their scout function. I personally love it. Take one unit upgrade to standard bearer + give him a special banner. Now the march block 12" instead of 8".
Dryads - They are our deadly meatshields Str 4, Toughness 4, 2 attacks, only saurus warriors & chaos warriors have that kind of stats for troops. Skirimishers, also movement 5 so they can get to places pretty fast. They cause fear, and are ITP. Units of 8 are very, very, very cheap. One way to use them is have them walk up behind your glade guard. Once your guards get charged have them flee through the dryads, and since they are ITP they won't run! Another way to use them is have them stand in front of your units and just become shields since they are cheap. Also when you know if a unit is going to charge them or is trying to charge them, have them march backwards 10" so that it is hard to get them and play cat and mouse.
Glade Riders - Fast cavalry. Weak in CC, but do get to shoot every turn. Their arrows have an effective range of 48"! People take these in units of 5 so that they stay maneuverable, They are good march blockers, also good at denying charges. I feel we have enough march blockers, and it is only 5 shots, so its not that wow. I wouldn't take them but if you want a maneuverable core choice these guys are it.
Eternal Guard - Never used these guys. They can be good if you add in a Lord choice noble. Also have the BSB near by. They then become a very good stubborn unit. One thing to remember is that your whole army has to work with these guys.

05-06-2009, 07:15
Wardancers - Very versatile. Have different dances for different situations. I think the best way to use this unit is to include a wardancer noble, for that extra punch. With these guys remember to charge, and to combine charges or they will die.
Warhawk Riders - I've never used them, but I have used terradons. These are great march blockers. Also the guys on top have bows and spears so when they charge the riders get +1 streangth. They do take up a special slot, so it becomes your decision if you want core march blockers, or if you want a special march blocker. These are also a lot more maneuvererable because they are skirmishers.
Wild Riders - Also fast cavalry. Like most of our Close Combat unit, you need to support them some how. Multiple charges are always best. These guys are str 5 on the charge which is great as it alows you to damge high toughness and high armored units (-2 to armor save). I personally love these guys. When I have the money I will be getting either 2 units of these guys or 1 unit of these guys and 2 units if wardancers. They are our only unit that acts kinda like our heavy cavalry. Remember they have a 5+ armor save and a 5+ ward save.
Tree Kin - I look at them just like my Kroxigors. High wounds, high strength, high number of attacks, but absolutely no combat resolution. They work great on a flank charge or rear charge. They have a nice scaly skin save + a 5+ ward save. Now they are a bit on the expensive side. Your choice if you want them. They can be good just have to use them right.
Way Watchers - I love these guys, just don't get carried away with them. 6 are plenty. Looking at it statistically you won't get more than 1 KB a turn. These are one of the hardest units to kill because of the -1 to hit, and the -1 to hit they have on top of that. Their only bane is magic, so just KB the mage (if you can) and you should be fine.
Treeman - It's not as good as the lord version. The lord version costs only 40 points more but you gain a +1 leadership plus the ability to customize. They are both good but the lord treeman has flexibility. If you have a good lord choice then stick with that, as the lord treeman doesn't increase its combat ability, just is more diverse. But like I said they are both great choices. Now it used to be considered cheesy to take two treeman, but people are now starting to see that they are not as bad as most people think. Considering some of the stuff out there. But some people may still frown upon it, so do it at your own risk.

Highborn variants
Machine Gun Highborn - This can only be done with a lord choice. As the equipment costs more than 50 points. Make him an Alter kindred then take the bow loren + Arcane Bodkin. Also take helm of the hunt and great sword just incase you get into CC. It will help you a lot.
Sniper Noble - This can be done with the hero choice noble. Take the waywatcher kindred. Then equip him with the bow hunters talon + the spite A pageant of shrikes. And you get to make 1 str 3 hit and 1 str 4 hit on any model. If the target has high toughness or a high Armor save, then you will have a hard time wounding them.

I hope this helps. If you need anything just ask.