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04-06-2009, 16:03
I'm starting WotR with Rohan and here's the first 1000p that would include all of my models and some extra that I haven't yet gotten.
Frontier Detachment of Rohan

Epic Heroes:

Éowyn, Shield-maiden of Rohan 75p

Legendary Formations:

Elfhelm's Riders, 4 Companies 250p

Common Formations:

Riders of Rohan Éored, 6 Companies, Captain, Banner Bearer 265p

Outrider Éored, 2 Companies 70p

Oathsworn Militia, 3 Companies and Captain, Banner Bearer 145p

Oathsworn Bowmen, 3 Companies 60p


Beechbone 135p


So how does it look? From here it's good to expand to 1500-2000 points, maybe adding magic and more allies. What do you think?


04-06-2009, 16:51
Your formations are too small. I think it's better to have less formations but more surivable then to have a bunch of small ones. At 1k I run something like 4-5 Formations of Riders of at least 5 strong, but I like to get 6.


04-06-2009, 17:09
Don't take the Great Eagle. Use those points to increase the size of your Rider formations to at least 4 companies, and take some more Captains, only two heroes in 1k isn't a lot. Also, the Banner of Free People is fairly...well, useless in your current list. The only reason to take an Army Banner is for the Heroic Advance, and that requires other banners to be useful (only formations with banners get to join in a Heroic Advance). Wise Counsel is a better Fortune to take anyway, in the 50 point range. You'll want Captains in your Riders of Rohan, along with Banners, but not in your Outriders. The Outriders are harassing units, so you don't want to use the points to get them a captain, not worth it. Also, your Oathsworn Militia don't need a hornblower- bit of a waste of 15 points for Rohan infantry.

04-06-2009, 19:12
I agree. Small cavalry formations get killed way to easily. Last game, my Uruk Crossbowmen killed 3 cav companies in one round of shooting w/ heroic shoot. I needed 10 wounds, which isn't that difficult to do.

I'd usually recommend at least 5 companies in any hard hitting unit, and at least 4 companies for the smaller ones. 3 companies is just too easy to hamstring I think.

05-06-2009, 10:33
I have now edited the list. Both rider formations are now 6 companys large with captain and banner.

Ent came to bring a slight dread to my opponent, after all I'm just starting the game and I think it's good to see how monsters work. Model-wise, I don't like the new plastic Ent but if I don't think-up anything else it just have to do...

How does the list look now?

05-06-2009, 13:30
For the ent, just use a stick with those google-eyes they sell at craft stores.:D

05-06-2009, 18:53
Looks much better. The bigger units area a must. I played a 1250pt game yesterday where I only had 4 units but they were all at least 5 strong and I ended up rolling over the Mordor scum because my units were still intact(kinda) by the time I go there. I should mention I had Gandalf the Grey thats why my army was so small.

I think I would opt for a different Epic though. Eowyen is good I think Erkenbrand or Eomer are better if your only going to have one Epic.

I would really try and find 10 more points to take Beechbone instead of a regular Ent. For 10 more points you get a might and the ability to move at the double.


06-06-2009, 11:01
Brimmstrom: Thanks for the good advises.

I have allready converted 4 Outrider models (no shield, all bows on their hands) so by using Elfhelm's Riders at 4 companies and Outriders at 2 companies I get enough free points for Beechbone.

I just need to play few games and see is the bigger cavarly units better or worse in these smaller games.