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04-06-2009, 20:53
Okay, so this army is completely based on causing the opponent's army to panic. Against undead, slannesh, or anything immune to panic, this army folds like paper. Against anything that has leadership, things get interesting. Three blocks of marauders set up against the back of the board, with a hellcannon on both flanks. The two sorcerers and the champion set up inside the center marauder unit. This creates a sort of death star of spells and doom. Doom Totem keeps leadership down. Sorcerers take Lore of Death and hope for the spell that hurts leadership. Daemon Prince has lore of Tzeenitch and hopes for the spells that effect leadership. The Daemon Prince flies into the heart of the enemy and Diabolic Splendor combined with Doom Totem, and hopefully Pandemonium or something will send many of them running. Hellcannons cause panic at -1 leadership, combined with Doom Totem, etc, send many foes running the opposite direction. The Daemon Prince shoos the fleeing regiments off the table. I know, kind of silly, definitely not an "all-comers" list, but I think it would be fun, if your opponent is not undead. What do you think?

2000pts on the dot. 76 models. 6 dispel dice. 12 power dice.

Level 4 Daemon Prince of Tzeenitch w/ Diabolic Splendor, Bloodcurdling Roar

Level 2 Sorcerer on Barded Steed w/ Book of Secrets, Power Familiar

Level 2 Sorcerer on Barded Steed w/ Infernal Puppet, Enchanted Shield (general)

Exulted Hero on Barded Steed w/ Flail, Doom Totem

20 Marauders of Tzeenitch w/ Light Armor, Shields, Banner

22 Marauders of Tzeenitch w/ Light Armor, Shields, Banner

22 Marauders of Tzeenitch w/ Light Armor, Shields, Banner

2 Hellcannons

04-06-2009, 20:56
Interesting idea... as you say, against anything ItP you've had it... another tricky opponent could be Dwarves, with high Magic defence and leadership, or also units that have lots of smaller units.

A wood elf army is highly mobile, has a decent enough Ld and lots of smaller units.

You are also dependant on getting the right spells for maximum effect. I would imagine it could be fun for a couple of games, but especially if youre in a local gaming group, people could find ways round it quite easily once the shock value's worn off...

04-06-2009, 20:57
So basically you can't play daemons, undead of any kind, anything with ItP, anything with MoS.... I call that an epic failure.....

05-06-2009, 00:12
The problem really is that vs. some armies it will make for one-sided game your way and vs. anything with ItP it will make for one-sided game againts you.

You're only going to have "normal" games vs. someone using high ld army that isn't ItP.

Don't get me wrong, I commend anyone using a bit unusual lists, just make terror/panic a feature instead of main focus, so the army doesn't completely fold over vs. anything that is ItP.

05-06-2009, 16:08
2 infernal puppets??

05-06-2009, 21:18
Woops! Mistype, now it is fixed. Only the General has an infernal puppet.

05-06-2009, 23:51
These are fun lists if tailor made for certain armies, like you said.

I think your Daemon Prince would be better served with lore of Slaanesh for Hell Shriek though. Causing everything to panic within 18" as well as terror on anything within 6".